Sendo - Renowned E-commerce Platform of the Vietnamese People
Sendo – Renowned E-commerce Platform of the Vietnamese People

Sendo has been widely regarded as a reputable shopping channel since its inception, with numerous impressive discount programs. Shopping enthusiasts also adore Sendo for the high-quality products available here.

Sendo - Renowned E-commerce Platform of the Vietnamese People
Sendo – Renowned E-commerce Platform of the Vietnamese People

What is Sendo?

Sendo, also known as “The Red Lotus Supermarket,” is a well-known Vietnamese e-commerce platform that was founded and developed under the sponsorship of the FPT Corporation. Sendo officially launched in September 2012 as an E-commerce project by FPT Online Service Joint Stock Company. In 2014, after a period of operation and process refinement, Sendo Corporation officially came into being.
On this commercial platform, customers can find a wide range of diverse and high-quality products at prices lower than the market. Moreover, the platform offers various attractive promotional programs, helping customers save significant costs.

Sendo’s E-commerce platform supports merchants in various ways, such as marketing advice, banner advertising setup, PR articles, product photography, etc. This helps sellers increase business profits while providing customers with more information about high-quality products.

Currently, Sendo provides 29 essential product categories and over 10 million products from more than 200,000 shops. Customers can freely choose their favorite items when shopping on Sendo.

Who Owns Sendo?

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sendo is Mr. Nguyen Dac Viet Dung, and this e-commerce platform is a purely Vietnamese shopping site created by Vietnamese ingenuity. However, during its formation and development, Sendo has received investment and funding from many foreign entities.

Sen Đỏ is a purely Vietnamese e-commerce platform

Sendo - A Purely Vietnamese E-commerce Platform

Sen Đỏ, with the mission of becoming Vietnam’s leading shopping channel, was established with the largest investment amounting to over 51 million USD from three investors: SoftBank Ventures Korea, Daiwa PI Partners, and SKS Ventures. Currently, major investors of Sen Đỏ include FPT Corporation, SBI, Digital Garage, Beenos, eContext Asia, and Bee Next. Despite facing tough competition from international counterparts, Sen Đỏ has a unique position in the hearts of Vietnamese customers due to its user-friendly interface and interesting marketing campaigns.

After 8 years of official operation, the Sendo logo has undergone 2 changes while retaining the brand name “Sendo.” The latest logo was introduced in 2016 and continues to be used to this day. The letter “S” in the logo is stylized to resemble a shopping basket, emphasizing the role of the e-commerce platform.

The Sendo logo also includes the FPT symbol, representing the main investor, FPT Corporation. The logo uses a fresh red color, matching the brand name. This color serves as the brand’s identity, and the simple font creates a sense of familiarity with users.

Sendo’s Operating Model

Sendo operates on the B2C2C (business-to-consumer-to-consumer) model, which means other businesses sell products to users, and users, in turn, can resell them to customers (C2C). This model allows individuals and businesses with a desire for business to open stores and sell products to customers on the Sendo e-commerce platform.

Mỹ Tâm represents Sen Đỏ for an extended period
Mỹ Tâm represents Sen Đỏ for an extended period

Highlights of Sendo E-commerce Platform

Sendo is one of the pioneering units in applying AI technology, artificial intelligence, and digital tools to optimize the management process of online businesses. As a result, Sendo can quickly eliminate and filter out low-quality shops and irresponsible business practices, ensuring the best interests for customers.

When shopping at Sendo, customers can be completely assured of the quality and origin of products. Especially when purchasing at SenMall – a high-quality shopping center with guaranteed product origin, being an official store, customers are also entitled to a free 7-day return policy if not satisfied. This ensures complete customer satisfaction with the quality of Sendo’s services.

Sendo frequently offers attractive discount and promotion programs for all Vietnamese customers. Shopping at Sendo not only saves time, effort, and money thanks to various discount codes but also includes free shipping for orders valued over 150k. The platform also provides extended warranty for products and has a dedicated and attentive customer care program.

Sendo is a reputable shopping channel
Sendo is a reputable shopping channel

Shopping at Sendo will undoubtedly be an enjoyable experience for customers as this e-commerce platform always brings surprises to users. You won’t want to miss out on the huge promotional events held monthly on this platform.