Google là gì? Các sản phẩm Google cung cấp cho người dùng
What is Google? Products Google provides to users

What is Google? What products does Google provide to users? Although this website is very familiar to many internet users, one thing is certain, you have never understood clearly about this website and how it works. Let’s explore some useful information about Google in the following article.

What is Google?

Google is like an automated information distribution machine. This tool provides internet users with incredibly amazing experiences. You can search for any information through the address Then, you will receive all relevant news related to what you are searching for.

Google là gì?
What is Google?

So, how does Google work? Instead of having to deposit money like vending machines, you will enter words, phrases, or any text into the search bar. Then, Google will proactively list all the issues related to the phrase you are searching for.

How does Google work?

What is Google and how does it work? Technically, Google operates as follows:

  • Gather data (crawl) from web pages to understand various details related to the web.
  • Index web pages into the database.
  • Retrieve the most relevant web pages for the query that the Google user is searching for.

To understand the basic operation of what Google is, it receives the information you search for through keywords. Then, it returns all relevant searches to you. In fact, the way Google works is similar to all other search engines. You don’t need to wonder about how Google works because it is quite similar to the workings of Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, and Ask.

Mọi tìm kiếm thông tin đều được thực hiện trên google
All information searches are done on google

The special rules of Google will determine the order of displaying search results for users. This is the algorithm specifically set up for Google, including links to web pages, articles, images, videos, maps, books, and more. Resources that appear first are evaluated and ranked higher than subsequent resources.

Understanding how Google works will make you more proactive in using Google effectively. Utilize this website intelligently to find the information you want. However, you need to have an internet connection to perform the search.

Google’s Products for Users

Currently, Google is the largest search engine platform used worldwide. In the age of the internet booming and developing as it is today, using Google has become very familiar.

Sản phẩm google cung cấp cực đa dạng
The product google provides is extremely diverse

Now that you know what Google is, let’s explore the products Google offers to users, what products are they? Specifically, some of the widely used products provided by Google are as follows:

  • Gmail: A completely free email service widely used today. Most companies and businesses use Gmail for work communication.
  • Google Search: The familiar search engine of Google known to many users.
  • Google Calendar: A very useful online calendar application for users. With this application, you can store and manage information, schedules to avoid forgetting and confusing tasks.
  • Youtube: Dubbed as the largest video social network on the planet today. On this platform, you can upload videos and earn money from this website. It is a place where you can both entertain and learn valuable information.
  • Google Docs: Supports word processing similar to Microsoft Office Word. You can do online presentations through Google Docs, which is extremely useful. Additionally, you can create, edit, store, and share documents.
  • Google Images: In addition to searching with words or phrases, you can also search for information through images. This is a great step forward, providing users with a completely new experience.
  • Google Translate: Through Google Translate, you can translate multiple languages. It acts like a dictionary, but unlike regular dictionary apps that have only 1, 2, or a maximum of 6 languages, with Google Translate, you can translate various languages from many countries around the world.
Một trải nghiệm tuyệt vời cho người dùng
A great user experience
  • Google News: You will always be updated with new information through Google News. This design is similar to online newspapers, very convenient for users.
  • Google Classroom: True to its name, Google Classroom is an online learning space that supports organizing classes for all members. This is also a popular platform for companies to conduct virtual meetings and work during the recent pandemic.

In addition, Google provides many other products to serve users. Whatever you need, you can find it on Google.

Now you know what Google is and the products it offers to users. Google always strives to enhance the user experience for everyone, continuously improving its services.