Customer care is an indispensable activity in the business process of enterprises. Effective customer care will bring huge profits to the company. So what exactly is customer service like? What benefits will this activity bring? How to do this professionally? All will be answered in the article below.

All about customer care in business

What is customer care?

Today, in the trading business market, each business will have many competitors. Many types of goods with similar quality and appearance appeared rampant. This results in customers having more options. And the company needs to take better care of its customers than its competitors in order to survive.

CSKH is increasingly valued by businesses
Customer service is increasingly valued by businesses

So most companies have to build a solid customer base. To do that, we certainly cannot ignore customer care. This is considered an important activity in the marketing process of the business.

Customer care (Customer care) is to learn and meet customer needs before, during and after purchase. The purpose of customer service is to retain loyal customers and attract potential customers.

Effective customer care is about meeting their expectations or delivering an experience that exceeds that expectation. Customer care includes activities such as advising customers, receiving and resolving feedback, providing product uses,…

It can be said that this is an essential activity that determines the long-term survival of a company. Therefore, every business needs to build a dedicated and professional customer care department.

CSKH is an important business theory
Customer service is an important business theory

Practical benefits of customer care

Customer care is a factor that plays an extremely important role in business. Not only helps to attract customers, but customer care also creates the “face” of a business.

A reputable, trustworthy business that creates safety for consumers is always welcomed. If this criterion is lacking or is superficial in customer care, the company will quickly go down the road of failure. Here are the practical and specific benefits that customer service brings:

Retain loyal customers

Compared to finding a new customer, retaining old customers will help save more costs. What businesses need to do is create the most satisfaction, trust and comfort for customers.

Effective customer care activities will help create good relationships with existing consumers. Thus, the rate of returning customers will be higher. If customers trust and love it, they will often use your products and services. Not only that, they can also become the most effective communication channel.

Access, attract new customers

Customer psychology will favor the products with the most users. So the fact that you retain your old customers is an advantage. Moreover, customers will tend to recommend products, services, sales attitudes to their relatives and friends.

 Customer service helps to reach and attract new customers
Customer service helps reach and attract new customers

Thanks to word of mouth, the company can receive many new customers. In addition, when the service is attractive, the staff is friendly, enthusiastic, and professional, most customers will rate it well. Review and feedback channels are also factors that help bring the company more potential customers.

Reduce advertising costs

Good customer care activities help reduce business costs significantly. Businesses have to spend a lot of money and time to promote products and increase revenue. However, this can be difficult because each customer’s perception is different.

When taking good care of customers, word of mouth is an effective way to spread the word and create trust. New customers automatically come while businesses do not need to spend too much communication costs. From there, businesses can reduce costs significantly. Besides, creating trust and satisfaction from the beginning will help businesses reduce costs later.

Competitive advantage

More and more companies are springing up with many of the same products and services. Companies are trying to optimize products and services in the best way. They are all trying to create customer value and build their brand. Therefore, the competitive pressure of each company is increasing.

Focusing on customer care will be a powerful competitive weapon for businesses. Your customer care service is good, professional, and methodical. You will be ahead, strong and have a strong foothold in the market. From large and small businesses to agents, shops, … are indispensable for this activity.

CSKH can create a strong competitive advantage for businesses
Customer service can create a strong competitive advantage for businesses

Suppose you want to buy a certain cosmetic. Two stores next to each other have this type of product. One side has incentives, the other has no incentives, which store will you choose? The sales staff is annoying, cold, superficial, will you go back to that store? Feedback, your questions are not answered, are you upset?

Surely there is, isn’t it? That is the general mood of most customers. Therefore, taking care of customers is definitely essential and indispensable in every business activity.

What does customer care do?

Here are some common jobs in customer service activities. You need to pay attention and learn carefully if you want to meet consumer expectations.

  • Build a plan to visit loyal customers, vip customers,…
  • Coordinating with marketing department to deploy advertising services, promotions,…
  • Giving gifts and incentives to customers on holidays, Tet,..
  • Deploy surveys, measure customer satisfaction and interest.
  • Handle problems during the use of products by customers.
  • Respond to customer inquiries, comments, complaints.

To get the best results, companies should train all employees on customer service skills.

Motto in customer service theory

Customer care is a fairly broad category, but it is developed based on the following mottos:

Consider the customer as god

Customers are the most important factor in the business environment. It is also the goal of care. So you have to put the customer first. Although there will be fastidious, impatient users. By all means staff must serve them with the most sincere attitude.

Seeing customers as God is always the top motto
Seeing the customer as god is always the top motto

Understanding and listening

Each customer will have different desires and feelings. You must be very attentive, listening to find the best solution that customers need. Only then can you convince them to use your product or service.

In case users have problems using and contact the store. Then you need to politely listen, apologize and find the appropriate solution. It’s also a factor that defuses customer frustration. At the same time, this also helps them feel more secure about the company’s services.

Work responsibly

In order for customers to see the value of your company, you must first be dedicated to your work. You can do that by regularly caring, asking customers.

You can also call or send a survey to let customers see your importance. However, it is important to take care not to disturb the consumer.

Interact, serve customers flexibly

This is a very necessary condition for customer satisfaction. Businesses must ensure to serve users wherever and whenever they need it. At the same time, the company also needs to help customers solve problems as quickly and effectively as possible. If done well, your business will certainly have a solid customer base.

Customer care and interaction will create good results in business
Customer care and interaction will create good effects in business

Declaring values and implementing them

You have to give the customer a promise, a guarantee, so that they feel safe. At the same time, the company needs to improve the quality of products and services to match that statement. The reputation of the business is always to be preserved and promoted in the field of customer care.

Customer care strategy process

To be able to perform the most optimal customer care activities, businesses need to understand the following process:

Strategic planning

Before we act, we need to develop a detailed plan. In it, the purpose and goals are specific and clear. Analyze the advantages and disadvantages and orient the activities to do. Then assign tasks to each member. Having a thorough preparation is a successful start.

Show appreciation

This is a polite factor that has the effect of leaving a good impression in the hearts of consumers. Make your customers feel respected and understood. It will be great if customers love and choose you as a brand to stick with them.

Employees need to show sincerity and appreciation
Employees need to show sincerity and appreciation


Not only need to perform well in front of customers, but you need to go deep into their thoughts. You need to clarify the difficulties they face. Use the most enthusiastic attitude to find a solution for the customer.

Should not only aim to consume products but serve customers. Have to see them as a friend, help them sincerely.

Suggested workaround

Once you understand the customer’s problems, you need to suggest appropriate methods. This activity is very important. You should choose the most optimal measures. Don’t be for the sake of just giving the way to your own benefit. Need to put yourself in the customer’s position and feel.

Test and survey

This is the final step in the process. This is also an important and indispensable step. You need to refer to the level of customer satisfaction. Thereby drawing from experience and timely change. Notice what problems do user complaints usually relate to? Handling inadequacies, creating the most perfect customer care service.

CSKH is an indispensable activity of every business
Customer service is an indispensable activity of every business

The above is all the basics of customer care. We hope that you have found the information useful. Customer service is a very important thing that cannot be ignored. If you are running a company, you need to pay attention to this activity.