Certainly, content marketing is no longer a strange term for today’s businesses. Thanks to content marketing, businesses can promote their brands, reach customers, and increase revenue rapidly. So, what is content marketing? What are the roles and most effective content marketing trends in 2022? The following article will help you explore this topic in detail.

 What is content marketing? The knowledge about content marketing you should pocket
What is content marketing? The knowledge about content marketing you should pocket

What is Content Marketing?

Content refers to all forms of content such as images, videos, and articles that businesses want to deliver to their customers. So, what is content marketing? It is the use of content to achieve the marketing goals of a business. By creatively creating content and transmitting this content through appropriate distribution channels, businesses can better promote their brands and reach potential customers.

Current Forms of Content Marketing

According to research, content marketing has been around and developing for about 300 years. Over the course of its long-term development, content marketing has transformed and evolved with various forms such as:

  • Ebooks: Contain longer posts with more in-depth content compared to blogs. Through Ebooks, customers will interact more actively with the business website.
  • Email marketing: This is a form in which customers actively request to receive advertising content from the business. Businesses proactively send email marketing to market their brands, new products to existing customers or potential customers.
  • Infographic: Infographics use data, charts, and icons to convey content. This form is widely used abroad but not very common in Vietnam.
  • Blog: This is one of the top strategies in marketing. The posts on the blog are regularly published according to the personal opinions of the writers. This free information channel helps customers learn more about products and provides better access to potential customers.
  • Video: In content marketing strategies, video is the most effective form. It has the ability to increase conversion rates, open email rates, and optimize SEO.
  • Social media: This is a form of content marketing through social media channels. It is the most effective and widely applied form of content marketing today.

The Role of Content Marketing

What is the role of content marketing? Content marketing is an indispensable part of business operations in Vietnam and worldwide. The reason is the important role it brings to businesses, such as:

Content Marketing Increases Website Traffic

Information about products and services that attracts customer attention will lead to more visits to the website. Sellers do not need to advise customers directly as they can access the website to make online purchases quickly.

Content marketing có khả năng xây dựng thương hiệu hiệu quả
Content marketing has the ability to effectively build brands

Content Marketing Helps Build Brand

When quality content marketing campaigns are spread widely, the ability to spread the website to customers and partners is significant. Attractive content will help customers access and share web links with their friends, thereby allowing businesses to reach more potential customers.

Furthermore, some trustworthy sites may directly link to your website to introduce it to their customers. This will make your brand more powerful and well-known to more customers.

Content Marketing Increases Business Revenue

The most important role of content marketing is the ability to significantly increase business revenue when applied. If the marketing campaigns are flexible, unique, and gain customer trust, the chances of closing deals will increase significantly.

Content Marketing Enhances Business Connections

Thanks to content marketing campaigns, businesses can easily connect with partner companies. The more attractive the website content is, the more reputable partners it will attract, thus expanding the cooperation network. Additionally, if the content is interesting and appealing, it will stimulate customer interaction. As a result, businesses and customers will have a higher connection rate.

Content marketing helps businesses increase revenue effectively
Content marketing helps businesses increase revenue effectively

Above are some basic knowledge about content marketing that you can refer to. With this knowledge, you can easily answer the questions of what content marketing is, its roles, and the most common forms of content marketing today. By applying this knowledge, users can flexibly develop marketing campaigns to promote their brands and increase business efficiency.