Currently, under the continuous development of technology 4.0, many new industry terms have been born to help young people develop and earn if not terrible income. Some extremely hot, high-income professions today must be mentioned such as: streamer, youtuber, content creator, gamer… including kol. You don’t know what kol is? How to become a kol and earn income from this industry, let’s answer together through the article below.

What is kol? How to become kol?

What is kol? How to become kol?
Kol? How to become kol?


Currently, we often advertise – marketing mainly through the internet, also known as online marketing. This is a form of brand promotion that is used by many businesses, large and small companies as well as startups. Because online marketing not only helps them interact with old customers but also reach potential customers.

What is Kol?Kol can be understood as someone who affects a certain group of people
Kol? Kol can be understood as someone who affects a certain group of people

So what is kol? Kol stands for the English phrase Key opinion leader. We can understand that kol is the key person who can lead the public opinion or also known as an influential person. Kol can be an individual or an organization in one field or many areas in life.

The kol will all have influence in their field of expertise, for example: a well-known doctor will be considered a kol in the medical, pharmaceutical, healthcare industries… Or singers, actors Celebrities, they will have influence in the field they participate in and partly affect their thinking, dressing style, eating habits, consumption…

Currently, in our country or other countries in the world, they are divided into 3 main groups:

  • Celebrity group: is a group of celebrities who participate in showbiz activities such as: actors, singers, comedians, MCs, models, beauty queens…
  • Influencer: is a group of famous people on social networks with influence and interest (large number of followers and interactions on social networking sites).
  • Mass seeders are kols that influence small customer groups or specialized fields.
Kol is currently divided into 3 main groups
Kol is now divided into 3 main groups

There is also another kol group on the market called KOC – Key opinion consumers who have influence through the consumption process. They provide the most objective and honest reviews. Therefore, although there are not many views or interactions, it greatly affects the revenue and purchasing decisions of other customers through reading comments and reviews.

How to be 1 kol?

To become an influential kol and earn income, you need to have the following basic elements: understanding your own strengths, identifying the audiences you want to influence, a personal image that requires professional investment. industry, the products are launched with quality, sociable and fun with everyone, always learning to improve and improve themselves.

How to become 1 kol?
How to become 1 kol?

Know your strengths

Knowing your own strengths is knowing what you are good at or what you are passionate about, want to become an influencer on topics such as health, fashion, language, etc. Knowing what field you are interested in, what you want, you need to study so that you have more knowledge from basic to more advanced.

You need to study and train yourself to have a solid knowledge base, become a person with a certain expertise in the field you want to target. This means that you have to know what strengths, talents or strengths you have in your life so that you can promote it.

For example, are you a travel enthusiast, want to explore and experience many places? You can aim to be a blogger or youtuber to share about your journey. For example, you can share about the preparation process, restaurants to try, places to go, how much it costs…

Or you can share your feelings by recording the entire experience. From there, viewers and readers can understand more about you as well as the place you mention.

We all love to travel and explore. But each person will have their own way to experience such as: adventure travel, vacation, work combination… Each category has its own advantages and disadvantages as well as certain problems.

At first, you may have few followers, watch… But in the long run, if your product is useful, brings a certain value in terms of knowledge or spirit, it will be followed by many people.

Or you are a person who likes beauty and makeup. Do you research cosmetic ingredients or brands on the market? Do you have tips and tricks to help fight fires in time or your own secrets to owning a perfect skin and figure? These things can also make you a kol when you share the information and get accepted by many people.

Specify the objects you want to affect

Just like doing traditional or online marketing, you also need to segment and identify the objects you want to share and target. If you don’t know how to define the audience you want to influence, you need to answer questions like: Who are they? Age? Sex? Language? Hobbies and income level?…

You need to specify the customer group, the audience you want to affect
You need to define the customer group, the object you want to influence

For example: If you share about travel, experience or exploration, the objects you are targeting are people aged between 25 and 40 who like sports motor. Maybe they have a good average income or more can experience this type of tourism.

Build a professional personal image

To become a kol that is followed by many people, you need to invest in your image as well as make yourself more professional. If you are a blogger or youtuber, the first step is to sign up to create your own channel or blog domain.

The description and introduction should be shared concisely but still full of content. Modern photo design, theme or cover photo needs to be professional, eye-catching and impressive.

Build a professional profile
Build a professional profile

In addition to building an external image that will create sympathy and attraction at first sight, you should also expand your network and relationships. This will also give you more opportunities to be known and supported by more people. You can increase engagement and views by partnering with other agencies in the community.

Quality launched products

An important factor in Kol’s profession to be able to attract and retain customers is the product that you bring really quality and valuable to your brother. Values may be in favor of entertainment, knowledge, etc., depending on whether the product is evaluated based on the objectivity of viewers or partner businesses.

You need to note that the quality of the product launched is good to attract and keep the number of viewers and followers. So be selective, do not accept too many contracts that are not in the right direction of development or receive many contracts at the same time so that you do not have enough time to implement. Since then, the product has brought viewers and followers to evaluate the lack of quality, making it through the speakers.

Honesty, sociable and fun with everyone

Fun and sociable will help you become friendly, easy to expand relationships. This helps you increase engagement, follow and gain the love of many people and communities that follow you.

Being honest, evaluating objectively according to your feelings will help them trust the information and sharing you provide more. These things will make it easier for you to become a kol and get help when facing problems and difficulties.

Sociable, have fun with everyone and be honest with the information kol provides
Sociable, happy with everyone and honest with the information that kol provide

Always learn and improve yourself.< /h3>
Enhancing yourself and learning new knowledge is essential. Because if you don’t update and perfect yourself, what you share will gradually run out, outdated, and uncreative… Therefore, to be able to develop better and not be left behind, always learn. and perfect yourself.

Where do kols make money through?

The kols usually make money through affiliate marketing or through PR advertising the products that customers come to the kol.

What is kol and where do they make money?
What is kol and where do they make money?

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is called affiliate marketing. This is a form of earning income through the internet by sharing and promoting products through the link you share. This is the form of income used by most kol to make money.

The income that the kol can earn from Affiliate marketing will be based on the spending / shopping of the person who clicks on the link. Between the partner and the kol, there will be commissions based on sales with a rate ranging from 5-30%.

The Kol earns money with Affiliate Marketing
Kols make money with Affiliate Marketing

Write, shoot promotional reviews about brands or places/products/services

In addition to advertising, display marketing, affiliate marketing, kols can make money through advertising about certain brands or places, products, and services in the form of articles or video reviews. Then they will upload to social networking sites or blogs to communicate.

Every kol has a certain following, impact as well as the customer base they want. Because of that, depending on the popularity, length, and number of posts, there will be different costs and remuneration.

They can also make money through product PR by posting articles or videos
They can also make money through product PR by posting articles or video

For those who have a foundation, build a good brand and are followed by many people, in addition to book articles and videos, companies and businesses can invite to be representatives. missionary for the campaign. At this time, the income from the kol job you do will be very high.

The above is a summary of information about what a kol is as well as how to become a kol as well as how they make money. Hope this article helps you gain useful knowledge.