Recently, due to the complex development of Covid-19, choosing takeout food is the safest and most effective solution. However, not all places offer home delivery services. If you are looking for restaurants near me in Ho Chi Minh City that provide home delivery, check out the top 7 most reputable addresses in the article below.

Top 7 restaurants with home delivery near me in Saigon
Top 7 restaurants with home delivery near me in Saigon

Red House Restaurant

If you are a seafood lover, Red House Restaurant is the ideal address for you. Located in District 3, the restaurant has a spacious and airy space. Particularly, its elegant and modern design creates a cozy feeling for customers. It has always been a favorite destination for residents of District 3 and Saigonese.

Here, you can choose your favorite dishes from a diverse menu. If you don’t want to go out during the pandemic, you can pick up the phone and call 028 3818 1279 for home delivery. You can still enjoy delicious and diverse dishes without worrying about the pandemic.

An Nam Quán Restaurant

One of the restaurants near me that many people choose is An Nam Quán. Also located in District 3, An Nam Quán attracts a large number of local and foreign customers not only because of its delicious food but also its rich and diverse menu and beautiful decoration. Each dish is like a piece of art, appealing to customers to savor.

If you have the opportunity to visit this restaurant, do not miss their signature dish, the roasted chicken. The unique and eye-catching presentation and the rich and unforgettable flavor will impress you. To get home delivery, call the hotline: 090 307 7765.

An Nam Quán brings authentic and delicious flavors
An Nam Quán brings authentic and delicious flavors

Traditional Home-style Food Restaurant

As the name suggests, all the dishes at this restaurant embody the essence of traditional cuisine. While other restaurants may mix different international flavors, this place leans towards Vietnamese taste.

From simple dishes like fried rice, stir-fried noodles to sticky rice, each brings a rich taste of the homeland. Moreover, the prices are affordable, suitable for everyone’s budget.

Bun dau man tom – Dương Quảng Hàm

If you want to diversify your palate for yourself and your family, don’t forget about Bún đậu Hồ Cá. The bowl of Bún đậu is beautifully presented, with white vermicelli combined with the delicious aroma of fried tofu. Accompanied by a bowl of dipping sauce made from shrimp paste, which stimulates the olfactory and gustatory senses of everyone.

Here, you can order various types of Bún đậu starting from just 19,000 VND. If you want to change your meal, call the hotline 0866 001 596 and provide your address for home delivery.

Bún đậu Hồ Cá - a delicious restaurant for everyone
Bun dau man tom – a delicious restaurant for everyone

Uncle Chen Rib Porridge

A nearby restaurant that can be mentioned is Uncle Chen Rib Porridge, located in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, and well-known by many people. The characteristic flavor in each bowl of pork rib porridge comes from Chinese heritage.

With a spacious, airy, and clean space, Uncle Chen Rib Porridge offers the distinctive taste of Chinese-style porridge. The imported beef is tender, delicious, and full of nutrition, ensuring an unforgettable dining experience. The restaurant is open from 7:00 AM to 3:00 AM daily. So, if you want to enjoy a bowl of Cháo sườn chú Chen, call 028 226 656 56 to place your order for home delivery.

Restaurant Near Me – The First

The First specializes in famous European dishes such as Beefsteak, pate, and salad, among others. Even though it is a European-style restaurant, all the dishes here are easy to enjoy and reasonably priced.

The most notable dish at this restaurant is their beefsteak. The imported beef from Australia is tender, delicious, and guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds. Rest assured that the restaurant will prepare and deliver the food quickly to maintain the delicious flavors of the dishes for customers. Located in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, you can place an order by calling 0356 134 686.

The First - a place to enjoy delicious and unique European dishes
The First – a place to enjoy delicious and unique European dishes

Above are the top 7 restaurants near me in Ho Chi Minh City that offer home delivery services. Hopefully, this will help you choose the best and safest dining options in Saigon during this pandemic.