All you need to know about QR codes
All you need to know about QR codes

What is a QR code? Why has it become so widely used? If you are not familiar with QR codes, let’s explore the comprehensive information about them and address common questions from users.

Introduction to QR code
Introduction to QR code

What is a QR Code?

A QR code is an improved version of traditional barcodes. Unlike regular barcodes, which can only store limited and monotonous information, QR codes have a unique design and can provide more diverse and widely applicable information.

Specifically, a QR code can hold up to 7,089 numeric characters or 4,296 alphanumeric characters. It can provide not only product information but also service details, personal information, contact information, payment information, and more. You can easily encode and utilize this information with great simplicity.

Advantages of QR Codes You Need to Know

QR codes have gained popularity and widespread application in various aspects of life for good reasons. Some of its outstanding advantages include:

  • Large and versatile information storage capacity.
  • No limitation on the types of information provided: text, links, images, phone numbers, emails, and more.
  • Rapid scanning time, usually within 1 second.
  • Compatible with most smartphone devices without requiring specialized equipment or software.
  • High level of security.
  • Excellent data privacy; only those with the QR code can scan and read the information.

Some Applications of QR Codes in Today’s Life

QR codes used in payments
QR codes used in payments
  • Product information: QR codes can be easily found on the packaging of most products nowadays.
  • Personal information: QR codes can be included on business cards for easy contact sharing.
  • URL storage: Scanning a QR code will automatically open the corresponding webpage. Suitable for surveys, health declarations, information submissions, and brand promotions.
  • Health declarations at stores and public places.
  • Information provision at museums, supermarkets regarding artworks and products.
  • Use of QR codes in product and service promotion programs: This method adds attraction to customers and yields surprising results.

User Questions About QR Codes

Despite the increasing popularity and wide application of QR codes, they are still unfamiliar to many people, and users encounter various difficulties and questions when using them. Some common questions include:

QR codes widely used in today's life
QR codes widely used in today’s life

What types of QR codes are there?

In reality, there are two types of QR codes: static QR codes and dynamic QR codes.

  • Static QR code: The information in a static QR code is permanently stored and cannot be changed or edited. It is used to provide direct and permanent useful information, which businesses often prefer.
  • Dynamic QR code: This type of QR code contains information that can be continuously changed and edited to fit specific usage needs.

In terms of appearance, it is challenging to distinguish between the two types of QR codes. The choice between static and dynamic QR codes depends on the intended use, so careful consideration is necessary.

Is it difficult to create a QR code?

Creating and using a QR code is not difficult, and anyone can generate and utilize it through various free online platforms.

Is there any limitation on the information stored in a QR code?

A QR code does not have strict limitations on the amount of information stored. However, for users to quickly and easily grasp the information, it is best to provide concise and appealing content.

How do you scan a QR Code?

As mentioned above, scanning a QR code is quick and easy. You only need a smartphone to do it.

  • If you are using an iOS device, simply open the camera, align it with the QR code frame, and then click on the link provided by the QR code.
  • If you are using an Android device, some models have built-in support for direct QR code scanning using the camera. If not, you can use applications like Zalo, Google Lens, or Facebook, which are commonly available on most devices.

Above are all the essential details we want to share with you about QR codes. We hope this information helps you understand QR codes better and use them proficiently in your work and daily life.