What is an Agency? This is a question that many people are curious about nowadays. To help you understand the doubts you are facing, we will share with you information about an Agency. By following along, you will grasp the concept and eight essential positions within an Agency.

What is an Agency? 8 essential positions within an Agency
What is an Agency? 8 essential positions within an Agency

What is an Agency?

What is an Agency in English? In essence, an Agency refers to a company or specialized media entity that provides marketing services, books KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders), and organizes events for its clients. Simply put, an Agency is an affiliated unit that carries out design, phase planning, and marketing tasks.

For an Agency, you need to consider four main elements: product, place, price, and promotion. However, product, price, and place are the aspects that most companies are concerned about.

Each marketer in an Agency needs to have higher capabilities compared to SEO or content team members. Marketers here learn from experience and come up with strategies to attract customers.

There are numerous types of marketing Agencies in the current market. Among them, market research, event organization, creative ideation, production, and brand building are noteworthy. Any type of task undertaken by the Agency ensures versatility and broad knowledge.

8 Essential Positions Within an Agency

There are various positions within an Agency
There are various positions within an Agency

If you pay attention, you will notice that each Agency has various positions. Typically, each position will have staff members to perform the tasks and avoid stagnation. In addition to understanding what digital Agency is and what the profession entails, if you are interested in learning more about the positions within an Agency and their specific roles, you should find out right away.

1. Account Manager

What is an Account Manager in an Agency? You can simply understand it as the director of the Account department. They directly manage all account-related tasks, such as maintaining customer relationships, finding new partners, negotiating, and executing contracts as required.

To become an account manager, you need to have good teamwork skills. You should know how to negotiate, manage time, and evaluate data. Additionally, you need to know how to divide tasks and plan campaigns to increase revenue for the unit.

2. Copywriter

Copywriters are content creators within an Agency
Copywriters are content creators within an Agency

A copywriter is responsible for creating content. They complete content for articles, videos, and press materials. What are the tasks of a copywriter in an Agency?

  • Create articles and news as required by customers.
  • Create slogans and banner content.
  • Develop content introducing the unit’s products and services.
  • Conduct trend research and keyword analysis.
  • Write press releases and public relations materials upon customer request.

To perform these tasks, a copywriter needs to have completed secondary, higher education in journalism, marketing, or related fields. Additionally, they need to possess teamwork skills, persuasion, creativity, and good time management.

3. Designer

A graphic designer is someone who creates images for banners, brochures, or other artistic works. Designers rely on the marketing department’s ideas to convey content through images. At the same time, graphic designers need to be proficient in design software and have a high sense of aesthetics.

4. Photographer

What is a Photographer in an Agency? They are individuals specialized in product and communication photography for the company. If you take on this role, you need to know how to take photos and come up with photo shoot ideas.

Being a photographer not only requires capturing images but also knowing how to edit them. Equipment needs to be managed tightly to avoid financial losses. Photographers also need to know post-processing to enhance the perfection of the photos.

5. Film Director

Film directors not only write scripts but also supervise and direct
Film directors not only write scripts but also supervise and direct

A film director carries out tasks such as scriptwriting and directing to turn normal video clips into viral clips or advertisements for businesses. Film editors need to be careful and sophisticated. Additionally, they need to have a strong sense of aesthetics.

6. Media Planner

What is a Media Planner in an Agency? In reality, this is the person who plans and executes advertising services across various platforms. At the same time, media planners need to study each target audience to optimize advertisements.

To carry out the tasks of a media planner, you need to collect and analyze information. You should know how to choose suitable advertisements to ensure safety and cost-effectiveness.

7. Media Buyers

Media Buyers are individuals responsible for exchanging, seeking media partners for the business. The tasks of Media Buyers include negotiating articles, booking KOLs, quoting services for customers, and statistics measurement.

8. Account Executive

An Account Executive directly manages communication issues with customers. Team members are responsible for receiving requests from customers and proposing solutions. At the same time, Account Executives ensure maximum progress in carrying out tasks and report to customers.

The information shared by VSM.vn has helped you understand what an Agency is and the positions within an Agency. Each company operates differently. Therefore, you need to research carefully to decide whether to join an Agency or not.