Facebook is currently the most popular online selling channel. However, to achieve high business efficiency on Facebook, besides flexible and creative marketing campaigns, businesses need to possess a unique Facebook name to attract customers effectively. So how can you have a distinctive Facebook name that brings the best results for your online business? In the following article, VSM will share detailed information to help you with this issue.

Cách đặt tên fb hay để kinh doanh hiệu quả nhất
How to name a good fb name for the most effective business

Đặt tên fb hay được nhiều đơn vị kinh doanh quan tâm
Make a good fb name that many business units are interested in

The role of having a good Facebook name in business

Why do online shops always try to find good Facebook names to start their business? Why do many businesses consider Facebook names as the primary factor determining trends and the business process of a shop? The reason is the important roles that Facebook names bring to businesses, such as:

  • A good Facebook name impresses customers and creates a positive feeling about the shop from the first encounter. This helps increase customer visits to the page compared to shops with common and unremarkable Facebook names.
  • A unique Facebook name makes it easy for customers to remember the shop’s name. Therefore, when customers need to buy products or use services, they can easily find the shop.
  • As the number of online shops on Facebook increases, your shop may be easily confused with others. A good Facebook name is an important factor in creating differentiation and preventing confusion with other shops.
  • A Facebook name is also a top factor for conveying information to customers. Customers can know what products a business is selling just by looking at the Facebook name.

Tên facebook là cơ sở để tạo ấn tượng tốt và kinh doanh thành công
Facebook name is the basis for making a good impression and successful business

Principles to help you have a beneficial and good Facebook name for your business

Having a good Facebook name is useful and beneficial for business. To possess a good Facebook name, you need to adhere to the following basic principles:

Avoid generic Facebook names

Many shops have generic Facebook names such as “phone accessories,” “fashion clothing,” “food,” “drinks,” etc. However, these are not good ways to name your Facebook page and bring business efficiency. The reason is that generic Facebook names can be easily confused with competitors, and customers may have difficulty finding your shop among a sea of similar names.

Name the Facebook page clearly reflecting the industry and business field

An important principle when naming your online business Facebook page is to clearly reflect your business’s industry and field. This helps customers become interested in your products and services, and they can click to see more information when your advertisements appear. The reach and access to your page will be higher than a page with an unclear business field.

Tên facebook nên thể hiện rõ lĩnh vực kinh doanh của đơn vị
Facebook name should clearly show the business field of the unit

The Facebook name should include positive descriptive words about the service or product

To create an impression and trust for customers, the Facebook name should include positive descriptive words about the products. These positive descriptions will stimulate customers’ interest and build confidence for potential buyers. Some good Facebook names with descriptive words you can consider are “Vinylic – affordable fashion,” “Bhome – smart household items,” etc.

The Facebook name should contain highly searchable keywords

Current customer trends involve choosing Facebook names that appear first in search results. Therefore, when naming your Facebook page, you should choose keywords related to your products that are frequently searched. Surely, the business efficiency will increase significantly when you choose a Facebook name with high search volume.

The Facebook name should include 3 elements: product category + brand name (shop name)

According to research by professional marketing agencies, when naming a Facebook page, you should follow the “golden rule” of including both the brand name and product category. By following this rule, customers will find it easy to identify your shop and contact you for purchases conveniently.

In addition to the above principles, when choosing a good Facebook name, you should avoid using English words, numbers, or offensive nouns. To reach users effectively, you need to be creative and flexible in the naming process.

Bạn cần đặt tên facebook mang đậm cá tính và phương châm hoạt động của doanh nghiệp
You need to name your facebook with bold personality and business motto

These are some experiences to help you choose a good Facebook name for the most effective business. Your Facebook name is the foundation that brings high business efficiency to your customers. Hopefully, the sharing in this article will help you come up with a unique Facebook name that attracts the most viewers.