Hello everyone who has come to our VSM, in the next article I would like to share with you how to unlock facebook while in memory mode for the deceased, if your fb is still in normal use and you have not passed away and think this is a mistake, please follow the following way to get your facebook back.

Link 098, Complaint of Misremembered Account
Link 098, Mistaken Remembered Account Appeal

Contact contact 098 is abbreviated by the last 3 numbers of the uid of the contact link to the Facebook team and has the id range: 292558237463098

Link 098 is often used to protest about the fact that the facebook account in use is included in the memory of the deceased by Facebook. If this is the case, link 098 is the most appropriate contact link to appeal to report this is a mistake. mixed with Facebook.


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Step 1: You access the following contac 098 link Here to open from fill in the appeal information. .

Step 2: Fill in all the information in the opened form.

Step 3: Take a picture of the front of the ID card (ID document with avatar and name and date of birth) then upload your name.

Step 4: After filling in all the information and uploading the cmnd, click the submit button.

Step 5 : Log out and wait for an email from Facebook to notify you of the account unlocking email (quickly 24 hours at the latest 2 days, sometimes fb doesn’t reply to emails, then try again after 30 days).


That’s it, I just finished instructing you how to unlock the mistakenly remembered facebook, maybe later on your fb is remembered, please use this contact link to protest.