Guide to Building a Youtube Channel - Tips for Effective Operation
Guide to Building a Youtube Channel – Tips for Effective Operation

The explosion of the internet has made social media and online media channels more effective than ever. As a tech-savvy individual of the modern era, don’t overlook the importance of building a YouTube channel to attract a large audience. This is particularly crucial and exciting for young people who aspire to become Vloggers or engage in business.

Why building a YouTube channel is ideal?

Did you know that YouTube users watch over 6 billion hours of video content every month? This staggering number proves that YouTube is the perfect choice for distributing online video content to users for brand building or advertising purposes.

YouTube is an ideal business channel
YouTube is an ideal business channel

Many vloggers have used this method to earn a large amount of money every day, and this figure shows no signs of stopping until their videos are removed. Leveraging this advantage, individuals/companies operating in the business field have created channels to implement effective marketing strategies for significant profits.

Through this platform, they also bring their products and brand images closer to customers without incurring any costs, and with just 5 minutes of setup, they have their own branded channel.

Details on how to create a YouTube channel

Creating a YouTube channel is not too difficult or complicated. But before you proceed to create a channel, you need to have your own Google account. Please follow the steps below:

Building a Youtube channel to make money is quite simple
Building a Youtube channel to make money is quite simple

Step 1: First, you need to access the YouTube homepage. Continue to click on the “Sign in” box.

Step 2: A new tab will appear, where you just need to enter your personal account in the “Email or phone” box and click on the “Next” button.

Note: If you forget your email address, click on the “Forgot email” option, and the system will provide you with ways to retrieve your forgotten email address.

Step 3: In this step, you will click on your profile picture in the top right corner of the screen. Next, select the gear icon, typically identified as the settings to start setting up your account.

Step 4: The system will prompt you to create a YouTube account name or channel name. Afterward, press the “Create” button to agree to create a name for your channel. Once you press “Create,” the system will send a notification about adding the channel to your account.

Content building needs to ensure quality
Content building needs to ensure quality

By now, the basic process of creating a YouTube channel is almost complete. The next step is to update your profile picture and cover photo for the channel. Updating the pictures is quite simple, similar to how you update pictures on your personal Facebook page, so it’s not difficult at all.

Some notes on making money with a YouTube channel

In reality, there are many successful people who excel and make money on YouTube, but not everyone can do it. To be able to make money on YouTube, users need to take note of the following points.

Comply with YouTube policies

To earn money on the YouTube platform, you need to understand the rules set by YouTube. There are things that are prohibited by the policies, and if you violate them, YouTube will take corresponding actions and penalties, including channel termination. This is particularly concerning for channels with a large number of subscribers as being banned could be the worst outcome.

Users must comply with YouTube's policies
Users must comply with YouTube’s policies

YouTube’s policy clearly states that you are not allowed to use other people’s videos as your own. However, there are some tricks to avoid getting flagged by YouTube. One of them is to use snippets of others’ videos for only 5-10 seconds as material for your video.

This is based on the fair use law of the United States, which YouTube applies during its system operation.

You don’t need to post many videos to get more views

After creating a YouTube channel and starting operations, not every video will gain a lot of views. Regularly updating videos is one of the ways to attract viewers, but it is essential to note that the video content must be interesting, engaging, and with a clear message to attract viewers.

Additionally, to attract views, users should know how to SEO their videos through various forms such as promoting videos on social networks…

Knowing how to SEO Youtube
Knowing how to SEO Youtube

Reported videos

If this issue arises, it is usually due to one of two reasons: First, you violate copyright rules by using someone else’s video. If you fall into this category, your channel may face actions like losing the ability to earn money, not allowing videos longer than 15 minutes…

Second, the content, images, audio… are original, but the video still gets reported. In this case, you need to vigorously appeal to YouTube for reevaluation.

With the desire to attract many views for their channels, many YouTubers often resort to link spamming. This is very likely to be detected by YouTube and can lead to your channel being marked as spam, which is extremely dangerous.

Avoid spamming in other channels
Avoid spamming in other channels

Above are the instructions on how to create a YouTube channel along with important notes you need to know. Whether you create a YouTube channel for the purpose of making money or simply for entertainment, don’t forget to comply with YouTube’s policies!