Phone accessories is a hot-selling item in recent years, so many people often do business in this field. But, in 2022, can wholesale phone accessories grow? How to promote and do business. Join us to update the following old but never-ending “hot” issue.

Diverse phone accessories on the market

Phone accessories are increasingly diversifying products with beautiful, impressive designs
Phone accessories are increasingly diversifying products with designs, beautiful, impressive design

Phone accessories, phone accessories are products that are manufactured together with the phone. At first, accessories were only designed according to simple patterns such as charging cables, charging cords or headphones…. However, as smartphone models become more diverse, users demand more and more diverse and unique accessories.

Newly developed and popular accessories such as cases, screen stickers to decorate and protect the phone. Or accessories such as phone holder, bluetooth, camera, ….

Above all, the affordable smartphone line has a reasonable price, so there are many customer segments. In particular, young people are the group that requires the accessories that come with the phone to be beautiful and impressive to show off to friends.

Because the market is in demand for this item, the business field is having a good growth rate. On the other hand, accessories are cheap, so the capital you spend when trading accessories for phones is also quite low.

Who should sell phone accessories

Whether you are in the business of accessories for phones or other products, you still need to understand this field first. Having product knowledge will help you enter the right goods or recommend and guide customers to use the best. With expertise, you will know and evaluate the quality of products to avoid buying fake and poor quality products.

Anyone can become an owner of a phone accessories shop
Anyone can become the owner of a shop specializing in accessories for women. phone

People who are passionate about technology products such as phones, computers, accessories, phone components …. In particular, you must know about each accessory that comes with the phone such as size, device version, model …

Not only that, phone products are a type of business that is not picky about investors. Because the initial cost of the product is very low, you only need to import accessories with 10 million VND and the business space is not too large. So, it can be said that the phone accessories business is completely suitable for those who want it.
In addition, people with skills in revenue and expenditure management, import and export will ensure a favorable business of accessories for phones. Or if you do not have experience in trading this item, you can also learn short-term courses that will help you do business right away.

What to prepare for an effective phone accessories business

Before embarking on a business, make a thorough marketing plan for phone accessories. Details are as follows:

Prepare working capital

Business capital is always a dilemma for many people, but with phone accessories, the capital can be from 10 to 20 million. If you run an online business, the capital will be lower because you do not rent space, staff or other living expenses.

Preparing capital to open a phone accessories store is essential
Preparing capital to open a phone accessories store is essential

Plan clearly

After determining the capital, you need to determine and allocate this money for what purpose. Specifically, you will evaluate the time to payback, profit and the costs that may be incurred in the course of doing business.

Choose the right type of business with “strength”

You need to choose the type of business that is right for you, with a small amount of capital, you should start selling phone accessories online. Conversely, with a capital of more than 40 million, you can consider renting space to open a phone accessories shop.

Buy from a reputable source

The issue of buying quality phone accessories is always the top concern of users. Therefore, you must choose to buy items at a reputable source of phone accessories, ensuring a brand name to protect the health of users.

You might consider importing goods from the following suggested sources:

  • Import accessories from Guangzhou, Shenzhen – China
  • Famous wholesale market in Vietnam
  • Import goods from reputable e-commerce platforms like Tiki, Lazada…
  • Agents specializing in selling genuine phone accessories
Imported from reputable, quality phone accessories
Imported from reputable and quality phone accessories sources

Thus, the phone accessories business is still guaranteed to earn a certain amount of profit and development for you to operate with peace of mind. However, in order for the business to run smoothly, you must plan in advance from capital, premises, reputable sources …. We hope, you will be able to make money while living your own passion for technology.