When it comes to implementing an Email Marketing strategy, Mailchimp is one of the top names to learn. Why is that? That’s because Mailchimp is one of the best and most popular software in the world. However, this software still has disadvantages and is only suitable for certain businesses. What are the good and bad reasons to use Mailchimp? The answer will be in today’s content.


What is Mailchimp?

As mentioned above, Mailchimp is the famous Email Marketing software name in the world. This software allows businesses to compose emails and send them automatically and simultaneously to many customers. It is important that Mailchimp helps the content of Email Marketing SEO standards and professional, methodical and more attractive.

Mailchimp - One of the most famous Email Marketing software today
Mailchimp – One of the most famous Email Marketing software today

This software also allows customer classification, effective Email Marketing campaign management. After sending emails, Mailchimp gives statistics and reports the results to users. This information effectively supports the adjustment and improvement of marketing campaigns as well as perfecting the products and services of the business.

Mailchimp was founded in 2001. Every day, this software sends out more than 1 billion emails. This number is sure to increase in the near future.

Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of Mailchimp

With quite a long time of formation and development, Mailchimp shows its advantages and disadvantages. That’s why some people choose or don’t choose this software.

Advantages of Mailchimp

The advantage of Mailchimp is definitely professionalism, intelligence and convenience. This software supports email design very effectively. The email templates in Mailchimp are beautifully designed, which you can customize easily to get your own email that is attractive and professional. Mailchimp also allows users to remove the logo  as needed.

Managing email lists in Mailchimp is also very simple. The software also supports user data tracking and analysis. Mailchimp’s report is clear and detailed; accessing and comparing data between accounts is also very effective.

Simple and understandable interface
Simple and easy to understand interface

Disadvantage of Mailchimp

However, Mailchimp still has some disadvantages such as: Lack of automation function with complex marketing campaigns, users have to create a lot of their own email templates. However, the design interface of Mailchimp is not really beautiful. Also, this software is not intended for actual events.

Which company or business should use Mailchimp?

Using Mailchimp is up to each business. In particular, the following companies are the main users of this famous Email Marketing software.

In e-commerce and retail

Stores or online shops use Mailchimp to send emails to attract customers, promote access to … website or store. Mailchimp is also integrated with the e-commerce platform to take care of customers in a personalized way with birthday wishes or product recommendations in line with search and shopping trends. Not only that, sending email is also a way to connect with old customers who rarely interact.

Web and mobile apps

When integrated with a web browser or mobile application, Mailchimp can assist in the collection of user information through their usage behavior. With this information, it becomes more efficient to send personalized emails. That way you can target multi-channel users and boost conversions.

Start-up and small business

Mailchimp offers a free account. Premium accounts are also divided into several rates. That is why this software is used by many businesses. Because it’s very simple to use with basic drag-and-drop operations, it doesn’t take much time to tinker with it yourself. This is the reason why small companies or start-ups choose this software.

Businesses implementing Online Marketing are often quite interested in Mailchimp
Businesses implementing Online Marketing are often quite interested in Mailchimp

Online Marketing Agency

Mailchimp is also the choice of Online Marketing Agencies. This software helps them take care of and reach a huge number of potential customers faster. Indeed, Mailchimp also has quite a few features that suit the needs of Marketing Online Agencies. The most typical is the management of a large email list in 1 login.

Mailchimp account packages

Mailchimp targets many audiences with different needs. That’s why the Mailchimp developer offers 4 types of accounts with different fees.

  • Free Mailchimp (Free account): $0
  • Essentials Mailchimp (Essential Account): Fees from $9.99/month
  • Standard Mailchimp (Basic Account): Fees from $14.99/month
  • Premium Mailchimp (Premium Account): Fees from $299/month
4 account packages from free to premium
4 account plans from free to premium

The corresponding cost is the feature included in each account plan.

Free Mailchimp – Free Plan

Free Mailchimp is considered the default account after successful registration. As the name suggests, you can send emails for free with this account. Note that the number of email addresses for each campaign should not exceed 2000 subscribers. The maximum number of emails sent per month is 10,000 emails.

With the free account, you still have access to the Dashboard interface, create campaigns, and use some basic email templates. This account also has permission to create features like: Postcards, Landing pages, Pop-up forms, Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads.

However, because it’s completely free, all outgoing emails have the Mailchimp logo at the bottom of the page. Therefore, very few people use the free package for a long time, but mainly to experience and evaluate. In the long run, it is necessary to use premium account plans or look to other providers.

Essentials Mailchimp – Essential Package

With the Essentials Mailchimp account plan, you will pay $9.99/month to store 500 email addresses and $19.99/month to store 1,500 addresses. If the number of emails stored is up to 50,000, the usage fee can be up to $270/month. According to the assessment, this is the cheapest fee in the market.

With this account plan, you get access to all email templates available from Mailchimp. Performing A/B Testing, scheduling or pausing Email Marketing campaigns is also made simple. Of course, Mailchimp also allows users to remove the company logo and add the business logo in the email.

Standard Mailchimp – Basic Package

Similar to the calculation of the essential plan, the usage fee for the basic plan also increases with the number of emails stored. In which, the hosting fee for 500 emails is $14.99/month and 2500 emails is $49.99/month.

Along with that, users will have access to a system of insights that analyze viewers, design custom email templates, set up multi-step campaign automation, and create a remarketing ad plan on Google.

Premium Mailchimp – Premium Package

If using the premium Mailchimp plan, the cost to host 10000 emails per month is $299. The Premium Mailchimp package also does not limit the number of reachable audiences as well as the functions, especially the advanced functions. As a result, you can reach potential customers more effectively.

Some MailChimp Email Templates
Some MailChimp email templates

In particular, if you use this account plan, you should learn about the Multivariate Testing feature. Mailchimp allows you to test sending emails on multiple variables to determine the most effective plan for the campaign. In addition, users of the Premium Mailchimp plan also receive very fast and efficient phone support.

Some information about Mailchimp above can help you understand and evaluate more accurately about this software. Obviously, it is impossible not to recognize the role of Mailchimp in implementing Email Marketing campaigns.

This software not only saves time and effort, but also helps create engaging emails in the true sense of the word. More important is the compilation, the end of the campaign evaluation and many other outstanding features. Come here, if you feel necessary or simply want to experience, register for an account and use Mailchimp’s free plan.