Familiar Imported Fruits in the Market
Familiar Imported Fruits in the Market

Currently, imported fruits are always favored for their uniqueness, origin assurance, and safety. Especially, choosing imported fruits is always a perfect choice for gifts to family, friends, superiors, etc. So what are some of the imported fruits? Let’s discover the popular imported fruits in the market.

What are the characteristics of imported fruits?

Imported fruits are known as fruits that are not available domestically and have to be imported from other countries. These fruits can only live and grow in different countries around the world.

Or they are imported because of their better taste and quality compared to domestic fruits. For example, New Zealand apples are sweeter and crisper than Vietnamese apples, or American grapes are more loved than Vietnamese grapes due to their crunchiness, sweetness, and aroma.

Imported Fruits Trusted by Vietnamese Families for Their Freshness and Uniqueness
Imported Fruits Trusted by Vietnamese Families for Their Freshness and Uniqueness

All types of imported fruits are thoroughly inspected for quality and safety before being imported into Vietnam. This strict inspection process ensures that buyers do not need to worry about issues like pesticide residues or low-quality fruits.

Currently, the number of imported fruits is increasingly diverse in terms of variety. Various types of fruits are imported from many countries such as the USA, Taiwan, New Zealand, South Korea, Australia, etc. Specifically, here are some popular imported fruits in the Vietnamese market.

Korean Pears

Korean pears are much larger in size compared to domestic pears. Particularly, they have a mild, refreshing taste and are crunchy. These fruits often appear in gift baskets for bosses, business partners, etc., not only because they are delicious but also because their decorative skin is very attractive.

New Zealand Kiwi

Currently, kiwi imported from New Zealand is a favorite choice for many Vietnamese families. Kiwi is rich in vitamin C and other beneficial substances that enhance immunity and promote good health.

Kiwi is a Fruit with a Special Fragrant Flavor
Kiwi is a Fruit with a Special Fragrant Flavor

Red Navel Oranges

Red Navel oranges have an eye-catching color, and their segments do not have seeds. They are easy to peel, and their juicy flesh is delightful. Red Navel oranges contain twice as much vitamin C compared to regular oranges.

American Grapes

American grapes are irresistible in the list of imported fruits sought after by many people. Grapes are loved because they are seedless, juicy, and sweet.

Red Egyptian Pomegranates

Pomegranates are visually attractive fruits that can be used to make smoothies or eaten directly. They contain various nutrients that boost immunity and rejuvenate the skin.

Red Egyptian Pomegranates with Eye-catching Colors
Red Egyptian Pomegranates with Eye-catching Colors


Strawberries are grown in many places around the world, including Vietnam. However, the taste and aroma of strawberries can vary depending on the region and climate, creating unique flavors.


Blueberries are loved by Vietnamese families for containing substances that are beneficial for the brain development of young children. Moreover, this type of fruit can be processed into various dishes such as jam, cakes, candies, blueberry smoothies, etc.

Although the prices of imported fruits are much higher compared to domestic fruits, Vietnamese people still love and choose imported fruits. What are the reasons behind the popularity of imported fruits among Vietnamese families?

Quality Assurance

All imported fruits undergo strict quality inspections. Only fruits meeting the food safety standards are allowed to be imported into the country. Therefore, buyers can completely trust the quality and safety of the fruits.

Representing Elegance in Gift Giving

During festive occasions, choosing a gift basket of imported fruits to give to business partners or superiors is a way of showing elegance and courtesy. As a result, shops offering imported fruits are crowded during the holidays.

Beautifully Decorated Imported Fruit Baskets
Beautifully Decorated Imported Fruit Baskets

Unique and Exotic Fruits

Imported fruits have a unique character because they possess flavors that are not found in domestic fruits. Many families want to taste different fruits that are distinct from the usual ones available in the country.

Health Benefits

Imported fruits are rich in various nutrients and are beneficial for good health. Some fruits also provide immune-boosting properties and aid in brain development for young children.

Imported fruits will always be trusted and purchased by many people due to their assured quality and exceptional freshness. Besides the imported fruits mentioned above, there are many other fruits imported from abroad. To buy high-quality imported fruits, it is recommended to seek out the most reputable suppliers.