Hello everyone, you have come to our vsm site, in the next article I would like to share with you a secret to help you avoid being hacked and lose your facebook account, which can be said to be 100% without being hacked if you You can do it and apply it exactly like the tips in this article and I would also like to point out a few ways that hackers often hack the victim’s facebook account today so you guys know the way and avoid it, so specifically. If you find it interesting, please share it with the community so that everyone knows how to prevent the current facebook hacking situation.


How hackers or hack facebook and how to avoid being hacked nick

To prevent facebook hacking is not too difficult for everyone, most of this article is related to the settings of facebook and people’s awareness of prevention.


1/ Hack facebook through account login to strange website (phishing)

This method is not new, but now it is very popular on facebook, many people know that it is fake pages set up to trick users into logging in and many people still do not know it is a fake page. of facebook (now they often hack in this popular form that is sharing 18+ links on facebook when users click on the link to watch porn videos, it will show a fake website quite similar to facebook to ask people to users log in to see the video on it, when the user logs into the fake web they will easily collect the account and password, the user ip through the fake web send it to their server from there with 1 plus their own special tool will change all your email, phone number, password information to occupy the user account) Prevention: in case you absolutely should not login facebook password account to strange websites but not web address: facebook.com

2/ Hack facebook through identification

If the above method cannot lure you into logging into their website, this way they may apply the method of sending identification documents such as cmnd similar to your facebook information to request facebook to review and restore. Restoring account access, although this method is approved by facebook, it is not always correct because they fake very standard document information and are similar to your account information, facebook is sometimes mistaken and granted. give wrong access to the bad guys. To prevent you should hide information such as date of birth in private mode, so that strangers who want to hack your account do not have your date of birth to fake your identity documents. it is very difficult to hack your account this way.

3/ Hack facebook through Yahoo mail, old hotmail

Many facebook accounts are hacked through this way, hackers often call it a check account, they hack through the form of yahoo and hotmail that users created and have not used facebook for a long time, leading to that email being deleted by yahoo and hotmail. Let them take advantage of this way by re-registering that mail account to change the facebook password to appropriate the user account. How to avoid: you check if your facebook has yahoo mail and hotmail or not, if you have, but haven’t used it for a long time, you should delete them from your facebook account right away.

4/ Hack facebook through tokens and cookies

This way is quite sophisticated and we are least detected because they often wear games, divination, … or any other web app software as long as it attracts users. They take over accounts by asking us to give them access to play games or whatever by logging into their app but through facebook api no need to enter account or password but they still know the user code access token or cookie from there with another special method they can easily access your account and proceed to change the account information and password safely easy. Prevention: absolutely grants login rights to unknown software, not trusted about them.


So we have finished writing a guide for you to prevent hacking facebook already, and write the ways that hackers or hack us facebook so that we know and have experience that it is not easy to lose the trap of bad guys anymore. If you find it interesting, don’t forget to share your post to the community so that everyone knows and has a sense of prevention.