Meaning of icons and how to use icons in different situations appropriately
Meaning of icons and how to use icons in different situations appropriately

For current social media users such as Facebook, Zalo, Instagram, no one is unfamiliar with icons. Each icon carries different meanings, making conversations more lively, interesting, and avoiding misunderstandings from simple words. To avoid using icons for the wrong purpose, let’s explore the meaning of icons in the following article.

Meaning of icons and how to use icons in different situations appropriately
Meaning of icons and how to use icons in different situations appropriately

What is an Icon? Icon Formation Process

Icons, also known as emoticons, are widely used on social media through chat applications, messaging, or status updates nowadays. They are simple images that convey different emotions such as joy, sadness, anger, happiness, making the story more interesting and expressing the speaker’s attitude.

What is an Icon? Why are there icons?
What is an Icon? Why are there icons?

Icons are also called emojis and were developed by Japanese artist Shigetaka Kurita while working for the Japanese technology company Docomo. The idea behind creating icons was to design an attractive interface for conveying information. For example, using a cloud icon instead of saying “it’s cloudy today.” This was the beginning of this new visual language.

Icons became popular when competing companies learned about this idea. By 2012, it truly became a trend and was recognized as a global language that could be applied to all cultures, situations, and times. With development, the number of icons also became more diverse and abundant based on the world’s common communication trends.

Meaning of Icons for Users

Most social media users use icons at least once, and it cannot be denied that these icons bring about fantastic meanings:

  • Help express our attitudes and emotions quickly.
  • Make spoken words and posts more interesting and engaging.
  • Emphasize important information to be conveyed.
  • Save time in communication and messaging.
Icons play an important role in communication
Icons play an important role in communication

Analysis of the Meanings of Common Icons and How to Use Them Appropriately

Finally, the most anticipated part is the detailed meanings of icons that you need to know to avoid using them incorrectly in communication. Since there are many icons, this article will introduce only the most common ones, which are used most frequently.

Meaning of the Smiling Face Icon

This icon looks simple but contains quite a few meanings. Initially, it was created to express happiness and optimism. However, it is now used when communicating with acquaintances, not close friends. Currently, the meaning of this icon is also understood as a smile with a “hint” of sarcasm or insincerity, which the online community often refers to. It can convey speechlessness, indifference, or laughing just for show. In short, you should use this smiling face icon carefully in the right context.

The world of icons is incredibly diverse
The world of icons is incredibly diverse

Meaning of the Grinning Face Icon

It shows a cheerful, natural, and amused attitude towards something. Grinning face icons have many levels, from light smiling to laughing heartily, expressing humor and cuteness.

Meaning of the Beaming Face with Sweat Icon

This icon indicates a slightly anxious emotion but not too serious, still able to smile.

Meaning of the Smiling Face with Sunglasses Icon

It represents being calm in the face of a problem or being “cool and hip” after achieving something you want to show off to others.

Meaning of the Smiling Devil Face Icon

It is built from a scary image but has a very cute aspect. You use this icon when you want to show teasing, mischievousness to friends or relatives.

Meaning of the Kissing Face Icon

It conveys affection and love. When you send this icon in a message, it means the sender really likes you and wants to give you this affection.

Meaning of the Crying Face Icon

This emoticon expresses worry and sadness about a certain issue. The user wants to share or seek comfort from others.

Meaning of the Upside-Down Smiling Face Icon

This icon implies that you are currently serious or telling a meaningless and boring story.

Meaning of the Zany Face Icon

It represents silly things but still quite funny.

Blushing, Shy Face Icon

Whenever you are looking for an icon to represent a confused emotion, use this icon. This facial expression indicates the meaning of being confused when faced with a difficult situation or feeling shy when receiving compliments from others.

Star-Eyed Smiling Face Icon

It symbolizes excitement or the desire to become famous. A typical example is being about to do something you like or meeting a celebrity.

The above are the most common meanings of icons that you often encounter and use. There are many other icons with interesting meanings in an incredibly diverse world of icons. Hopefully, this article will be helpful for you to apply them in communication in the best way.