Hello everyone, it’s me again, in the following article I share with you how to SEO a keyword to the top quickly and know if that keyword is difficult to get to the Top?

If you are looking to learn SEO or want to SEO yourself, this article is very suitable for you to build your own.

In this article, we have shortened the factors when SEO and synthesized from many ways to create a ranking factor on Google, we have shrunk it down into the most basic article possible for you to easily grasp and SEO right away. and always effortless.

SEO Website, Web SEO Guide, Pulling Top Website Effectively From A To Z

1/ Prepare tool

To conduct SEO you need to prepare yourself a basic tool Ahrefs which is enough to analyze and perform the steps as in this article already.

You can find units to buy together  ahrefs to buy together and use it for about 200k a month, which is quite ok, if you can afford it, you can also buy the original  ahrefs from  ahrefs.com for private use.

2/ Keyword analysis

When starting SEO keywords play a very important role so I put it first before starting SEO, have you wondered why a website with few articles has a lot of traffic and is known by many people? Websites that have a lot of articles but don’t have a lot of natural traffic or are known by very few people.

Don’t listen to people say content is king but keep writing articles without a plan to build, the content you write has no value in terms of conversion or just redundant content. redundant and can be worse, causing Google to shape your website in the wrong way, thereby further reducing the power of the industry you are aiming to develop.

To start writing content on the website is not necessarily good, but the main factor is still the standard, the content written according to the keywords that you have spent time analyzing the keywords that are searched by many people, not the content. with keywords that no one is looking for or interested in.

Open Ahrefs tools, go to keywords explorer enter any 1 keyword that you want SEO to check to see how difficult they are, search volume is high, then proceed. Let’s analyze it for the best.

Important parameters when analyzing for SEO

  • a.1 Keyword difficulty: this helps you to know the difficulty of the keyword you want to SEO it is easy or difficult they are often based on backlinks to rank this difficulty however if The difficulty is high but the search volume is low. You need enough backlinks and more traffic than your competitors.
  • a.2 Volume: this is a parameter that tells you about the search volume of a keyword more or less, the higher the search volume, the higher its popularity and potential, Pick phrases that have high volume to start building on.
  • a.3 Traffic: This column shows the amount of organic traffic in 30 days of your website and also your competitors from which you can determine the strategy to buy traffic users click to drive more traffic than competitors because nowadays user traffic with high Onsite time is the top ranking factor.
  • a.4 Keywords: tells you that competitor websites have related keywords, other niche keywords to the main keyword that you actively analyze, useful to apply negative brand. Brand all related keywords but only 1 SEO article.
  • a.5 Domains: This parameter tells you how many domains a competitor’s domain name or a competitor’s article has backlinking to and what those domains are. Which is very useful to get competitor backlinks and link to your site.

So above I have clearly stated the importance of analyzing keywords and important parameters to help you determine whether this keyword is difficult to SEO, if SEO will cost you how much resources such as backlinks, traffic. to push the top from 1 main keyword and thousands of secondary keywords in just 1 single article like competitors or more.

Guide to SEO Web, Pulling Top Website Effectively From A To Z

3/ Identify keywords that need SEO

After the analysis is complete, please select the keywords that have the most search volume, the easiest to SEO, the less resource-intensive such as traffic and backlinks, the better it will save you quite a bit of money. Start SEO and pull the top.

Please synthesize a list of keywords that you can analyze in excel with the columns of parameters as in part 2 above for easy reference and calculate what you need to do and how much it will cost to pull yourself. top 1 main keyword and thousands of niche keywords with the most accurate estimated time to the top.

4/ Audite onpage website for SEO

SEO Onpage: is an important factor when starting to prepare to make a website and start SEO, Onpage is quite simple, so I will not write more about this issue here quickly. Especially with only a few hundred thousand dong or 1 to 2 million, you have already hired a dev to optimize your SEO standard web.

Usually devs when SEO Onpage they only focus on 1 page, it is correct to say that the domain name this way is also reasonable, usually the homepage will SEO brand (brand) and new articles SEO from so the dev needs to optimize the standard structures such as: Meta tags, heading tags, advanced structured data, internal links, … just need to optimize once and it’s done without headaches like the above so I do not write instructions here.

5/ Build a website

For a strong website, not only do you have to build it for good, but you need to build them quality SEO standard articles and ensure that the elements in part 2 above build Planning, properly and optimizing on the target keywords will help your website to be popular and seen by many people, especially potential customers.

You don’t need to write much, but practice writing with a plan, a clear analysis, a new article will maximize its power, sometimes just 1 article can help you cover the whole word. lock the top of Google for a profession you do.

6/ Build Resources

Once you have optimized the website for SEO and know the keywords and have built articles for the website, this part 6 will be the time to prepare yourself resources for the web such as: backlink entity covers the brand and increases the strength and credibility of the domain name and other backlinks to help the web quickly rise to the top and sustainably like newspaper links, edu and gov links, then buy more related guest posts industry as much as possible.

Back to the guest post is also important, it is pro articles from reputable sites that have backlinks to your website and write optimally according to the keywords you want to SEO.

Back to Keyword difficulty in part 2:  below you can see the tool’s forecast to calculate the number of websites pointing to the top 10 if there is a lot of money to build a website to the top Sustainable is the hardest down and brand coverage, then guest post is something that you should not ignore.

7/ Drag the Top website quickly

After completing all, pulling the Top website is very necessary and must be applied immediately to make your website to the top very quickly.

In order to pull the top website up quickly and stably, you must first make sure you have the above parts first, then drag the Top to stand firm on Google when you start to stop pulling.

Currently, pulling the top quickly is favored by SEOs, that is, traffic users click on the type of traffic that real users from all over the country find by keywords that you need SEO and visit the website you stay on the website with time. as high as 60 seconds/traffic are set every day.

New SEO websites do not have the Top, so no natural Google traffic is normal, so you can spend some money to buy user traffic for your website to pull the Top quickly, you can refer to the traffic. user click at our VSM here

How to calculate the amount of website traffic suitable when buying, go back to part 2, analyze keywords and see the traffic column to see how much traffic your opponent is then you divide by 30 days to get the amount of traffic / day to push to the website you want to get to the top position.


That’s it, I’ve finished writing a guide to show you how to SEO your website basic but fully and dedicated to helping your website to the Top, if you find it interesting, don’t forget to share my article to the community. , if you are interested in our SEO service, please message us for website SEO support.

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