Shopee Seller Channel - Optimal Sales Support Tools
Shopee Seller Channel – Optimal Sales Support Tools 

 Shopee Seller Channel is a platform with diverse features that help sellers efficiently manage product quantity and orders. Only by understanding how this channel works can sellers take full advantage of this lucrative opportunity to buy and sell and earn significant profits. 

Shopee Seller Channel - Optimal Sales Support Tools
Shopee Seller Channel – Optimal Sales Support Tools 

Overview of Shopee Seller Channel

Shopee is the largest online marketplace in the Vietnamese market. As the trading activities on Shopee are bustling, more and more people are joining this platform. To support sellers, Shopee has developed the Shopee Seller Channel with many exciting features. 

This is a management page that enables sellers to upload their products to their Shopee store while managing orders and the number of followers. With the help of these sales support tools, sellers can have fantastic business experiences when using the Shopee e-commerce platform. 

Simple Interface
Simple Interface

Features of the Seller Channel

Upon successful registration of a Shopee Seller Channel account, store owners are provided with various helpful features, including:


This category allows sellers to manage the progress of shipping, delivery, and order fulfillment from the time customers place orders until they are completed. With the bulk shipping feature, sellers can handle multiple orders at once by confirming and printing batches of orders.

In the shipping settings section, sellers can quickly enable or disable the available shipping providers on Shopee and choose preferred carriers. Each shipping provider has detailed information on the maximum and minimum weight for orders. 

Order Management

In the order management section, sellers can proactively track and summarize all order statuses, including cancellations and returns/refunds. To gain insights into the effectiveness of their business, sellers can select a time range and export files for further analysis. 

Easily Manage Shop with Supportive Tools
Easily Manage Shop with Supportive Tools

Product Management

For optimal product management, sellers need to pay attention to several sub-categories:

Sellers Easily Manage Shop with Various Supportive Tools
Sellers Easily Manage Shop with Various Supportive Tools

Product Management 

To effectively manage products, sellers need to pay attention to the following sub-categories within the Shopee Seller Channel: 

  • All Products: Manage all product statuses, including products pending approval, approved, out of stock, temporarily locked, and hidden 
  • Add Products: List new products on the Shopee store 
  • Violating Products: Category to manage products that violate Shopee’s policies, sellers can make edits as suggested. If left unattended, Shopee will automatically remove the products. 

Marketing Channel 

For products to be known to many customers, Marketing is essential, and Shopee has successfully developed numerous weekly and monthly programs to help sellers boost sales. The category offers several supportive tools, including: 

  • My Programs: Allows sellers to directly discount products, with discounts not exceeding 50%
  • My Voucher Codes: Sellers can create their own voucher codes 
  • Shop’s Flash Sale: When the shop meets Shopee’s criteria, sellers can create their own discount programs to increase visibility 
  • Promotional Combos: Sell products in bundles to increase quick orders 
  • Buy-together Shocking Deals: Sellers create “discount when bought together” and “buy to receive gifts” programs 
  • Shop’s Coins: Shop owners can use coins as rewards to attract customers to participate in their shop’s activities 
  • Promotional Messages: Sellers can proactively send messages to followers, customers who have added products to their cart but not yet paid, or customers who have made purchases but not yet reviewed 
  • Follower Benefits: Here, sellers can create discount programs when customers click the “follow shop” button 
  • Shopee Ads: Currently, there are 3 main types of ads on Shopee: keyword bidding, discovery ads, and Shop Ads. 
  • Top Selling Products: This tool helps sellers prominently display their flagship and best-selling products on the shop’s homepage. 


Finance is the most important category in the Shopee Seller Channel because sellers will receive reports on revenue, pending payments, and completed payments. In the Shopee Wallet section, there will be a detailed summary of each order’s collection. 


To know if their shop is operating effectively, sellers need to pay attention to the Sales Analysis category. This feature displays orders, revenue, conversion rates, visits, and views. 

In this category, shop owners must pay attention to the penalty scoring system based on the rate of unsuccessful orders, delayed deliveries, and products violating the listing policies. If heavily penalized, the shop won’t appear in favorite shops, and product visibility through SEO or ads will be limited.

Once the “favorite shop” label is attached to the shop’s logo, the shop will receive many supportive benefits, and various fees will be reduced. 

Continuous Data Updates
Continuous Data Updates

Chat Feature 

To better serve customers, in the Shopee Seller Channel settings, there is an automatic messaging feature that allows the system to automatically respond to customer messages. Additionally, there is a FAQ section where shop owners can set up predefined auto-reply messages based on the questions customers may ask. 

Shop Management

This category provides a comprehensive overview of all the information sellers need to know about their business. 

Shop Ratings: This is where sellers receive feedback from customers about the quality of products.

  • Shop Profile: This section allows sellers to complete their shop’s information, including the logo, cover photo, shop name, images/videos, and shop description
  • Shop Decoration: Here, shop owners can design and change the interface to create an attractive storefront that attracts customers
  • Shop Categories: Sellers can categorize their products when listing to help customers easily find suitable products
  • My Reports: This section aggregates all data on balance, income, marketing, sales analysis reports, order exports, and printed delivery slips. 
Easily Change Shop Interface
Easily Change Shop Interface

The Shopee Seller Channel is a supportive tool that makes business management easy. Shop owners should make full use of all the features on this platform to drive strong sales growth.