At the present time, backlink is one of the most frequently mentioned terms in SEO. And the most important issue is building quality backlinks, because it helps to increase keyword rankings significantly. So what is a guaranteed quality backlink? Criteria to determine which backlink is quality? Let us answer all of the above questions in the following article.

All answers to questions related to quality backlinks

In the quality backlink section, we will divide it into two parts: the first is the concept of backlinks. quality, the second is the importance of a quality-assured backlink. As follows:

Answer questions about quality backlinks
Questions about quality backlink

A quality-assured backlink is understood as the internal combination of the word “back” + “link” from which to produce a backlink. This is an external link that contains the link where your website is implementing SEO.

In almost all the SEO strategies that are present in the SEO market today, all have backlinks. Thus, backlinks play a very important role in SEO and especially with a quality backlink, it is effective in pushing the TOP up quickly.

Nowadays, backlink is an indispensable factor because it affects 50% of the results of the entire SEO campaign. Planning a quality backlink right from the beginning of the SEO campaign will promote the target keyword to the top easily, while helping the website avoid Google’s algorithms or updates.

Quality backlinks bring a lot of outstanding advantages for Website and SEO. Here are 3 great advantages that a website receives when it has “high-quality” backlinks back:

Quality backlinks are important for SEO
Quality backlinks are important for SEO

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Not only does it help your website to rank faster on google, backlinks also help technology find your website faster. These links will attract google search bots to your website for quick indexing, which is very useful for new websites.

New traffic is one of the great benefits of backlinks. Traffic from return links often has a very high conversion rate, helping the website to increase ROI, thereby increasing the income coefficient on the website.

Before the above great advantages of backlinks, it is hard to deny its importance in relation to SEO. External links are very beneficial for you when implementing Offpage SEO, it will help your website increase rankings and increase traffic, increase the ability to index the website faster.

Therefore, when implementing SEO for your website, you should focus on building quality backlinks because focusing on the quantity or other indicators of SEO. Once you have a number of quality backlinks, staying firmly on the Google search rankings is as easy as “turning your hands”.

After you have learned about the concept and importance of a quality backlink, the question about how Google will evaluate a quality backlink will come to mind. Here are a few explanations about Google’s assessment of a quality backlink for a website:

How will a quality backlink be evaluated by Google?
How will a quality backlink be judged by Google?

A backlink is evaluated for quality or not, good or bad backlink depends on many factors. In which factors about the settings and algorithms of the search engines that users are using will be the points that Google will evaluate whether the backlink is quality or not.

You can imagine that when users search for keywords on Google, Google’s system will let thousands of bots play the role of search to meet the needs of users. So, in the backlink, the more information related to the keyword, the more likely the search engine will come to your website.

The Google bots have the main job of scanning and deciding through all the websites that contain the keywords that customers are searching for, thereby suggesting to users the results that it considers the best. That is also the reason that you need to build good, quality backlinks so that the “bug” prioritizes recommending your website.

In case your website has backlinks at high authority websites and appears naturally, the Google bug will default to this as a quality website. As a result, your website will be recommended to users as a quality link, “clean” information, thereby bringing optimal efficiency for the SEO campaign.

On the contrary, if your backlink building is not good or there is an unexpected increase in the number of backlinks. Thus, the bots will evaluate this as a “bad” action, also known as link spam, and quickly remove your website from the list of suggestions and underestimate the quality of the website.

Right here are the criteria to help you better understand what a high-quality backlink is. Depending on how to implement SEO, there will be completely different evaluation criteria, specifically:

All criteria for evaluating a high-quality backlink
All criteria for evaluating a high quality backlink

Websites or forums with the same industry and topic will help you promote your website to users easily and for the right purpose. Backlinks, when placed on related pages, will have a high click-through rate, easy access to potential customers, thereby increasing revenue for the website.

Other websites or forums on the same system will often use the same IP. And if you create too many backlinks from a system with the same IP, the possibility of being “underrated” by Google will be very high.

Currently, if you create backlinks with high click-through rates from sites other than IP, Google will evaluate that backlink and consider it an extremely valuable and quality backlink. So in the process of building, try to create backlinks with click-through rates from sites other than IP!

At the present time in almost all backlink link building strategies, thematics use textlink. The main purpose of this work is to promote the SEO process, this is one of the very important jobs to help strengthen high-quality backlinks.

However, there will be some extremely important factors for textlinks that many people often overlook. What many people miss is the outbound link from the site they purchased or created the textlink from.

The maximum number of outbound links for a website is about 30 to 45 links. The more the number of outbound links, the lower the link value will be, so you should pay close attention to this important criterion when buying text for the website that you need to SEO to Top Google.

When implementing backlink building, you should pay attention to the link out
When implementing backlink building you should pay attention to outlink

Every time Google updates the algorithm, it will ignore the PR criteria in the website rankings. Thus, backlinks located on websites with Pagerank index will still be safe in the “sweeps” when Google updates.

When building a backlink system, you need to pay attention to looking for quality forums. A quality forum needs criteria such as a real forum, useful to users, high traffic, high interaction per article.

In fact, there are websites with very high PR index, but the PR in each article of the page is low. Therefore, when referring to any forum or website to place backlinks, you should take the time to observe the whole thing.

DA stands for Domain Authority and PA stands for Page Authority. These are the two metrics that Google uses to evaluate websites that are present on Google. Most SEOers when plowing backlinks are often very interested in this index because when backlinks are placed on websites with high DA and PA, its value will be higher, which means better quality.

In addition to quality-assured backlinks, which should be placed on websites with high DA and PA, placing backlinks from sites other than IP also helps to improve the quality of the backlinks significantly. If you create too many backlinks on the same IP, it will make Google lower.

Therefore, you should pay attention to multi-IP backlinks in your SEO implementation plan. Only then can the new backlinks ensure quality and are highly appreciated by Google.

Above is a complete explanation of the concept, importance and criteria for evaluating a high-quality backlink. Hopefully after reading this article, you have somewhat better understood the answer to the question how to have a quality backlink, in fact backlink is one of the most important factors in almost all SEO strategies in Vietnam today.