Hello everyone who has come to our VSM, today’s article we would like to share with you how to unlock or unblock facebook login due to unexplained problems such as login to facebook not working. , facebook login error, login spam, locked checkpoint,…

Handling Facebook Login Failures With Link 890

So specifically how it is, I invite you to refer to the following article right away, maybe they can help you later.

Link 890 is abbreviated by the last 3 numbers of the facebook contact link with the id sequence: 357439354283890, then the link contact 890 is often popular with many friends. used to report errors to facebook about facebook login problems such as facebook login with correct password but cannot log in, facebook login error for unknown reasons,… then this link will be useful for you when protesting to facebook.


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Step 1: To use link contact 890, you access that link Here to proceed Open the form to fill out the Facebook scratch appeal form.

Step 2: After opening the form, you fill in the form completely with information such as email, description and screenshot file.

  • Description: you copy the content when logging in but facebook reported an error and paste it there
  • Screenshot part: you take a screenshot of the error login place.

Step 3: After filling in all the information, you proceed to send it to facebook to review the problem and wait for facebook to unlock and handle the error for you. Usually 24 – 72h can sometimes take longer.


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