In the era of technology boom 4.0, without taking advantage of utilities from Google, it is a waste for businesses. The #1 most popular search engine site in the world that helps traders access a large network of customers. Especially, Google Ads is considered the shortest and most thorough way to bring businesses closer to customers. Details are revealed by below!

How important is Google Ads? Revealing from A to Z
How important is Google Ads? Reveal from A to Z

What is Google Ads – not everyone knows!

To put it simply, Google Ads is a paid advertising service on the Google toolbar. Google Ads is formerly known as Adwords to talk about a paid advertising channel for Google. Thanks to this channel, businesses and individuals can find customers effectively and increase profits.

What is Google Ads?
What is Google Ads?

What types of ads does Google Ads have?

Currently, Google Ads is revered as a tool to help businesses make money quickly. However, not everyone fully understands Ads and advertising types:

Google Search Ads

Google Search Ads – search advertising is a paid form of Google Ads. Based on the criteria, the algorithm that Google will prioritize to display articles, paid homepage for advertising. The cost of advertising is set by Google itself or set by the runner.

Google Search Ads Display
Google Search Ads display

The habit of buying any product or service of every customer is to find out information through Google tools. The information warehouse of the “big man” provides users with answers to their concerns. Thanks to this behavior, the Google Search Ads advertising form has a lot of land. Businesses can reach customers searching by keywords on Google tools. The ad will display at the top and have an outstandingly high click-through rate.

Google Display Network (GDN) Ads

If businesses want to increase coverage, effective recognition, and stimulate interest from users, then Google Display Network (GDN) Ads is a perfect suggestion. And yet, this form of Google Ads advertising also supports businesses to “follow” customers with banner ads. As soon as you click on the website, these attractive banners will appear. As a result, your brand will appear impressive and attract customers.

Google’s Video Youtube Ads 

Youtube is also the “baby” that the big Google has created. The largest video sharing channel on the planet today is where internet users access a large number of people every day. According to recorded statistics, the Youtube channel is impressive with the number of over 30 million users increasing every day. Every month, Youtube receives 1.9 billion users and is constantly growing strongly. Because of that, advertising on Youtube is a new but effective form that exceeds expectations.

YouTube Video Ads Reach A Huge Number Of Users
Video ads on Youtube reach a huge number of users</ td>

Youtube ads are very popular that anyone who uses Youtube has come across. When you search with keywords on Youtube, the promoted videos will show up at the top. What units and businesses need to do is to build quality, attractive videos to effectively “retain” customers. Compared to articles on the website, video content has the ability to attract much more.

Google’s Gmail Ads

This form of Google Ads is quite strange to internet users today. Google Gmail Ads ads are sent to random user email addresses. Users see at Promotion and Social section. With mid-range and high-level customer service products and services, Email advertising is very suitable. Email letter shows formality and professionalism in front of customers.

The industries and fields that choose the form of Google Ads Gmail advertising must mention such as insurance, cosmetology, real estate, …. In addition, Gmail ads are also very suitable for the technology sector. Because users in this industry group often check email.

Google Shopping Ads

Although born later, born late, it is undeniable that the sales effect that Google Shopping Ads brings. Business owners can “benefit” endlessly, double and triple revenue. In particular, Google Shopping Ads helps shop owners increase click-through rates up to 35%. And yet, PPC advertising budget when using Google Shopping Ads form is effectively saved up to 25%.

Google Shopping Ads is also chosen by many businesses
Google Shopping Ads is also chosen by many businesses</td >

Remarketing List

When an internet user clicks on a specific brand’s landing page. After that, users visit facebook, youtube or any website, and there are ads for the original brand. That’s called advertising Remarketing List. The form of advertising allows you to market users through website visits, youtube, the network will meet…

Remarketing List allows conducting remarketing campaigns, impressing and stimulating customers to buy. In this form of Google Ads advertising, users have a faster buying action.

The cost of running Google Ads – not everyone knows

Google Ads ads help businesses reach customers quickly and increase the number of orders. However, users should note that this is a paid form. Advertising costs will not be fixed for every specific case. Depending on the industry, the quality of the page, the field of activity … the user costs less or more.

Google Ads advertising cost is not fixed< /a>
Google Ads advertising costs are not fixed

Effectively optimized pages, the higher the impression rate, the cheaper the cost. With highly competitive industries, advertising needs to spend more money. Typically, advertising costs are calculated according to the following criteria:

  • App Installs: CPI
  • Video Views: CPV
  • 1000 impressions: CPM
  • 1 website click: CPC

Why does Google Ads “dominate” in online marketing today?

Technology 4.0 has opened the door for units and businesses to approach customers globally. Although there are many free online marketing ways, users are very fond of paid Google Ads. Why is Google Ads “dominant” in online marketing? Your concerns and many others are answered by the following 3 reasons:

Google is the “king” of search engines with high ROI

Google is a giant in the world of search engines with the highest market share and user network globally. This is reflected in the holy saying that Google knows everything, if you want to know, ask Google…. According to recorded statistics, Google accounts for 72% of the world’s search engine users.

Google Ads is very important in the business of technology
Google Ads is very important in business in the technology age< /td>

Therefore, the units and businesses that choose to advertise have also chosen Google as a “launch pad” to bring products and services closer to customers. By running ads, businesses can reach customers without limitation of time and space. No matter where, whenever users access the internet, businesses have the opportunity to sell.

Variable and flexible advertising formats suitable for products and services

By providing a variety of advertising forms, Google Ads becomes “soft” and flexible with all types of products and services. Based on goals, business size, conversion purposes, businesses choose advertising forms in each campaign. For example, if you want to run keyword search ads, then Google Search Network is the perfect solution.

Google Ads also helps businesses put their name on Google maps, upload videos to promote their business in a simple way. Or remarketing is also great for helping you attract the attention of users who have already visited your website without converting.

Google Ads is the solution to get results quickly, saving resources

How long will it take you to create a website with a steady stream of traffic? Undoubtedly the answer is a long time of research and construction. Increasing the number of followers and interactions on the website is not easy at all.

On the other hand, many businesses choose SEO as a tool to promote website development, increase the click-through rate with articles on the top of Google. However, you will also have to work hard to plan, research keys, create quality content, optimize web and links, etc.

It can be seen that all techniques take a lot of time, while Google Ads gives you a “speedy” effect. As soon as the ad campaign kicks in, you can track rapid changes in web metrics. In particular, you will have orders immediately when the campaign starts.

In the past, if the business did direct marketing, the cost was not small at all from human resources to travel. Moreover, this way of marketing becomes less effective and the coverage is not high. Google Ads has created a big turning point for businesses in this 4.0 market. No need to spend a lot of manpower, you can close orders nationwide, even internationally without having to travel.

Which solution should Google Ads and Seo choose?

As we all know, Google Ads or Seo are both useful tools to help businesses’ websites “promote” on the Google search bar. In particular, SEO is simply a way to optimize a website so that it has the best visibility on Google. So which SEO and Google Ads are the best solutions for businesses?

Google Ads and Seo which is better?
Google Ads and Seo which is better?

Advantages and disadvantages of Google Ads

Google Ads generates a quick revenue stream as soon as an ad campaign starts. Note, ads must be optimized in all aspects. However, Google Ads is a cost-effective solution. If advertising is not optimized, it will lead to a waste of the business’s budget.

Advantages and disadvantages of Seo

Unlike Google Ads, Seo has the advantage of bringing abundant traffic to the website without paying Google. However, SEO has many limitations in terms of time. Businesses need a long-term campaign, thoroughly researched. Because if you don’t Seo in the right direction, you will lose a lot of effort to do it all over again.

Seo and Google Ads both have pluses and minuses, but it is impossible to determine which is more beneficial. Based on the advantages and disadvantages of each tool, as well as the needs of your business, you can make a decision to choose Seo or Google Ads.

Through the above article, surely readers have more understanding about running Google Ads ads. Thanks to this tool, businesses will certainly have wide brand coverage and close orders in large quantities. for professional, quality advertising consulting service, committed to high conversion rate!