For an SEO project, backlink is considered the core factor affecting the success. Therefore, buying newspaper backlinks or using backlink services will be the lifeline so that your website can optimize the website most effectively. Information below, we will learn the concept, role as well as how to place the most prestigious and quality backlink!

Backlink newspaper – The key to sustainable, effective and safe SEO

A reported backlink is a link from another website that points to your site. In other words, this is placing a link containing content about your website on another website based on anchor text characters or a full link. Once the user clicks on that link, it will take you to your website.

Backlink is the best SEO option today
Backlink claims to be the best SEO option these days

You can imagine that a newspaper backlink is a PR campaign, an introduction to your business website through another website. In other words, it is like a “vote” showing the credibility, professionalism and usefulness of your website in a certain field or topic.

For off-page SEO, newspaper backlinks are an extremely important factor when bringing high efficiency to the process of promoting and spreading the brand. Not to mention, backlinks are also one of the factors that help improve your website rankings.

With today’s 4.0 technology era, using backlinks on online newspapers is considered a smart and worthwhile tactic when doing SEO. Because these pages have a large number of readers, extremely high PA and DA ratings, and the number of articles is constantly updated.

It does not take you long to create a backlink, but the quality of the backlink is not the problem. Surely you are wondering about “what is a quality backlink?”

What is a quality report backlink?
What is a quality backlink?

Specifically it includes:

  • First of all, those are the backlinks that come from websites with high PageRank (a basic measure of Google’s website quality).
  • Quality Backlinks come from sites with engaging content.
  • Quality backlinks from sites on the same topic.
  • Backlinks from .gov or .edu websites.

Backlinks report coming from pages with few outbound links (Outbound links are the number of links pointing to other pages on a page, usually a page should have <15 outbound links).

According to reviews, a quality backlink can decide to 70-80% of the top ranking when SEO website. So it can be seen that in a time when anyone can write content, owning quality backlinks is a measure of the value that SEOs aim for.

“Content is king, Backlink is queen” – This is a familiar saying in the SEOer community. It should be emphasized that newspaper backlinks are an extremely important criterion besides the content factor when optimizing the website to create credibility for the website. This is a parameter that has a great influence on your keyword rankings and website quality.

Here are the benefits of newspaper backlinks in SEO web to the top of google for businesses:

Build and increase brand awareness

Building and enhancing brand awareness is always the most important factor in every marketing strategy. However, thanks to newspaper backlinks, this process will become a lot more natural and simpler.

Backlink helps build and increase brand awareness
Backlink helps build and increase brand awareness

In particular, experts encourage you to create more active associations with established sites. Credibility in the industry or sector in which you operate.

At that time, readers are also easily inclined to trust your website and start learning. Thereby will interact with the product/solution that your company offers more.

Create a new “lead”

Internet users are more likely to click on a link if they think the article in the link is really helpful. At that time, the website or otherwise the brand cited from the link is also likely to become of particular interest to users.

From the click action, users can go further with other conversion interactions. For example: Sign up for newsletters, connect with brands through social networks. From there, become a potential customer.

Backlink helps attract new potential customers
Backlink helps attract new potential customers

Thereby it can be seen that a quality newspaper backlink placed in major newspaper categories with the same topic will make your website more appreciated. It can also lead to more website visitors. The more traffic, the higher the SEO score. This will directly contribute to your website’s score, increasing your chances of making it to the Top.

Writing some valuable pillar articles, building relationships, building community… is considered a form of building quality newspaper backlinks. But not reused there, you need to take care of some of the other forms outlined below to ensure safe natural backlinks and promote effective rankings.

Quality Content

Sure, a quality content is an important criterion affecting the quality of newspaper backlinks. If the content in your website is not useful, does not match the search needs of the user, it will lead to less clicks.

So the first thing is to make sure the content on your website is professional enough and easy to understand that will attract more readers and help your website easily improve rankings on search engines.

First need to build quality content
Build quality content first

You can refer to Content formats like:

  • A “unique” article that no one has written, completely new creation.
  • Create a content pillar that addresses the main, in-depth, useful, and long-lasting content.
  • List content is easy to read, straight to the needs of readers.
  • Controversy or refute general opinion.

This is one of the easiest ways to create quality newspaper backlinks. Two websites that have many similarities in terms of fields, traffic, etc. can exchange links with each other.

Your site and a partner’s site can exchange links if both have the same niche and the same level of “quality”. The link exchange also helps both sites grow together.

Link exchange techniques are still considered white hat SEO. This method is safe if the level of link exchange is not too much. Create an exchange with your partner to get the most natural newspaper backlinks.

Do not ignore backlink exchange technique
Don’t ignore backlink exchange

Some articles that have been published for a long time often have a few broken links. These links often get 404 errors, known as broken links. You can consider two options when using the broken link replacement technique:

  • Method 1: Find linking pages with broken links. Compare if your content is suitable to replace that broken link and suggest placement relative to article title.
  • Method 2: You can go to the 404 error page, rewrite the content of that page (use your own words and write better than the error page). Look to the pages that have been linked to the broken page to suggest a replacement.

To avoid being “notice” by Google when there are many backlinks reporting to your website at the same time. You can build backlinks from social media which would be one way to solve this problem.

You can build links from creating accounts for your business on sites with high DA, PA like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. This way, your website not only increases its authority but also gets more quality backlinks from popular social networking sites.

Let backlinks report from Social Media
Let backlinks report from Social Media

Access to newspaper pages

Journalists are still hunting for news. Online newspapers are always updated daily and have high traffic. Here are two factors for you to consider on how to build this natural backlink.

To have an article in the newspaper, you can actively sign up for an interview schedule. Journalists are willing to post and submit articles if the information you provide is useful to them. You can also write your own articles and submit articles to newspapers if your articles meet the standards. On the other hand, you can spend a fee to buy backlinks from reputable newspaper sites.

In addition, you need to pay attention to the following effective ways to put backlinks:

  • Put newspaper backlinks on high Pr sites
  • Place links at websites with high DA, PA
  • Place backlinks on high traffic websites
  • Place backlinks at sites with the same topic
  • Put backlinks in the article content
  • Set dofollow link
  • And don’t forget to take advantage of the power of backlinks from gov, edu sites

You need to understand that creating the right type of newspaper backlink is also important if you want to rank high on Google and other search engines. Create attractive, linked web pages and improve their content.

Should put backlinks on high Pr pages
Should put backlinks on high Pr pages

Once you are sure about how attractive and user-friendly your site is, and you put the right type of links pointing to your site, your rankings will increase rapidly. Some things you need to keep in mind are as follows:

  • Pay more attention to quality of backlinks than quantity.
  • Pay attention to pages with high PR, but don’t ignore pages with low PR.
  • Always balance dofollow and nofollow
  • Focus on placing links on sites with the same topic, limit placement on unrelated sites.
  • Do not create backlinks to sites that have been blocked by bots.

Above we have introduced to you the basic information about newspaper backlinks, benefits and how to build effective backlinks. Hope the article will be really useful for interested readers. As can be seen, the SEO market is increasingly interested in building quality backlinks. If you do good backlinks, the value of your website will increase a lot.


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