Ok what is Google is a matter of receiving a lot of attention from Google users today. What benefits does this tool bring to users and how to install it? The information in the following article will reveal in detail all the information related to this issue for you, please take a moment to follow along to better understand.

Ok Google?What are the features of this tool for users
Ok What is Google? What are the features of this tool for users

Find out what Ok Google is

As technology develops more and more, you must have heard about Ok Google many times. So what is it really and how does it help users?

Ok Google is a tool supported by Google, helping users to search for information by voice on devices. To put it simply, Ok Google is a tool instead of typing to find information on Google. When using Ok Google, the search results are similar to the traditional search.

Actually Ok Google is Google’s virtual assistant and it has the ability to support installing some features on the phone. It also helps to find information without having to enter it manually.

What are the reasons users love Ok Google?

It’s no coincidence that Ok Google quickly became so popular with consumers. In fact, using this tool will bring a lot of benefits, such as:

Save time searching for information

Time is always a valuable asset of each person, especially for those who are often busy. Every minute is fully utilized by them to bring the best efficiency to the work.

Therefore, Ok Google’s quick information search quickly won sympathy from users. You don’t need to spend a few minutes or even hours looking for the necessary information anymore.

Just use your voice to make a request, the Ok Google tool will bring up the most relevant search results for you to choose from. This will save you a lot of time searching for information.

Ok What is Google and its related features
Ok What is Google? Is there any benefit to using this tool?

Help users find information when busy

In some cases, you don’t want to waste time typing or can’t enter information to search. Ok Google will be the ideal choice for you.

You just need to open Ok Google and say the information to search, it will automatically recognize and process the voice in a short time to give you results. In particular, Ok Google has the ability to recognize many different languages, helping you to communicate with more people thanks to this tool.

Using Ok Google is extremely easy

Modern features but using Ok Google is quite simple, suitable for everyone. This is also the strength that makes this tool more and more chosen.

Accordingly, you just need to install the tool on your computer, then open and start reading the information you need to find. The machine will show you the results shortly.

Can do a lot of things through voice

In addition to searching for information by voice, Ok Google also has many useful and convenient features for users. You can completely do many different tasks through your smartphone without having to do it yourself such as: turning on and off wifi, setting alarms, sending messages, …

How to install Ok Google for devices

After you have a good understanding of what Ok Google is, you need to install the tool to be able to experience it. You can also use the tool directly on the Google browser if the version is 3.5 or higher.

In fact, installing Ok Google is not difficult, just a few simple steps that you can easily complete. To install for your device, do the following: Open Google => On the top right of the phone => Add => Settings => Select Voice => Voice Match => Slide the Ok Google feature bar to complete the installation.

Ok What is Google and its related features
Ok what is Google that is chosen by so many people?</span >

Thus, with just a few simple steps, you can install a very useful tool for finding information. Note: there are phones to install Ok Google need to change the language to English. Therefore, if you can’t turn it on in Vietnamese, please translate it to use the tool.

What are the attractive features of Ok Google?

Ok Google has a lot of useful features that not everyone knows about. It will bring a lot of interesting experiences to users through voice. Here are some outstanding features that are often chosen by users today:

Find information quickly thanks to Ok Google

This is the most prominent feature of Ok Google that all users know. It will help you find the most useful information through your voice.

In particular, for the elderly who are not familiar with using the smartphone keyboard, this tool will support extremely well for users. To be able to search, users just need to open the application and say what information to look for. In just a short time, the machine will display the full results on the screen for you.

Use Ok Google to send messages, emails or phone calls to others

A great feature for Ok Google users is that you can use it to send emails and messages. Or you can also call friends and relatives through Ok Google without looking for a number.

You just need to open the application and say the commands related to the above actions such as: “Call mom”, text Hong with the content “Going out”,…

Ok What is Google and its related features
Ok What is Google that helps to find information quickly?

Open mobile app with Ok Google

What’s the way to open another app with Ok Google? It’s very simple, you just need to say the command “Ok Google, open + application name”, it will identify and open the application quickly for you.

That way, you won’t need to search for apps on your phone’s home screen or search for them. At the same time, there is no need to perform manual operations but still open them.

For example, when you need to listen to music on Zingmp3, just open Ok Google and say “Ok Google, open Zing Mp3” and the application will open.

Use Ok Google to track the weather

Want to know what the weather will be like tomorrow, whether it will rain or not to make plans? Just open Ok Google and say “what’s the weather like tomorrow?” then the tool will show you the results. You can view the weather locally or elsewhere depending on the purpose.

Use Ok Google to translate text, look up dictionary

When foreigners want to communicate with you but you don’t know what they say? When you encounter difficult words and do not know how to translate the meaning, what should you do? Open Ok Google, it will help you translate the correct meaning of those words so that you can answer most accurately.

You can translate all languages with Google, so you can confidently communicate with others.

Ok What is Google and its related features
Setting Ok Google is what, is it difficult or not?

Ok Google helps to quickly look up the map

Using the map is also one of the answers to the question of what is the attractive feature of Ok Google. You can look up all roads quickly with Ok Google.

Just open Ok Google and then read the required destination commands and it will show you the route. Or you can also use Ok Google to suggest places you want to search around such as: “nearby gas station”, “nearby restaurant”, “nearby hospital”,…

So what is the special feature when using maps with Ok Google? That is, it can measure the distance between places on the map quickly. Want to find the nearest road to hospital A by motorbike? Please tell Ok Google that “the fastest way to hospital A is by motorbike”.

Set alarm with Ok Google What is it?

You can even set alarms with this Google virtual assistant. Just set the commands and you can set the alarm without manually pressing it. For example, if you want to set an alarm for 6:30 the next morning to go to school, just put the command “Set alarm at 6:30 am”.

Add events or reminders for important issues

When it comes to what is Ok Google’s feature, it is impossible to ignore more events and voice prompts. You can use the tool to create your own reminders and events for important issues without using a manual button.

This feature is extremely useful, helping users not to miss important events. Just tell Ok Google to remind me to “do (work to be done) at (what time, day to do work)” and Ok Google will automatically remind you on that date.

Ok What is Google and its related features
Setting Ok Google will bring benefits to users?

Use Ok Google for settings and on-device controls

Ok Google is also used to control or set up phone devices when needed. You can use it to turn on/off flash, camera, WiFi and many other apps in your phone. You just need to ask Ok Google to do it and it will do all this for you.

In addition to the above features, Ok Google also has a lot of useful functions that you can use such as: tracking the football calendar, changing units when calculating, creating necessary notes, tracking the stock market ,…

What’s the simple way to turn off Ok Google?

When you don’t need to use Ok Google anymore, you can turn it off. Just follow these steps: go to Google => click on the 3 dashes  in the top left corner of the screen => Settings => Voice => Ok Google detection => Slide the bar next to Say Ok Google any time to turn off the Ok Google feature.

Ok What is Google and its related features
Ok Google – A tool that allows you to perform various functions

Through the above information, hope you will understand more about what Ok Google is. With attractive features, this will be the ideal tool for you. If you still have questions or want to learn more interesting issues, please visit https://www.vsm.vn/.