In recent times, online lending has become a popular new financial trend in Vietnam. With this method, customers only need to register on their computer or mobile device and receive money without the need for direct transactions at agencies or representative offices, saving time, money, and effort compared to other forms. One of the popular online lending platforms trusted by customers nowadays is Vamo. Let’s explore all the important information about this online lending application through the article below.

Vamo | What to know before borrowing online with Vamo
Vamo | What to know before borrowing online with Vamo

Vamo Online Loan Application
Vamo Online Loan Application

What is Vamo Application?

The fast-paced life has led to an increasing demand for financial needs. Sometimes, we encounter financial difficulties and don’t know where to turn. That’s why the Vamo online loan application was born, to help customers quickly solve financial problems. This application has played a significant role in resolving many financial troubles for many Vietnamese people, especially during the recent pandemic.

What is Vamo Application?
What is Vamo Application?

So, what is Vamo Application? Vamo or app Vamo is a product of Viaconto Co., Ltd, which provides a cash loan application, offering an online financial solution to help customers overcome financial difficulties. The Vamo loan application is built on the development of digital platforms and technology. Customers, when in need of a loan, only need to have a smartphone with an internet connection to easily register and create a loan profile quickly through the Vamo app or the official website.

Currently, this loan application has become a safe and reliable financial solution for many customers. You can easily register, set up a profile, and get a loan ranging from 1,000,000 VND to 10,000,000 VND with just a few minutes. Additionally, if you want to make payments, extend or repay the loan, it’s also quite simple, just a few minutes of operation on your smartphone connected to the internet.

Is Vamo Lending Safe?

Borrowing directly has brought many concerns and thoughts for borrowers, while borrowing online has made them think and contemplate much more. Therefore, many customers have the question when they need to borrow online with Vamo: “Is Vamo lending safe?”. Let’s find the answer right below:

Is Vamo lending safe?
Is Vamo lending safe?

First and foremost, VSM’s loan application is a technological product of Viaconto Co., Ltd, a leading company in providing top-notch online financial solutions and advice in Vietnam. The company has been granted a business operation license in Vietnam, and with its reputable and robust financial foundation, choosing to borrow from Vamo is extremely safe for customers.

If customers still have concerns about the safety of borrowing from Vamo, VSM will share with customers the outstanding advantages and benefits when borrowing online with the top lending application Vamo:

  • – Vamo is an application designed based on the modern digital technology platform, closely connecting borrowers and investors.
  • – Customers can quickly borrow a high limit from 500,000 VND to 10,000,000 VND from Vamo with a simple borrowing process.
  • – Receive and transfer money in the account quickly. Especially, you can receive the loan amount in less than 24 hours.
  • – Easy loan procedures, simple profile creation. All operations are done online through the application platform.
  • – Preferential interest rates for loans.
  • – Absolute customer information security.
  • – No annoying phone calls to customers or their relatives. No phone calls for service advertising or loan repayment threats.
  • – Vamo collaborates with many reputable banks and credit organizations nationwide, providing diverse loan options.
  • – Various forms of loan repayment.
  • – The system is integrated with a points accumulation feature, and customer profiles will be quickly approved for subsequent loans.

Above are some of the benefits and advantages of Vamo, the online lending application. With these features and a strong and reliable backing, Vamo is an extremely safe lending application. Therefore, it’s not surprising that the number of Vamo users has been rapidly increasing over the years. Currently, it is one of the top choices for online lending solutions.

Requirements for Getting a Loan with Vamo

Just like other online loan applications or even traditional cash loans, customers must meet certain requirements and conditions set by the lending institution to be eligible for a loan from Vamo. So, what are the conditions that customers need to meet in order to borrow money with Vamo? Here are some basic and relatively easy conditions that Vamo requires:

Loan requirements at Vamo
Loan requirements at Vamo

To easily get your loan application approved at Vamo, customers need to fulfill the following:

  • – Customers must be Vietnamese citizens residing and working in any of the 63 provinces and cities across the country.
  • – The age of customers eligible for loans from Vamo is between 22 and under 60 years old.
  • – Customers must possess a valid ID card or citizenship card.
  • – Customers need to have a bank account at a domestic bank in Vietnam to receive and repay the loan amount.
  • – The registered phone number should not be under the Mobiphone network; customers can use Viettel or Vinaphone network phones.
  • – Customers are required to demonstrate their financial capacity with a minimum income of 3 million VND per month.
  • – Certain individuals are not accepted for loans at Vamo, including self-employed individuals, those working in the military, law, journalism, or government employees.

Above are the mandatory requirements that customers need to meet to be eligible for a loan from Vamo. Vamo’s conditions are not overly difficult for customers, and most individuals can fulfill them.

Quick Guide to Borrowing Money on Vamo

Vamo is an online lending application that has gained popularity in recent years with the development of digital technology. In this era of digitalization, the application has garnered increased attention and usage. As a result, the borrowing process and procedures may still be unfamiliar to some people. To help customers understand and experience this convenient loan service, VSM provides the following step-by-step guide to quickly borrow money on Vamo:

Loan procedures at Vamo
Loan procedures at Vamo

Step 1: Download the Vamo app or access the official Vamo website

This is the first basic step that customers need to take, not only for the Vamo loan application but for most online loan applications today.

Vamo provides an application that customers can easily download to their phones, whether on Android or IOS operating systems, to register for a loan. Alternatively, customers who do not wish to download the app can access the official Vamo website at to proceed with the online loan application.

Both the app and the official website have similar interfaces, offering all the necessary functions to make the process simple and quick for customers.

Step 2: Set up an account and choose the appropriate loan amount

After accessing the main interface of Vamo, customers need to provide accurate and complete personal information to complete the loan application. All information provided by customers must be accurate, especially account numbers, phone numbers, and affiliated banks.

Choose the loan amount based on needs at Vamo
Choose the loan amount based on needs at Vamo

After completing the profile and loan account setup, the next step is to choose the desired loan amount. Vamo offers a credit limit ranging from 500,000 VND to a maximum of 10 million VND with loan terms ranging from 7 to 30 days. Customers should choose a suitable credit limit and duration based on their needs and financial situation. Next, the customer enters their mobile phone number and clicks the “Agree” button, and finally, clicks “Register now.”

Once the customer’s profile and loan needs are accessed, the Vamo system will send an authentication code to the provided phone number. Your task is to enter the verification code and click the “Continue” button. Here, a user interface for personal information will be opened, and the customer continues to fill in the required details. This includes personal information, occupation, workplace, address, financial evidence, and bank account.

Step 3: Vamo processes profile approval and disburses the loan for customers

After completing all the required procedures in step 2, the customer only needs to wait for Vamo to conduct a survey and verify the loan application. If the profile is valid, Vamo will proceed with notifying the customer and transferring the approved loan amount to the provided bank account in the profile.

Step 4: Repaying the loan amount to Vamo

Having borrowed, repayment is an essential law of life. Therefore, when the repayment deadline for the principal and interest comes, the customer needs to promptly repay the loan to Vamo as per the contract to avoid higher interest rates.

That’s all! VSM has provided you with all the most important information about Vamo’s online loan application, as well as the detailed loan process. If you are facing financial difficulties, feel free to choose Vamo.