Hello everyone who has come to our VSM, today’s article we would like to share with you how to unlock Faq 723 with a very cool contact link 641 that you should not ignore, if your account is being hacked. If it’s quite like 723, this article is for you, so how to unlock it, I invite you to consult it right away.

Tut Unlock Faq 723 With Link 641, Report Used Email


What is Faq 723 ?

Faq 723 is a type of facebook lock that is often converted from checkpoint to 723, for accounts that are disabled. 723 lock now, unlocking is extremely difficult than normal checkpoint.

To identify locked 723 you log in facebook facebook is locked then you click on the words Go to help center and notice the link goes to the browser with the last 3 digits having 723 as it’s own.

< /table>How to Unlock Faq 723 With Link 641

Tut Unlock Faq 723 With Link 641, Report Email OK Use

Step 1: To unlock faq with link 641 you proceed to open the following contact link Here to open the unlocking information form.

Step 2: In the form you tick: I can’t Register an account because my email is already in use. to open the information form

Step 3: Please fill out the form as follows. email, first and last name, additional content,

Content You Fill As Following< /span>


Hi Facebook please check again with my facebook account with uid:……. …Full name:………Year of birth:…….. is currently locked by mistake, I hope the facebook support team will check and unlock the account again. mine so that I continue to use Facebook. Thank you very much Facebook.

Step 4: After filling in the information, you proceed to send it to facebook for review and wait for an email response.< /p>

Step 5: Wait for an email response to see what more information facebook requires, then reply to the email to provide more information for facebook.

< /blockquote>


So I’ve finished writing a tutorial on how to unlock facebook faq 723 already, if If you are locked, please refer to it right away, maybe it will help you later and if you are locked in the future, you will also know how to unlock them.