Want to quickly move to the door of success through business? However, you do not have a source of quality goods at a good price? You don’t know what potential products to trade? Do not skip the following article to refer to how to find wholesale sources that are easy to sell for beginners.

Instructions on how to source wholesale goods that are easy to sell for beginners

What is wholesale?

In business, when buying and selling goods with input prices much lower than the market price, it is called wholesale. However, wholesale goods are only sold when buyers buy in bulk.

What is wholesale?
What is wholesale?

So, wholesale means to trade in bulk at the lowest price. The more products you buy, the lower the price will be.

Not only businesses with a wide business model can apply this form of buying and selling. Retail shop owners who need to import goods in large quantities from suppliers, you also become a wholesaler.

What is the purpose of wholesale merchandise?

Referring to the purpose of buying wholesale, everyone immediately thinks of the criteria for preferential prices for buyers. In addition, when selling wholesale, the seller also receives the following benefits:

  • Promote the consumption time of original price goods.
  • Wholesale will be directed to big partners such as supermarkets, agents, distributors.
  • Expand the size of wholesale transactions because the market of wholesalers will be wider than retail.
  • Simplify the product packaging process because goods are always shipped in batches, boxes, and packages.
  • The number of goods each time is very large, the revenue from that also increases significantly.
  • It is easier to control inventory and inventory by carton than to control each product.

Determine business items before sourcing wholesale

Before embarking on a business, you need to determine what products you will wholesale? Because in today’s market, there are many hot industries such as: cosmetics, clothing, shoes, accessories, components, household appliances, … Therefore, you need to carefully study the needs of the user. market to choose the most potential product.

Before sourcing wholesale goods, you need to clearly identify business items
Before sourcing wholesale goods need to clearly identify business items

In addition, when choosing wholesale goods, you need to pay attention to the products you are passionate about, have knowledge and experience. Because if you are interested, the research process will take place naturally, understanding the product deeply, the sale will certainly be more favorable.

In particular, choosing business items should pay attention to market research and target customers. Consider whether your product has potential? Has anyone in this market wholesale their products yet? Why do customers come to your product? How does the opportunity develop?

After you have made a decision to choose a product that matches the criteria set out, you will find a source of low-priced wholesale goods.

Guide to sourcing wholesale goods for easy sale

Finding wholesale sources is always a matter of concern for anyone doing business. So to find a good wholesale address, please immediately refer to the following tips.

How to source wholesale
How to source wholesale

Source factory wholesale

Sourcing products directly at processing factories and factories is the first choice for wholesalers. Because manufacturers do not go through intermediaries, they always offer the cheapest wholesale prices in the market.

In addition, when buying wholesale at the processing factory, you can order production according to market demand. Because in business, the unique – strange factor also determines the attention of consumers.

However, manufacturers will only wholesale with “massive” volume orders. Therefore, if you are a beginner in wholesale, you need to prepare a large economic source.

Find cheap wholesale goods at wholesale markets

With the current demand for goods, each locality has wholesale markets. In particular, there are many famous wholesale markets everywhere such as Ninh Hiep, Dong Xuan, Hanh Thong Tay and An Dong markets. You can go to the market to check the market price and choose a reliable wholesale address at one of the above markets.

The wholesale market is the place to get good wholesale prices
The wholesale market is a good place to buy wholesale goods

The common feature of the wholesale market is that it has a variety of items from clothes to household items. However, each market will have its own strengths on a particular item. For example, Ninh Hiep market – Bac Ninh is famous as a place to wholesale clothes and shoes. Hanh Thong Tay market is known as the “king” of box and second hand goods.

However, if you are a beginner, don’t go looking for wholesale sources alone. Because if you have no experience, the wholesale price you buy will definitely not be cheap. Refer to those who have gone before to ask for experience or ask an acquaintance to “show the way”.

Find cheap wholesale sources on social networks

There are many successful wholesale startups out there looking for wholesale sources on social media. You can find goods on Facebook, Zalo, Youtube, Tik tok, …. Specifically, the outstanding advantages when looking for wholesale goods on the internet are as follows:

  • There are a variety of products online with different prices.
  • You type the keyword you are looking for and a series of wholesale warehouses appear.
  • You can easily chat online with the seller, ask specifically about the price and origin of the product.
  • Both sides negotiate a comfortable price.
  • There are many choices, you can ask many wholesale sources and compare at the same time.
Social network is a place to find wholesale goods quickly
Social network is a place to find wholesale goods quickly

Besides the above advantages, finding wholesale goods on social networks also has certain limitations. That is, you can’t see the goods directly, so you are not sure about the quality.
Therefore, you can request to go directly to the seller’s address to view the goods. Or give a suggestion to the supplier to send sample products to his address to check the quality before cooperation.

How to source goods from foreign wholesale websites

Finding wholesale goods from abroad is also one of the perfect options. Because goods imported from abroad are always cheap due to lower production costs.

In particular, consumers are always interested in imported products. There are families who only like to use Japanese household goods. Or the craze of cosmetics made in Korea is also really noticed by young people.

However, finding wholesale goods at factories in the country causes difficulties for many people. Due to lack of understanding of foreign markets, a reputable factory could not be found.

Therefore, choosing wholesale goods on foreign websites is a business form that many people apply. The famous foreign e-commerce sites are:

  • Taobao
  • 1688
  • Amazon
  • Ebay
  • Alibaba
  • Aliexpress

The above e-commerce sites are full of reputable and quality products. However, to order goods at these websites, you need to understand Chinese or English language.

Taobao is a website to order cheap Chinese goods
Taobao is a website to order cheap Chinese goods

Among them, Taobao is the most famous Chinese ordering site today. Because Taobao not only provides a variety of quality products but the design is also very unique. In addition, the way to register an account and the purchase process is also easy. As long as you know Chinese at a basic level, you can order at Taobao.

Notes when sourcing wholesale products

There are many ways to find wholesale goods with different advantages. And to import quality goods at a good price, you need to note a few experiences as follows.

Finding wholesale prices, what should I pay attention to?
What to keep in mind when sourcing wholesale goods?
  • First time importing wholesale goods, should only take a small quantity to check if the product is really quality?
  • To import cheap wholesale goods, please import in bulk. But if you want to consume products quickly, please import wholesale goods with a variety of designs and sizes. Avoid selecting only one template.
  • Finding the original source of wholesale products will help you make a higher profit. Avoid importing goods through intermediaries with high prices and low profits.
  • Research carefully about product quality before buying. In particular, calculate whether importing that item in terms of high consumption? Avoid the case of holding a shipment that is cheap but cannot be consumed.
  • Do not be greedy to import goods that are too cheap without paying attention to quality. Because poor quality products will be difficult to sell.

Thus, in order to safely import wholesale goods and choose the most potential products, you need to consider carefully.

Is wholesale location important?

Besides choosing wholesale items according to demand such as hot goods or high-margin goods, sellers need to pay attention to the location. Because if choosing a wholesale location is not suitable, the number of customers will also be very low.

Wholesale location also has a big impact on monthly revenue
Wholesale locations also have a big impact on monthly sales

Maybe your warehouse location is not located in a densely populated center. But should choose a wholesale location where it is easy to move, convenient transportation.

In particular, the warehouse needs to have a specific address such as house number, street name, street, etc. Thus, customers will not be concerned about coming to your warehouse to view or pick up goods.

Is online wholesale effective?

In the current 4.0 era, selling online is always the leading solution for every business item. Therefore, even online wholesale will bring high efficiency to sellers. By selling wholesale online helps:

  • Save part of the cost of renting space.
  • Customers do not need to come to the place to pick up the goods.
  • All transactions are done via the internet, saving time.
  • Promoting products to a large number of customers using social networks.
  • Your products reach customers from all over the world.

However, to sell wholesale online most effectively, you need to build a specific marketing strategy. In addition to product advertising, you need enthusiastic customer care. In particular, ensuring credibility after each transaction will create trust for customers for subsequent contracts.

Above is a guide on how to find wholesale sources that are easy to sell for beginners. Please read carefully each form of wholesale import because each will have its own advantages and limitations. Hopefully, the article will help you when starting a business with wholesale imports.