A detailed guide on how to register for Now online super fast!
A detailed guide on how to register for Now online super fast!

Do you want to register for Now to earn income for yourself? Are you unsure about how to register for Now delivery services? Don’t worry, the registration process for Now online is super easy and quick. Just follow the detailed and straightforward steps shared in this article!

A detailed guide on how to register for Now super easily and quickly!
A detailed guide on how to register for Now super easily and quickly!

What documents do you need for Now registration?

To register for Now delivery services, you only need to prepare some simple documents. Like other tech-based ride-hailing services, you will need the following types of documents:

  • Personal judicial records of the individual registering for Now.
  • 2 copies of ID card or citizen identification.
  • Driver’s license (notarized copy).
  • Vehicle registration papers for the vehicle registered for Now delivery services (notarized copy).
  • Residential book (notarized copy).

Providing these documents does not take much time. You can prove these documents when needed. And supplement notarized copies as required within 1 month after receiving the job offer.

Among these documents, individuals registering for Now delivery services need to pay attention to obtaining a judicial record. This process may take some time due to the verification procedures at the competent authority in the individual’s place of residence. Additionally, you will need to pay approximately 200,000 VND per person to obtain the judicial record as per the general regulations.

Along with that, a Sacombank bank card is mandatory for Now registration. This is because Now uses this bank to pay salaries to employees. You will also need an Airpay e-wallet to top-up and withdraw money when performing food delivery services.

Detailed guide on how to register for Now

You can proceed with the registration process by either visiting Now’s headquarters or choosing to register online to save time. Registering online will help you save a lot of time on commuting.

Follow the steps below to register for Now:

Step 1: Access the website and provide personal information

Complete the form with your information to register for Now!
Complete the form with your information to register for Now!

First, access Now’s recruitment website and provide all the required information as instructed. Now offers two options: part-time work and full-time work with flexible hours for individuals to choose from.

For full-time Now Food delivery, you will have more benefits as you will receive a basic salary and be covered by labor insurance according to legal regulations. However, you will also have more responsibilities as required by the company.

Step 2: Take the entrance test

After providing all the information, click on the “Register Now” button to proceed with the fast registration. Next, you will take the entrance test, which consists of 15 questions to assess your delivery abilities.

Before taking the test, you will receive online training by watching three instructional videos:

  • Instructions on how to use Now.
  • Introduction and instructions on delivering and receiving food.
  • Guidance on how to handle various situations that may arise during work.

After watching the videos, you will proceed to take the test. You only need to answer at least 13 out of 15 questions correctly to meet the requirements for working with Now. If you don’t meet the requirements, you will have a second chance to retake the test.

Step 3: Complete the Now registration process

After completing the test, simply wait for the confirmation email from Now to be sent to your email address. The waiting time for review and response via email usually takes about 4 weeks after taking the test.

Now - Super fast and cost-saving delivery!
Now – Super fast and cost-saving delivery!

The invitation email will clearly state the time and location along with the necessary documents you need to bring. Pay close attention to the details and be sure to provide all the required document procedures on time.

Some common test questions for Now registration

  • Here are some sample questions that are commonly asked during the Now registration test:
  • What does the “Giao ASAP” icon mean?
  • For the “Quán Tools” order, what information should the partner read and pay attention to in order to accurately receive the food?
  • If the partner loses internet connection while delivering an order, what action should be taken to view the order details?
  • In case there is a discrepancy in the order’s distance (km), will the partner be reimbursed for the difference in km?

Are you interested in registering for Now to earn extra income? Just follow the steps above to conveniently and easily register. Best of luck with your registration process!