Hello everyone who has come to our VSM, today’s article we would like to share with you how to change your date of birth on facebook with contact link 195 for cases where you have reached the limit to change your birthday so you If you can’t change it in the settings, then link contact is an alternative for you.

Link 195, Change Date of Birth Expired

The contact link 195 is abbreviated from the last 3 digits of the facebook id number 233841356784195, this link is often used by facebook users and their friends to request facebook to change the date of birth in cases where fb does not allow it. change in settings.


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Step 1: To use contact 195 link first, you log into facebook, you go to a web browser, then open contact 195 link after At Here

Step 2: You enter the date of birth you want to change into the form and the reason for the change choose this as my actual date of birth.

Step 3: After entering, proceed to click submit to send it to facebook for review, wait a while maybe facebook will update your date of birth or it may take longer from 24h to 72h depending on the case .


That’s it, I have finished showing you how to change your date of birth with contact link 195 already, it’s very simple, isn’t it, if you want to change but can’t change it, try it right away.