Order Taobao is a business trend chosen by many young people. The Chinese market is extremely diverse, the prices are friendly, but there are many potential risks in terms of product quality. To become a connoisseur in the land of Taobao, pocket the blood business experiences below!

Order Taobao and bloody business experiences

Why do many people choose Taobao order business?

Currently, Taobao orders have become fertile ground for traders to plow and earn big money. It is no coincidence that families and people choose to order Taobao to start a business. All thanks to the great benefits that Taobao offers to merchants.

Products are rich in types and models when ordering Taobao

Just visit Taobao page, we can buy items in all areas of life. Typical examples include men’s and women’s fashion, shoes, bags, electronics, phone components, fabrics, raw materials for production, etc.

Taobao is a paradise of diverse goods
Taobao is a diverse commodity paradise

Just by searching by keyword, you can find a lot of units that provide the desired product. Besides, the number of orders is unlimited when Taobao is where major manufacturers in China post products for sale. They can accommodate orders of several hundred to several thousand products.

Quality of goods to meet Vietnamese needs

Talking about product quality, goods ordered from Taobao completely meet the needs of Vietnamese customers. Products are manufactured in factories in China – a country with many cultural features close to Vietnam. Therefore, items ordered from Taobao are quite satisfied and satisfied by Vietnamese users.

The price of Taobao order is very cheap

Import prices largely determine the profit of the merchant. The cost of ordering Taobao is very cheap compared to domestic and imported goods. Along with the good product quality, Taobao products are very popular in the Vietnamese market.

Order Taobao is cheap
Order Taobao is cheap

Besides, the obvious advantage when ordering Taobao is to compare prices. Online shops on this busy commerce site will appear one after another when you look up keywords. In addition, product prices are made public by Taobao allowing buyers to compare prices. Thanks to that, you can choose cheap, quality goods, optimize costs and profits.

Timely solution for sellers

Taobao is China’s leading e-commerce site. Taobao allows users around the world to access and manipulate shopping and payment quickly. Merchants do not need to visit the place to see the goods, make a deposit and make a contract like the traditional way. With just a smartphone or computer connected to the internet, all purchases and payments are made in just a few minutes. Whether you are at home, on the street or at a coffee shop, you can also place your order online.

Difficulty in trading Taobao orders

Taobao order business has a lot of potential in today’s explosive information technology era. Especially when Vietnam ranks first among the countries that use social networks the most. However, ordering Taobao is not a road paved with roses, but there are many difficulties along the way.

Language obstacles when ordering Taobao

Taobao is China’s number 1 largest e-commerce site. The entire website is installed in Chinese, causing Vietnamese users to face many difficulties when ordering goods for the first time. Although nowadays, translation software can help you somewhat to understand the product information. But if you want to order, you still need to talk to the supplier. Therefore, you need to understand some Chinese words to negotiate the best price with the shop owner.

Many people have language difficulties when ordering Taobao
Many people have language barriers when ordering Taobao

Order Taobao payment difficulty

Although it is supported to pay for goods online without going directly to the factory, but Taobao order merchants cannot avoid trouble. Every merchant buying on Taobao must have an Alipay account. To get this payment account, you have to go through many complicated steps. Therefore, many people tend to choose an intermediary to receive Taobao orders in the first days of entering this large market.

Long distance transportation

Shipping time also has a significant impact on the tendency of customers to purchase and cancel orders. If the shipping takes too long, customers are very likely to cancel the order, or refuse to accept the order. Therefore, you need to find a reputable and professional carrier to minimize the delivery time. Especially in the current pandemic situation affecting the transportation industry.

Goods ordered by Taobao shipped long distance from China to Vietnam
Goods ordered by Taobao shipped long distance from China to Vietnam

See now how to order Taobao in Vietnamese 

The entire e-commerce site is programmed in Chinese. This makes people who are ignorant of Chinese feel embarrassed. But we can still order Taobao quickly with the following instructions:

  • Step 1: Access the Taobao.com e-commerce site using the Chrome tool.
  • Step 2: Choose to convert the language from Chinese to Vietnamese.
  • Step 3: Translate the page into Vietnamese to search for products by desired keywords.
  • Step 4: Compare the prices that the shops offer. Refer to comments, feedback from buyers.
  • Step 5: Click to order at the shop with the ideal price and product quality.
  • Step 6: Make payment to the shop providing the goods.

Note: Users can pay via Alipay account or international payment card. If your Alipay account is not authenticated, your transaction amount will be limited each time. This makes it difficult for traders to import large quantities.

Meanwhile, Alipay accounts that want to be authenticated need to have personal information in China. That is why many people choose a 3rd party intermediary to import an unlimited number of goods.

Some bloody experience when doing Taobao order

If you are a “newbie” entering the Taobao business market, then surely you do not have much practical knowledge. Immediately pocket the bloody experience below, you will soon become a proficient trader right from the first time.

Make full use of Google translate

Merchants ordering Taobao are forced to visit the commerce site to find the source and information about the product. On this page, all information about the shop and product including: Price, description, address, shipping cost, buyer’s rating, etc. are displayed in Chinese.

Google translates the merchant's friend order Taobao
Google translate merchant friend order Taobao

If you are not a person with a lot of Chinese, you will not understand the content information that the shop provides. Google translate is considered an effective assistant in the process of purchasing orders from Taobao. Thanks to Google translate, Taobao visitors have a better understanding of the product information they are looking for.

Identify business items

Saying Taobao is a paradise is not wrong at all. Because this is the place to gather a variety of products from different fields. In order not to be dazzled in the middle of the “sea” of goods, you need to identify the business item from the beginning.

There are some items that customers are quite confused with Chinese origin, you can “dodge”:

  • Electronics such as washing machines, refrigerators, induction cookers, etc. Vietnamese consumers often do not have much sympathy for these items. With electronic goods, users prefer products from Japan, Korea, America,…
  • Skin care cosmetics, makeup: Information about Chinese cosmetics contaminated with lead, causing skin cancer, etc. appears quite popular on social networks. That’s why customers are always afraid and boycott Chinese cosmetics.

Meanwhile, items such as fashion, shoes, furniture, etc. are ideal for merchants. China is known as the second largest fashion factory in the world. With good quality and cheap price, fashion always dominates when ordering Taobao.

Choose a reputable shop

The number of shops on the Taobao order commerce site is countless. Just search by product keyword and you will receive a long line of shops. The products offered by each store have different prices and quality. So how to know that the shop provides reputable goods?

How to evaluate a reputable shop when ordering Taobao
How to evaluate a reputable shop when ordering Taobao
  • Rise high reputation: Each shop on the Taobao order page is displayed in parallel with its reputation. The level of prestige is high or low based on the reviews of users who have purchased products at the shop: Gold crown, silver crown, diamond, heart. You should choose shops with high reputation, reaching 3 diamonds or more to ensure the quality of imported products.
  • Products with large sales: In addition to the shop name and product name, Taobao also shows the sold quantity of each product. This is also an important indicator to evaluate product quality. Because the goods are good, customers will order more.
  • See actual customer reviews: Customers often have the habit of evaluating products after receiving goods. Besides genuine reviews, you can find actual product images. Based on that, you can judge whether the product photo is similar to reality or just hanging a goat’s head, selling dog meat.

Choose a shop with free shipping

If you choose a store that charges for shipping, you will lose a small amount at all. Because the transportation distance from China to Vietnam is very long. To save money, you can absolutely choose stores that offer free shipping. Free information is publicly displayed for users to easily grasp.

Besides, you should also consider choosing a shipping company with a warehouse in Vietnam closest to you. This will help you get the goods quickly, shortening the time to pick up the goods. Especially with orders that customers need urgently, they must be sent immediately. At the same time, choosing a carrier with a post office in Vietnam near where you live, you will not lose effort and cost each time you go to pick up the goods.

Order Taobao is a popular business trend and earns huge profits for merchants. It is forecasted that in the future, Taobao orders will grow even stronger with the explosion of information technology and e-commerce. Are you also intending to do business with Taobao? Please pocket the bloody experiences shared above to soon succeed, earn big profits!