Selling on zalo is the choice of many people today when it comes to high income and can be maintained for a long time. However, if you do not know how to sell correctly, it is very difficult to bring the desired revenue. Don’t worry when the following article will guide you how to sell products with professional and effective xalo.

A very effective guide to selling on Zalo from A-Z

How to sell on zalo very effectively
Instructions on how to sell on zalo very effectively

Why you should choose to sell on zalo right now

Life is getting better and better, our needs are getting more and more advanced. Therefore, the demand for shopping is very large. Zalo is one of the leading platforms today, with up to 100 million Vietnamese people.

With such a large number of users, this is an opportunity for everyone to do business here. Promising to bring a large number of orders, significantly increase revenue. Besides, it is a free platform, compatible for all ages. Zalo promises to grow more and more in the near future, the number of users will increase even more.

Statistics show that the rate of order closing and successful delivery via zalo is quite high and higher than that of other platforms. Because to use zalo, users need to register with a phone number, each number corresponds to 1 account. Therefore, the virtual account status is almost nonexistent, so there is no need to worry about customer authentication and the situation of boom.

List of sales forms on zalo today

If in the past selling through zalo only through personal pages, now the channel has developed a variety of other sales forms. Therefore, participating in sales is much easier and more effective.

Forms of sale on zalo currently
The current sales forms on zalo

Sell through personal zalo

Selling by personal zalo page is a popular form, appearing first. To this day, this is still the method used by many shops. Because it has been around for a long time, it is easy for everyone to bring high revenue because they have a clear understanding of how it works and how to approach customers.

However, selling on zalo also has certain difficulties when the number of friends is limited to 2000 people. Therefore, you need to identify the right target customers to make friends. From there, introduce their products and services.

Sell on zalo via shop

Zalo shop also known as zalo OA, zalo page. This form of selling on zalo is somewhat similar to the page on facebook. No need to be friends but still see posts, interact, message easily. This is the form chosen by most shops today.
With the ability to reach a large number of customers, in a wider range, zalo OA helps bring in higher revenue. Suitable for businesses, large-scale stores, goods are always abundant.

In today’s article, we will guide you more thoroughly how to sell on zalo through OA. Helping you reach a large number of users across the country.

Instructions on how to sell products on Zalo from A-Z very effectively with Zalo OA

With detailed sales instructions on zalo from A-Z. Help you understand the process, can apply immediately and bring in the revenue as expected.

Guide to selling through Zalo OA
Guide to selling through Zalo OA

Create zalo OA account

To create a zalo OA account is very simple and fast, it only takes a few minutes to complete. You can use your computer or phone to register. In particular, each step has detailed instructions in Vietnamese, so you don’t have to worry too much.

However, when you register to create a zalo OA account, you agree to the terms of zalo. Therefore, it is necessary to read carefully to avoid mistakes in the future, which may lead to restriction or account lockout.

Take care of zalo OA for sales

After successfully registering a Zalo OA account, you have your store on this communication page. To attract users, create trust, you need to “decorate” your shop.

Need to choose a professional shop name. The selected image is of high quality, beautiful, should be related to the name of the shop or the product or service being provided. Don’t forget to update your address, phone number, and store description.

Post products on store’s zalo page

After the shop’s interface is ready, it’s time to post the products on your page. You just need to do the following:

  • Select a Store
  • Then go to the product section at the top of the interface.
  • Select to add products.
  • Then choose an image for the product.
  • Fill in product information: price, use, quality, condition…
  • Press OK.

With just such simple steps, the product has been updated to the zalo sales page.

Open store display

Don’t forget to open the store display function so that your products and stores can reach more users. To enable this function, you need:

  • Select manage then select account info
  • Click on the store function to display the store in the interface

Revealing the most effective way to sell on zalo

Like many sales pages, on zalo there are many booths and there is certain competition. Without knowing how to promote properly, it will be difficult to reach users and close the application.

How to sell effectively with zalo
How to sell effectively with zalo

Know how zalo works

The basic thing to sell online is to understand the operating principles of the floor, the application and the same with zalo. For example, on zalo, the majority of users are from 18 to 30 years old, and the percentage of men accounts for the majority.

Therefore, you should choose products for men of the above age group. Wider customer base, you will have access to low cost. From there, it helps to reduce the cost per order, which can bring higher profits as well as increase the ability to close orders.

Make sure product posts are of good quality

Product posts are a huge determinant of engagement and purchase decisions. The post needs to match the psychology and needs of the user. In particular, you need to build trust.

Words need to be refined. Product description is clear and accurate. Selected images must be clear, so take them yourself instead of taking pictures online. Product photos should include the store’s logo.

Make sure the frequency of posts on the page

There are a lot of sellers who post on sentiment. Some days I post too little, some days I post too much. This is not recommended if you want your sales page to appear frequently on user walls. You need to have a specific posting plan.

Need to control the number of posts per day, posting time and content like. In addition to product posts, you need varied content to make your sales page more engaging. For example, with a cosmetic store, you should post more articles about beauty, beauty trends, beauty tips, etc.

Run zalo Ads

Running ads is extremely visible on facebook, helping the sales page reach more users. At the same time bring a huge amount of interaction and orders. Selling on zalo is no exception.

In particular, if your booth is new and does not have a stable number of customers, it is impossible to ignore running ads. Therefore, create a quality campaign. In addition to running products, you can run to increase engagement or attract page likes.

Don’t skip ads with broadcast

Broadcast is a new and popular marketing trend today. Because it is a new form of advertising, many businesses are still unfamiliar and have not tried to apply it. This is the opportunity for you.

Broadcast is a special feature of Zalo, which is loved by many users. Through this Broadcast system, the shop can reach users automatically with direct messages. With this feature, you do not have to worry about being reported spam or offensive to users.

Notes when selling on zalo

It can be seen that selling on zalo is not difficult and easy to bring in high revenue if there is an effective strategy. Therefore, you cannot ignore the following notes:

Note during sales by zalo
Note during sales with zalo

Note when posting products

When posting products, in addition to choosing good quality photos, you need to make sure the image size is 500×500. This size avoids being cut when posting and does not describe the entire product to the user.

The product name must not exceed 200 characters, the price must be entered in all numbers. In particular, it is necessary to enter the detailed information of the category, classification, and status for the product. You can refer to how to post, write product information from sales pages with high interaction.

Note during customer interaction feedback

The principle of selling on zalo that you need to keep in mind is that the customer care team needs a quick response speed. Should reply to buyer messages within 3 minutes. The longer the response time, the lower the closing rate.

Also, don’t forget to reconfirm the order. Customer care after receiving goods. If you take good care, customers appreciate it, and give good feedback, you will easily receive more orders. This is also a way for you to build a reputable brand with users and avoid a boom.

Create attractive promotions

One of the notes when selling on zalo to have many orders is not to forget to create promotions. This will stimulate customers to buy more products in one order or close the order faster.

This is something that many stores have successfully applied. So don’t forget about promotions.

Above is a very effective way to sell on zalo from A-Z that we would like to introduce to you. To bring in good sales, do not hesitate to join this potential sales channel.