Welcome to our VSM, today’s article we would like to share with you how to unlock facebook account disabled due to underage very simple in a few steps that you can do If so, how exactly, I invite you to refer to the following article right away.

Unlock FAQ 13 Age, Fake Name, Impersonating Facebook With Link 279

Link 279 is abbreviated by facebook contact link with id:  199052956872279 this link is often used by many people in cases to open Facebook lock on cases such as: account is locked due to underage, FAQ fake name, unlock impersonation,… Many trickers often use this contact link when they die to verify their facebook account. I let the buffaloes be more limited to being scanned,…

Note: This link will work when on facebook you have a clear, genuine avatar, incorrect information is still fine as long as you have a clear avatar or regular photos. Post your face clearly

Step 1: You access the contact link 279 below Here to proceed to open the appeal form to submit information requesting to unlock your facebook account.

Step 2: Fill in the form completely. (Remember to take a photo of your ID with full information such as full name, date of birth with 3×4 portrait photo to send to facebook)

Additional information you fill in

Hi Facebook this is a mistake in locking my account, I hope Facebook check again for uid:……….. Full name:…. ……….Year of Birth………… , look forward to hearing from the Facebook team soon. Thank you Facebook.

Step 3: After filling in the information, you proceed to send it to facebook for review and wait for facebook to respond to the email (here you can be opened immediately after sending, it is more difficult, facebook will love If you need more information about your email, please reply to the email with additional information Facebook requires)


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So I have finished showing you how to unlock a locked account that is not underage, in addition, this way can still open impersonation, disable fake name, … you should join Read more if you ever suffer from these types.