The vast majority of customers return to use your products and services when they are regularly cared for. Therefore, customer gratitude is an issue that every business needs to put first if they want their brand to resonate.. So how to thank customers impressively, effectively and economically? See the article now for the detailed answer!

Customer gratitude and highly effective organization

Benefits of regular customer gratitude

Customers are the core of business, helping businesses maintain long-term operations. At the same time, customers are also the goal that businesses aim and conquer. The success of the business is assessed from the feedback, the level of customer satisfaction. Many units implement customer gratitude activities as a connection with numerous benefits:

Grateful customers bring a lot of meaning to the business
Gratifying customers brings a lot of meaning to business

Increase satisfaction, build credibility</h3 > When performing gratitude, customers will always feel understood and appreciated. Thereby, businesses create trust, maintain long-term relationships, become familiar customers. Surveys show that customer satisfaction increases significantly when businesses pay attention to customer gratitude.

Access new customers, expand sales network

Deploying forms of customer gratitude is considered a “golden” strategy for businesses to build close relationships with old customers. This is also a rare opportunity to attract and expand the customer network. Those who are new to the gratitude event will feel satisfied with the attentive and dedicated business. They will learn about the company and will probably be new customers in the near future.

Expand customer network
Expand the network of clients

Brand promotion, corporate image positioning

Gratitude is also a potential channel to bring brands and corporate images closer to consumers of products and services. Through gratitude gifts, the image and logo of the unit is bold in the hearts of customers. Not only old customers but also new customers have the opportunity to access products and services of the business.

Build the right business strategy in the future

Through forms of gratitude, gift giving, and new product experiences, businesses can collect valuable opinions from old and new customers. As a result, businesses do not need to spend a lot of money on the survey process. At the same time, from the collected data, businesses come up with new product strategies that are close to the needs and aspirations of customers. When new products are introduced to the market, they will have the opportunity to approach and serve a large number of customers and earn huge profits.

Building corporate culture from customer appreciation activities

Not 100% of businesses build good relationships with customers. Even many units leave a “bad” look in the hearts of customers when they do not receive post-purchase support. Customer gratitude is also a unique culture that the business possesses. Enterprises always care about customers, accompany them on the long way.

Grateful for customers?

The ideal occasions to deploy customer gratitude are major holidays and New Year holidays. The company birthday is also an important occasion to thank customers for accompanying and making the business successful.

Choose the right time to thank your guests
Choose the right time to thank your guests

Besides, the year ending Tet is also the time when businesses are eager to organize gratitude for customers. Gratitude programs are held annually. This is the ideal opportunity to contact all customer files. Note that the customer appreciation ceremony should be held on the weekend so that old and new customers can participate fully.

Suggesting forms of implementing customer gratitude at the enterprise

The importance of customer gratitude has been recognized by many units and businesses. However, not all businesses know how to plan and organize impressive, meaningful and highly effective gratitude. So what forms of customer gratitude do businesses have?

Discount on second purchase

The first way that businesses should apply is to give discounts to new customers for the second time. The shocking discount vouchers stimulate consumer behavior. This way is like a thank you to new customers, keeping customers coming back to choose to buy products many times later.

Deploy surprise packages
Implement surprise packages

Upgrade member

Instead of the book-based method, it is difficult to control and look up information. Today, thanks to the information technology system, customer management is stored and processed quickly. Along with that, customer data also helps businesses to statistic the number of times customers buy goods, the total value of goods …

To appreciate customers, businesses can classify customer classes. Each guest level such as: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, etc. will have its own privileges. Membership upgrades are a way to thank your guests for their loyalty. This is also a good way to stimulate purchase demand, taking advantage of the privileges and privileges of each membership level.

Send handwritten letters to clients

The information technology era helps businesses connect with customers quickly through social networks zalo, facebook, email, … But sometimes messages on social networks, email messages make customers feel annoying and uncomfortable. quick glance.

A handwritten letter of gratitude will make a great impression on customers. This is definitely a highly effective option without expensive advertising costs.

Sending meaningful gratitude gifts to customers

Any of us love to be given gifts, so why don’t businesses choose to send gratitude gifts to customers. This is the ideal solution for all products and services in any field. Gratitude gift instead of thank you, the message you want to send to customers.

Send gratitude gifts to customers
Sending gratitude gifts to customers

For the purpose of making a deep impression, business people should give meaningful gifts. You should wrap the gift with the color and logo of the business. Accompanied by a congratulation, gratitude will bring closer and more connected with customers. Surely they will come back to buy from you instead of other names.

Call customer care

Being heard and understood is what any customer wants. Instead of messages that are easily “lost”, ignored, you should call customers to show their gratitude. This is also the ideal way when both parties are very busy with work, saving time for both you and your guests.

Calling customer care is a great opportunity for businesses to listen to the customer’s experience when buying. At the same time, customers who are supported and answered questions enthusiastically will feel more sympathetic to the business. Calling can completely help businesses conquer customers to buy products. You should not take care of consulting new customers, old customers are not potential customers.

Organize a gratitude conference

Customer gratitude conference is a big event that every business organizes every year to thank customers for their companionship. Usually, gratitude conferences are held at the end of the year. Through the gratitude conference, customers will see a thoughtful and professional corporate image. This is also a great opportunity to attract new customers and expand the desirable customer base.

Customer appreciation is something that every business must do if it wants to expand its customer network. There are many ways to express gratitude to customers, depending on the time and cost that businesses make the most appropriate choice. We hope that the above information will be of great help to businesses and entrepreneurs.