What's special about Cafe Highland? Best-selling drinks at Highland
What’s special about Cafe Highland? Best-selling drinks at Highland

When visiting a coffee shop, apart from paying attention to the ambiance and space of the place, what we care most about is the quality of the beverages and what makes them unique compared to other places. So, what is special about Cafe Highland? What are the “best seller” drinks at Highland? Let’s find out in the following article.

What Makes Cafe Highland Special?

To stand strong and beat many competitors, Highlands Coffee must have distinctive features that create their brand identity. So what sets them apart?

Space and Location at Cafe Highland

One of the special advantages of the Cafe Highland chain is that they are always located in central areas or large buildings. They are often found in tourist attractions and places with stunning landscapes in major cities.

Elegant and airy space at Cafe Highland
  Elegant and airy space at Cafe Highland

With a modern and luxurious design, yet very close to nature with interior using wood or stone. The view of the street allows customers to expand their vision to enjoy the entire city at night. Each person who comes here will have their own separate space without being too noisy, creating a comfortable and pleasant feeling.

Appealing Menu at Cafe Highland

As people’s lives are changing, the demand for food and entertainment is increasing. To avoid boredom and attract customers, Cafe Highland always has innovation and creativity in its menu.

By keeping up with market trends and understanding customer needs, they make changes accordingly. However, they still focus on the characteristic drinks with Vietnamese flavors at reasonable prices that are affordable. Besides coffee, they also offer cakes, tea, and various other drinks.

Unique Decor Style at Cafe Highland

Cafe Highland aims to create a modern and fresh style. And especially, it must be affordable and in line with the trend that young people want to immerse themselves in the modern world.

Understanding this, when customers come here and choose to drink Iced Culi coffee or Iced Culi milk coffee, they will have a chance to receive a Nokia Lumia 1020 phone right at the store.

It’s truly wonderful to enjoy a flavorful iced coffee while surfing the web on this very smartphone.

Best-Selling Drinks at Highland

When you come to Highland coffee, you will not only be impressed by the elegant and harmonious ambiance with nature but also be surprised by the delicious and flavorful drinks here.

So what are the drinks you should try when you come here? Let’s explore the “best seller” drinks at Highland below.

Highlands Drip Coffee

This is a type of coffee brewed drop by drop using a drip tool with a traditional intense flavor. It includes various types such as black drip, iced drip, white drip, etc.

Cafe Highland - Traditional drip coffee flavor
Cafe Highland – Traditional drip coffee flavor

The price of a cup of drip coffee ranges from 30,000 to 40,000 VND per cup. This is an average price that suits the budget of many people. This is also one of the reasons why it is popular when coming here.

Phindi Coffee

This is a new type of Highland coffee that has recently appeared. However, it is quite popular among many people, as it is for those who do not like a too intense coffee flavor and prefer something easier to drink than other drip coffee types.

Phindi Coffee - Gentle flavor
Phindi Coffee – Gentle flavor

Phindi is divided into four types: almond, chocolate, milk, and rose tea. Each type has its own unique features, so if you really enjoy drinking coffee, you can’t miss any of these flavors.

Cafe Highland – Espresso Coffee

This is a common and familiar type of Highland coffee for many people. Creating a flavorful cup of coffee is not easy, as it must contain the bitterness of pure coffee, the richness from freshly ground coffee beans, and a sweet and smooth taste.

This drink maintains its flavor for a long time and, especially, does not contain as much caffeine as other types. It is precisely this characteristic that attracts a lot of people to enjoy Highland Coffee.

Freeze Highlands

In addition to the various Highland coffee drinks, Freeze Highlands is a perfect choice for hot summer days. This cold blended drink with its fragrant and creamy milk taste will leave an unforgettable impression.

Freeze Highlands - Refreshing drink for hot summer days
Freeze Highlands – Refreshing drink for hot summer days

The highlight and attraction for buyers is the chewy, smooth jelly inside and the additional layer of whipped cream on top, making the drink even more appealing.

Above are the unique aspects of Cafe Highland and the best-selling drinks at the café. Let’s experience this space and find the beverages that suit your taste. Highlands Coffee has many branches in almost all provinces and cities across the country, so you can easily visit and enjoy the drinks and delicious pastries here.