Selling at the market, supermarket or store is not enough in the age of technology. Today, without the need for superficial and large-scale booths located on busy facades, you can also become a boss who makes a lot of money thanks to Online Business. This form of business is becoming more and more popular, becoming the work and career of many people. However, if you want to be successful, you definitely need to know the following basics.

What is an online business?

In your opinion, what is an online business? Simply put, it is a form of online sales on the internet. You can post products for sale in many different online spaces. From here, people refer to popular online business forms such as: Selling on Facebook, Selling on Website or Selling on e-commerce platforms Shopee, Lazada, Tiki, Sendo,…

Opportunity to master the economy in the “digital” age

Online business is easy to deploy thanks to the excellent support of the information technology platform. All you need is a computer or smartphone that can connect to the Internet.

The monthly income that many shop owners and online sellers receive can be up to 20-30 million, even hundreds of millions. It is entirely possible when the internet becomes an inevitable part and online shopping becomes a trend chosen by millions and billions of people.

Different from traditional markets, online sales can take place 24/24. You can introduce and sell at any time. It is important to know how to update the product to ensure it is informative and attractive. Similarly, customer research and shopping can happen at any time.

The special feature of an online business is that you and your customers do not necessarily have to contact, exchange directly, even without texting back and forth. With attractive enough information and offers and a smart sales support system, you can close orders and receive payments even while … sleeping. Because of this, the online shopping market is considered to be extremely vibrant and competitive.

Online business proves its outstanding advantages such as:

  • Simple preparation and implementation
  • Diverse and rich source of goods
  • The investment cost is not too big, no need to rent space
  • Wide, fast growing customer base
  • Opportunity to earn attractive income
  • Active, free time and work

Many stores and big brands, despite having a wide system of stores and agents, still sell online. That proves that online business is an opportunity to sell, increase sales, and bring in great income that businesses and individuals should not ignore.

How to start an online business?

To get your dream revenue, you need to start from the very beginning. Online business is also started from business ideas, market research to choosing sources of goods as well as sales channels.

Some work to be done is:

  • Make up a business idea (select business fields and products)
  • Determine goals to be achieved
  • Make a business plan targeting the newly identified target
  • Research target customers
  • Market research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Feasibility assessment
  • Building an online business model and strategy
  • Select and search source
  • Select sales channel
  • Practical implementation and reasonable adjustments

Among the above contents, coming up with ideas, choosing business items and implementing them in practice are the most difficult ones. The suggestions and sharing in the next sections will help you be more confident when starting an online business.

How to refer to online business?

Defining a business idea is not easy. Under ideal conditions, you should choose the field you really love and care about to start a business. However, if you don’t know what to sell, don’t worry too much.

Refer to, see what friends, other online business people are selling. Don’t forget to learn how to sell on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Zalo, …) as well as on e-commerce floors from successful shop owners. Specifically, see how they select items, set prices, create posts and share information with buyers, and visualize how they best fit their capabilities.

How to choose online business products?

Deciding what to sell greatly affects the success or failure of an online business. Everyone wants to earn “1 capital 4 profits” but it’s never been a simple job. Make the right decision based on the actual conditions. To determine whether or not to trade in a certain item, answer a few questions for yourself:

  • Is the item to be sold a HOT product? How many buyers? Do I love this product?
  • Where will the goods be sourced? Is it possible to find cheap and quality sources?
  • Is the item capital intensive?

As for capital, if the investment is limited, you can trade in fashion clothes, shoes, cosmetics, teddy bears, fruits, as an agent of organic food, confectionery – especially specials. produce or sell phone accessories, sell according to the trend…

Especially, if you are skillful and passionate about cooking, you can completely sell snacks such as homemade cakes or drinks… By taking advantage of the profit, you can turn around and gradually develop and open business expansion despite modest initial capital.

Meanwhile, with abundant capital, you can sell home appliances and kitchen equipment. Those are “big capital – big profits”. There are many options but you have to understand and want to be able to trade. If you have a business “blood”, no matter how difficult it is, we are sure you can completely decide.

After determining the business area as well as the product to be sold, determine the strategy, business form as well as analyze the market, competitors and customer psychology, etc. Effective sales implementation.

7 suggested steps to deploy online sales properly

When it comes to business implementation, you can learn from books, documents, learn from predecessors and follow these 7 suggested steps:

Step 1: Set up online sales channels

Based on the identified business strategy and plan, set up your own sales channels. The work to be done at each sales channel is not the same.

If doing business on social networks: Please create your own Fanpage or about page to post product information. Along with that, do not forget to join groups with topics related to products and business fields. This will be the perfect place to share information and strengthen connections with potential customers.

If doing business on e-commerce like Shopee, Lazada, Tiki, Sendo: You need to register an account, create a store, and post products.

If doing business on Website: You need to hire someone or design and program the website yourself. Next, post and update information on this address.

However, most sellers today do not deploy on a single channel but combine from 2 sales channels, introduce products or more. It’s Omnichannel Solution. For example, you can sell on Facebook and sell on Shopee or Lazada at the same time. In this way, you will reach more customers and achieve more impressive sales.

Note: No matter which channel you sell on, don’t forget to invest, choose quality images and build accurate and attractive content about the product. Particularly for online sales on the web, it is necessary to notify the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Step 2: Use search engines, run ads to reach customers

You can run ads on social networks, e-commerce floors or SEO web, run ads on Google so that customers here know and choose your products. Advertising costs and content should be reasonable and attractive, hitting the interests and attention of customers.

Step 3: Create credibility for your online shop

Advertising attracts customers but does not necessarily make them buy. When shopping online, customers are especially interested in previous customer reviews and comments. That’s why you need to build credibility right from the start. Please sell quality products, pack carefully and actively collect, ask for reviews, feedback from customers.

In this process, getting bad feedback is almost inevitable. At that time, stay calm, find a smart solution to not upset the customer as well as create a bad impression for the customers later.

Step 4: Implement marketing plan

Running advertising is also in marketing, but you need to implement more specific and detailed plans. Offer promotions, discounts, and more vouchers to let customers recognize that they will benefit greatly when buying at your store. From the next or, the incentive program launched, the advertising will become more effective and attractive.

Step 5: Sales consulting

Want customers to understand and buy, give accurate and sincere advice. Solving questions, customer reviews are reasonable and smart, if done well, you will convince customers to choose and order at the shop.

Step 6: Packing, delivery

With each order, pack it carefully. Use extra protective materials when packing. Ensure that the goods arrive at the customer’s hands, in the best condition. To do that, do not forget to consult and choose a reputable delivery company to avoid delayed delivery, loss or damage of goods.

Step 7: After-sales service

Finally, if customers want to return, please wholeheartedly support maximum to build reputation and continue to develop in the future.

Some of the sharing about online business above is just the beginning. If you want to embark on this job, you need to dig deeper, deeper into all the jobs mentioned in today’s content. Despite many advantages, success in this field is not easy. However, if you are consistent, smart and creative, you can completely master and achieve the goal as expected.