Vayvnd Borrow money online with ID card up to 15 million
Vayvnd Borrow money online with ID card up to 15 million

VayVnd is a prominent brand in online loans in the Vietnamese market today. Owning many utilities with a stable loan, this will definitely be the perfect choice for you. Therefore, learning about this service can lead to smart decisions. You can come to the unit in case you need money urgently, the limit is low and the bank cannot support.

How outstanding is VayVnd service?

VayVnd loan service with online platform established by Capital Solution Co., Ltd. is very prominent in the market. This is a website that provides online loan services with many utilities for users.

Making a loan at VayVnd, you can borrow up to 15 million VND with easy-to-follow operations. This platform is a quality intermediary connecting investors and borrowers. VayVnd always creates favorable conditions to bring you the best service quality.

VayVnd is your quick financial solution
VayVnd is the quick financial solution for you

In addition, VayVnd also ensures that your financial related problems will be resolved quickly to save maximum time for many other things. The company also sets absolute security criteria, protecting information safety for customers in order to provide a top experience for you. Therefore, giving customers absolute peace of mind when choosing to borrow money at this application.

Synthesis of advantages and limitations of VayVnd service

VayVnd is an online service that has many great advantages for you to choose from but also has many limitations. The cause comes from the borrower himself and the process of disbursing or paying the debt. Specifically, you should carefully refer to these advantages and limitations if you want to use the service for a long time and effectively. Some specific information about the advantages of VayVnd online loan application are mentioned as follows:

Advantages of VayVnd in the market

VayVnd service was established with the mission of giving customers absolute satisfaction. Therefore, the company always creates favorable conditions for you to choose services here such as making documents at no cost, online transactions save time. You will only need to connect to the Internet with your smartphone to be able to borrow money extremely easily.

The whole loan process at VayVnd is done quickly with just ID/CCCD and no need to mortgage anything. When receiving the ID/CCCD number, VayVnd system will verify information at high speed and transfer money as soon as the operations are completed.

Besides, VayVnd also organizes a preferential program of 0% interest rate for 10 days for the first loan. With this program, the loan limit is set at about 3 million VND. After fully repaying, you can still continue to borrow with a limit of up to VND 15 million as above.

Restrictions to note when borrowing VayVnd

Because of providing urgent money in a short time, VayVnd needs more human resources as well as a high-end system to meet it. Besides, when borrowing online, there are some people who are still late in paying for many reasons. This is also the reason VayVnd has to implement some policies even though it knows it will be its weakness. These limitations are not worrisome but will certainly be overcome in the future, specifically:

Short loan term

VayVnd creates many service conditions but is quite strict in terms of time. Typically, the company will ask you to make loan payments within a 90-day limit. If more than this time and you still have not paid the loan, VayVnd may proceed to sue you for not repaying the debt.

The loan term from VayVnd is not long
The loan term from VayVnd is not long

Low loan limit

At the same time, the loan service here provides loans with not too high limits. You can only borrow up to 15 million VND – a pretty low number if you are in need of a lot of money. Therefore, you should consider carefully before taking out a loan to make the right choice for you.

High interest

VayVnd still has another interesting limitation that is the interest rate. Looking at the general market, this address offers loans with not small interest rates. Every day you have to pay 1.5% interest for the amount you borrow, if you calculate the total for a month, this amount is extremely large. Along with that, if you operate for the first time, online services have many weaknesses compared to working in person.

High interest rates are a common problem for online lenders
High interest rate is a common problem of online lenders

What to prepare to borrow money at VayVnd?

Registering a loan application is an important step when applying for a loan at VayVnd. If you want to register successfully quickly, you should prepare some documents to fill in the required fields. Some specific conditions and documents to prepare when applying for a loan at this app include:

ID documents, personal information of the owner

As mentioned earlier, the identity card or citizen identification card is the most important thing to borrow money at VayVnd. You can also use your passport if you do not have an ID/CCCD. In addition, you need to provide your own bank account number to receive the fastest loan.

You must provide the information required by the unit
You must provide the information required by the unit

Proof income

VayVnd also requires you to be of working age from 20 to 69 years old and have an average income of 3 million a month. The unit may ask you to provide proof such as a salary statement, for students, monthly transaction information with money from relatives.

Not in the bad debt group

You should also pay attention to settle all bad debts that are in group 2 or more or the transactions will be canceled immediately. Normally, other units will support loans for people in groups 1, 2 and maybe 3. But with VayVnd, to be sure, you need to belong to group 1, if you belong to group 2, you must explain the reason. due to justification.

Your application will be rejected if VayVnd detects bad debt
Your profile will be rejected if VayVnd detects bad debt span>

Make loans online VayVnd quickly and easily

Borrowing money online at VayVnd is carried out with quite simple and easy procedures. You just need to prepare all the required documents above to be able to start the loan operation. This is also the outstanding advantage of the service compared to borrowing from banks and other credit institutions.

Steps to borrow and pay at VayVnd
Steps to borrow and pay at VayVnd

Step 1: Apply for a loan at VayVnd

The first step in the process of borrowing money online at VayVnd you need to take is to visit the website The main interface of VayVnd with specific loans will appear and you can freely choose. But it should be noted that the first time you can only choose about 500,000 to 3,000,000 VND and pay in 14 days.

After choosing a loan, you need to fill in your full name and phone number. Next, you select Register now to continue the loan process at VayVnd.

Step 2: Fully update personal information

When you click Register now, you will see a confirmation table with the payment limit and time you have requested. You should carefully review the information in this table to ensure accuracy and complete the application. If you see any errors, you should correct them immediately so that the transaction can be done quickly.

VayVnd sets up specific personal information items such as Email, residential address, occupation, bank account number for you to fill in. You should pay attention to carefully fill in all the required information for a successful loan.

Next, you take both sides of your ID/CCCD and a portrait photo for the company to authenticate. Besides, you also need to enter the phone number and name of a relative or colleague for VayVnd to contact when needed. After completing the above operation, select the box that says I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of the privacy policy to move to the next step.

Step 3: Company consults for customers

When you send your application to VayVnd, the customer service system will quickly contact the phone number you have registered to conduct consultation and confirm information. The staff will suggest you some suitable service options as well as confirm the issues related to your loan agreement and transaction. Then the profile will be forwarded to the investors and you will get the results soon.

Step 4: Get loan from investors

In this step, you need to sign a contract via SMS with a password sent to your phone number. The loan amount you request will very quickly be transferred to the bank account you provide to VayVnd. Usually, it only takes about 24 hours for you to receive this amount.

Payment of LoanVnd

Once you have taken out a loan here, you are responsible for repaying the loan at maturity according to what is committed in the contract. The payment methods that VayVnd is supporting can be mentioned as e-wallets, bank transfers, via affiliates.

VayVnd imposes a very heavy penalty on the case of a loan but late payment, not on time as announced. You also do not intend to hide because they will bother you constantly with calls and messages. If you cannot be reached, VayVnd will call and text your relatives, colleagues or friends.

VayVnd with many utilities is a smart financial choice that you should consider choosing. Coming to this address, you will receive the best service quality. Hope the information from VSM can help you make the right decision for you.