Hello everyone who has come to VSM, today’s article we would like to share with you how to fix facebook not sending a confirmation code to your phone number with a very simple 524 link that anyone can do. In the previous post, I have instructions on link 779, there is still 1 case to open the code generator without receiving the confirmation code, this article is more about how it is not necessary to be a new code generator but you can still deal with cases like: change password but fb doesn’t send otp code, get code generator but still have phone number but fb still doesn’t send code,… and related things if fb doesn’t send confirmation code about your phone number, this method is applicable.

Link 524 | Fix Facebook Not Sending Verification Code

HOW TO FIX FB that doesn’t send OTP code

Link 524 is abbreviated from the last 3 numbers of the facebook contact link with the id number: 283958118330524 then this link is used often to Report error about facebook not sending otp code, code to your phone number when you need to login fb with code generator, forgot password and need to re-issue but still not receive code,…

Step 1: To use the contact link 524, please access the following contact link Here to open a form to fill in error information to facebook.

Step 2: You fill out enough information in the form to proceed to request facebook to review and handle errors for you. Specifically, please fill in the following:

  1. Email box: enter the email you registered with that facebook
  2. O Mobile service provider: Please enter your carrier name for example: Viettel, vina phone,…
  3. Phone number: Please enter the phone number that has an error with facebook link
  4. Country box: Enter Vietnam
  5. Error message box: choose another
  6. Additional information box you enter: Hi facebook I did not receive the otp code for the phone number:………. linked to the account with uid :…….. hope facebook check, thanks Facebook support team.

Step 3: After completing and clicking send, then wait for 24 hours to 72 hours, try again to see if you have received the OTP code to your phone, if you receive it, you are successful.


That’s it, I’ve finished showing you how to fix the problem that facebook does not send the otp code to your phone number, if you find it interesting, don’t forget to share it for me.