The current facebook hack is not too strange for everyone anymore, how to prevent hacking in the previous post, I also wrote a tutorial, then you can review here come to In this next post, I would like to show you how to get back your hacked facebook account, although how to get it back will be more difficult than prevention, but it is not impossible, if you have been hacked, please refer to this article. Write this to know how to get back your facebook and your loved ones without any cost. Specifically, I invite you to read the following article.

Retrieve Facebook, How to Get Back Facebook Hacked


1/ Get facebook back in 7 days with original email

If facebook has been hacked for less than 7 days, you can completely get facebook back through the email used in that facebook account more easily.

  • You go to gmail that you have registered with facebook to find an email how to change your password or notify you to remove your phone number or email, remember it is the latest email.
  • Next, when you open the email, you will see a blue text hyperlink in the email “protect your account” you click on that word facebook will take you to the answer page to verify your identity and back to your account.

2 / Get back facebook through identification

This way you need to have the correct identification with facebook information, and the device that used to log in to facebook regularly prioritizes the web browser .

  • You take the device you regularly log in to facebook then open a web browser to access the page:</li >
  • Next step: get your facebook id or user name
  • Next step: proceed to login facebook with username as user name or password id, then enter your old password .
  • When logging in with the old password facebook says the password has been changed as shown below

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How to Get Back the Latest Hacked Facebook Account 2021
  • You click protect my account continue select i can no longer access it
  • Then facebook will make the form you proceed Fill in the form completely as required by facebook (only for accounts that have logged in on old devices and are now logged out and can no longer log in, fb has changed information, so the form opening rate so you can get it back very high)
  • Waiting for email to respond: when filling out a facebook form that requires you to enter a new email, when you are granted access to facebook again, send a special link for you to get it back via the new email you filled in the form before.

3/ Redeem lost facebook

If the above 2 methods still can’t be recovered, you can inbox your facebook request to redeem your account If the hacker doesn’t respond because you don’t receive the message, please visit the groups about tricker, google adseen, facebook academy,… post a post with the url to facebook with a request for redemption. will see you hack your facebook and redeem it.


So I’ve finished showing you how to get facebook back when hacked , if you find it useful, please share my article to the community so that everyone knows how to get facebook back for you and your family and friends.