Under the continuous development of modern science and technology, today there are many new methods of learning and teaching. Have you heard of e-learning but don’t know what e-learning is? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this method? Let’s answer the questions together through the section below of the article.


Answer the question what is e learning and its advantages
Answer the question what is e learning and its advantages

E learning?

E-learning is simply understood as a method of education and teaching between teachers and students through the internet. By connecting with each other through software for networked electronic devices, teachers can teach and interact with their students in virtually unlimited numbers.

Through this platform, teachers, in addition to teaching and interacting with students, can also store lectures, record lectures and student interactions. Or teachers can record the teaching process, send back videos for students to watch, learn and answer questions by email, chat, etc. also called e-learning.

What is E learning?
E learning?

In short, e-learning is a form of distance learning and training. Learners and teachers can exchange information through technology devices connected to the internet.

Currently on the market there are countless programs and software to help you learn e-learning. In general, the e-learning process – online learning includes advanced information technologies that make training more effective than traditional methods.

By using technology such as: calculations, simulation techniques, vivid graphic images, etc., it has brought attraction and interest in the information transmission process. Because when we are interested, learning will be more effective.

E-learning is still being widely used today and developing extremely rapidly. Especially under the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, our whole country as well as the whole world has applied and accelerated this teaching method more than ever.

The outstanding advantages of E learning?

Above is the information to help you answer the question of what e-learning is. Next, we send you the outstanding advantages of e-learning such as: saving costs, time; unlimited space, time; improve the ability to teach and manage students; create self-discipline and initiative of students; Quick update capabilities.

Extraordinary advantages of e-learning methods
The overwhelming advantages of the e-learning method

Maximum time saving

  • When teaching through E-learning, the teacher will not have to pay for travel expenses between the two teaching places and the home. This helps teachers reduce a large amount of time, spend more time researching training lessons and methods of transmission to students.
  • Teaching e-learning also helps to reduce the cost of renting space and offices for teaching locations. Or teachers do not have to buy teaching tools or spend electricity, water, paper or ink for the test…
  • For students, in addition to saving the cost of moving to a place of study like a lecturer, you also save the cost of buying notebooks, pens, textbooks, etc. to support your learning process. .
  • Another thing that helps students save money is that the tuition fee through the E-learning platform is usually cheaper than the online learning method.
E learning saves time and money
E learning saves time and money
  • Students can choose the study time that suits their schedule. Especially for those of you who are studying while working, online learning will help you arrange your time without affecting your work but still ensure the quality of learning and the process of acquiring knowledge.
  • Students can easily track the download of the lecture or the content shared by the lecturer without having to pay for the cost of printing the document because it has been converted into a soft file.

Unlimited space and time 

As shared, the e-learning method helps students and teachers do not need to go to the place of teaching and learning. Or they do not need to be on time (in the case of e-learning through available video content). This helps teachers and learners can still carry out their teaching and learning process and tasks anytime, anywhere as long as there is a smart device with an internet connection.

Students can attend classes at any time and anywhere. Students can study at home, at work, or at a cafe…

E-learning method helps you not to be limited in space and time
E-learning method that helps you not to be limited in space and time

Traditional learning methods usually force learners and teachers to arrange their time to match the class time. But with E learning, teachers and students can both take advantage of learning or compose content and teaching programs in their spare time to suit their personal time.

This is one of the advantages as well as favorable conditions for teachers and learners to arrange and balance their learning with their own lives. Thereby helping you to achieve the most optimal efficiency, easily moving forward on the road to success.

Improve the ability to teach and manage students 

E-learning online learning and education method makes it easier for teachers to convey information to students than traditional methods if the lecturer knows how to take advantage of technology. Because technology provides teaching tools, necessary functions as well as creating connections when needed.

E-learning allows learners and instructors to store information that is automatically saved on computers or servers. So the data after the lesson is saved. It will be a document for you to refer to later.

Create students’ self-discipline and initiative

  • E learning – online learning method so it has no geographical or time barriers. Therefore, the learning will be flexibly arranged by the students to suit them. Therefore, it will partly promote self-discipline when participating in E learning courses because these courses do not have prompts or coercion from teachers. Learners must actively participate in learning and practicing to achieve and be effective.
E learning helps students be more self-disciplined and active in the learning process
E learning helps students be more self-disciplined and active in the learning process
  • Most E learning courses will allow students to expand or access unlimited resources and materials. Therefore, in order to improve understanding, students must learn on their own. Or when you have questions, you must actively contact the lecturer to get answers.

Increase the ability to update quickly

E-learning always updates information and knowledge quickly. Especially with marketing or technology courses, new lessons will always be updated in a short period of time. This helps students to access documents, apply them to practice faster, and bring better work efficiency.

E learning updates new information and knowledge extremely quickly
E learning updates new information and knowledge extremely quickly

Disadvantage of e learning

  • E learning sometimes has emotional problems. Many people are not interested or the lecturer is not interesting for the learners.
  • Lack of direct interaction.
  • For some people who are not good at technology, it is a problem that is quite difficult to use. Or families who do not have enough money to prepare certain quality equipment for the teaching and learning process.

The above is a summary of information to help you answer the question of what e-learning is as well as the advantages and disadvantages of this type. If you have any questions or need further advice, you can contact VSM VN via fanpage: Vsm.vn【Digital Marketing】or website: vsm.vn.