Findo - Fast Online Loan of 17 Million VND Using ID Card
Findo – Fast Online Loan of 17 Million VND Using ID Card

Findo is becoming an attention-grabbing loan service platform lately. This platform provides various loan programs to meet your needs. The advantages in terms of conditions, loan procedures, and time of fund disbursement are the reasons why the company gains more and more customers. With the goal of satisfying borrowers, Findo can be your top choice to consider.

Findo’s Online Loan Service

Findo was established to provide online lending services, offering modern financial support to customers. This platform has gained popularity among customers in Vietnam. When you borrow money from Findo, you will receive enthusiastic support 24/7 to quickly solve your financial issues. Any concerns will be promptly addressed, giving you peace of mind when choosing this platform.

Findo Provides 24/7 Loan Service
Findo Provides 24/7 Loan Service

Findo is located at 54 Street 4, Cu Xa Do Thanh, Ward 04, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, under the management of SOFI SOLUTIONS. The company SOFI SOLUTIONS offers diverse loan options with reasonable interest rates, providing the best conditions for your use of their services. Additionally, Findo supports you to repay the loan on time to avoid complications caused by late payment. You will have a good loan record here, allowing you to borrow whenever you need.

In addition, Findo offers loans nationwide, and all you need is a phone with an internet connection to proceed with borrowing money. However, a limitation of this form is that you cannot borrow if you have bad debts elsewhere. Therefore, you should ensure that all outstanding debts at other addresses are paid off before conducting transactions at Findo. You must settle all loans at financial companies besides banks to be eligible for borrowing here.

Advantages of Borrowing Money from Findo

Currently, there are many reputable loan providers established in the market. However, Findo remains one of the top choices for customers. This online platform possesses many outstanding advantages, providing you with the best experience. These include conditions, loan procedures, loan amounts, loan period, and disbursement time. Some specific information about Findo’s lending platform is as follows:

Conditions and Documents Required when Borrowing Money from Findo

To borrow money from Findo, you must be a legal citizen currently residing in Vietnam and aged between 20 and 60 years. You need to ensure a stable income to be able to repay the loan at Findo. These are the sufficient conditions for you to be eligible for loan consideration on this platform.

Findo's Borrower Requirements
Findo’s Borrower Requirements

When applying for a loan at Findo, you don’t need to prepare too many complicated documents. Findo only requires you to provide a valid ID card number (CMND/CCCD) to complete the transaction. However, you should still make sure to clear all bad debts before borrowing to ensure a smooth transaction process.

Regarding fees, any incurred fees when making your application will be borne by you. You need to pay the advisory service fee, but the application and fund receipt processes are free of charge. Thus, Findo offers the most favorable loan fee, allowing you to borrow with peace of mind.

Loan Limits and Repayment Period at Findo

Findo sets a not-too-high loan limit, allowing you to borrow from 250,000 to 15,000,000 Vietnamese dong. However, this is a reasonable amount if you need to quickly solve financial issues. With just a few simple steps, you can receive the desired loan amount from Findo. They won’t let you borrow more than you need, preventing difficulties in repayment.

Furthermore, the repayment period for loans at Findo is set between 90 and 180 days. You need to make monthly installments, including both the interest and principal, and ensure timely payment. Delaying repayment will lead to increased interest rates and Findo’s prescribed penalty fees. This information will be specified in the loan contract, so make sure to read it carefully and remember the details.

Findo Offers Diverse Loan Support
Findo Offers Diverse Loan Support

Reasonable Interest Rates at Findo

With a not too high loan limit, Findo typically offers loans with a fairly reasonable interest rate, ranging from 12% to 20% per year. In the first borrowing, the company will provide a loan with a small limit and no interest rate. This creates more trust and motivation for you to borrow again from Findo. That is why this lending platform is favored by many on the market.

In subsequent borrowings, you can comfortably propose the amount you desire, and the loan limit will be increased. At this point, Findo also provides complete information about the interest rate and associated fees for your reference. You will base on the interest rate and loan limit to carry out repayments according to the plan.

Bạn được miễn phí lãi suất cho khoản vay đầu
Bạn được miễn phí lãi suất cho khoản vay đầu

Safest Borrowing at Findo

It can be said that Findo is the most reputable and productive loan address on the market. The government is the unit that supervises all the company’s transactions. With this supervision, the company’s activities will be conducted in accordance with the law’s regulations. You don’t need to worry about falling into the trap of “black credit” like individuals and organizations with non-transparent lending with extremely high interest rates.

Moreover, Findo also ensures absolute safety for all the information that customers provide. Findo does not call to confirm information through colleagues, friends, or relatives. You can rest assured when using the convenient loan service here.

User-Friendly Interface of Findo App/Web

In terms of interface, Findo meets the needs of any user with an extremely easy-to-use design. The instructions are presented in a meticulous and clear manner so that you can borrow money quickly.

In addition, Findo also sets up an interest rate viewing mode for you to control when encountering abnormal increases. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact directly at the phone number 1900 866 645 to get the best advice.

Various Payment Methods

You can pay off your debt through various methods such as bank transfer, or visit affiliated units. You can also pay through e-wallets like Momo to save time and avoid unnecessary movement.

Phương thức thanh toán khoản vay Findo
Phương thức thanh toán khoản vay Findo

Simple Steps to Borrow Money at Findo

Findo is highly praised for providing very simple and convenient loan procedures. That is why the number of visits to Findo’s website is increasing day by day. If you also need urgent financial support, follow these steps to proceed with borrowing quickly:

Step 1: Choose the loan limit

To proceed with borrowing money at Findo, you need to directly access the website On the main interface, you will be provided with specific information about the loans. You need to compare the loan limits with the time and interest rate to make the best choice. Usually, Findo will offer special deals for first-time borrowers with extremely attractive interest rates. When you have selected the appropriate loan limit and term, you should click on the “Register” button at Findo.

Step 2: Fill in the Findo loan application

Next, Findo will ask you to fill in your personal information accurately. You should carefully perform this step as each piece of information will be verified by Findo, and if it does not match, the transaction will be canceled immediately.

Information about your job, including the company name and occupation, also needs to be filled in accurately as Findo requires. Then, you should complete the income category as required for profile evaluation. Findo also requires you to provide information about your relatives so that they can be contacted later if needed.

Providing information about your bank account and uploading photos of both sides of your ID card (CMND/CCCD) is the next step you need to take when borrowing from Findo. Finally, you should fill in your residential address and select “Continue” to submit the application to Findo. Once completed, you can click on the “Submit Application” button to move on to the next registration step.

Step 3: Confirm information and wait for disbursement

Findo staff will call you to confirm the information in your profile. After the company has verified your phone number, bank account, and valid ID card, you will receive an SMS message to the registered phone number. It is the confirmation code for you to enter in the corresponding box in the information form.

You need to provide an email address to complete this step, helping Findo to send disbursement notifications and payment reminders. The company will verify and update the results quickly for you within a short period after that.

Borrowing money at Findo is definitely a reasonable and safe choice for you. You should thoroughly research this loan service to have the best user experience. With top-notch quality, Findo promises to bring you the best choices. Hopefully, the information shared by VSM can provide you with useful information for your future activities.