Revealing ways to take beautiful photos with a beautiful phone
Revealing ways to take beautiful photos with a beautiful phone

With just a smartphone in hand, you can easily take great photos thanks to the high-resolution camera, wide-angle lens, and many features similar to a professional camera. However, that alone is not enough to capture stunning and charming images. Mastering the techniques of beautiful photography will help you capture pictures that captivate countless people.

How to take good photos with your phone
How to take good photos with your phone

The Basics of Composition Principles in Photography

To have beautiful photos, first and foremost, you must grasp the basic principles of composition, as they determine up to 70% of your image’s quality.

Rule of Thirds

This is a classic principle known as the “golden ratio” in photography. Applying this rule of capturing beautiful photos will bring harmony and balance to the image.

Accordingly, you can adjust the subject to be positioned one-third of the way across both horizontally and vertically. Then, adjust the main subject to fall within one of the four intersections of the frame. The Grid feature in photography apps will make it easier for you to implement this rule.

Converging Lines Principle

If you want to create captivating photos with depth, you should not overlook the converging lines rule. These converging lines can be train tracks, fences, or curves, depending on the shape of the object. By doing so, the main subject of the photo will stand out much more.

Principle of Convergence
Principle of Convergence

Centering and Symmetry Principle

This principle works perfectly when capturing symmetric objects or scenes with symmetrical elements, such as images reflected in a mirror or on water. Through this balance, your photo will convey a better message and create a sense of harmony.

Techniques for Taking Beautiful Photos with a Phone

Learning how to take beautiful photos with a phone, in addition to the basic composition principles in photography, you should also pay attention to angles, lighting, and colors.

Choose Simple Frames

In many situations, the subject is too small compared to the surrounding frame. To make it the center of attention and attract viewers’ eyes, bring the camera closer. If not close enough, you can zoom in to convey the desired content.

Simple scene selection
Simple scene selection

Fill the Empty Spaces

Many people often leave a considerable empty space in their photos. This makes the image lose its focus, and viewers may not understand your story. Therefore, the key to beautiful photography is to bring the camera close to the object/subject or position the object/subject in the center of the frame.

Capture in Good Lighting Conditions

Light plays a crucial role in creating the quality of an image. To have beautiful photos, you need to choose places with good lighting. This way, the image will look sharper and more vibrant. Also, avoid capturing against the light or in places with weak lighting. They will make the photo dark, and the subject and surrounding details will become blurry or even overexposed.

Additionally, in taking beautiful selfies, you need to adjust the brightness after taking the photo. You can manually edit it through the default photo editing features on your phone or use apps and software for assistance.

Change the Aspect Ratio

Having dozens or hundreds of photos with the usual 4:3 aspect ratio on your phone can be dull. Why not try different aspect ratios for a fresh and innovative look, such as square 1:1 photos or widescreen 16:9 photos? To adjust the aspect ratio, simply go to the camera settings in the app and select the desired ratio.

Change the aspect ratio
Change the aspect ratio

Control the Background

The background is the backdrop behind the object or subject of the photo. Controlling this background is essential. If not done well, it can make your photo messy and distracting to viewers, and even overshadow the main subject. However, with good control, even unappealing backgrounds can create masterpieces.

Therefore, the key to beautiful photography is to preview the frame before capturing. If not satisfied, you can change the angle, adjust the position of the object/subject, or use a bokeh effect camera.

Creative Colors and Unique Styles

Colors go beyond just light and dark shades. Therefore, besides color matching to create color contrast, make use of complementary colors as well. They will make your photos eye-catching and garner praise from everyone.

Moreover, when taking photos of impressive objects, events, or scenes, you can break the rules. This creativity will lead to unique and one-of-a-kind photos.

Owning beautiful photos is not difficult when you know these techniques for capturing beautiful photos above. In addition, apply and practice patiently to improve your photography skills and abilities.