Blogspot templates are interface templates with pre-designed layouts for Blogspot users. Templates help website users made from blogspot platform to decorate their blogs impressively without spending a lot of time tinkering. Here are the top 9 impressive blogspot landing page templates that you can try to build a website from blogspot.

Review top 9 multi-domain blogspot templates

VSM56 – Template blogspot homepage for travel booking website

VSM56 impresses by its clean and neat interface. Moreover, this is a website homepage blogspot template that provides full information for users.

Template blogspot homepage for tour booking websites</a >
Template blogspot homepage for Tour booking websites</ td>

The first impression about the VSM56 blogspot template is that it provides many frames to post images. This is a very necessary thing for travel websites. Moreover, the search bar is mounted right on the banner, bringing high convenience to users.

Because it is a blogspot template for the homepage of a travel website, the layout is very clearly divided into different categories, including:

  • Last-minute tour with good price – hit the psychology of looking for quality, cheap and close-to-date tours.
  • Domestic Tours – are placed right below so that users can quickly find them. This is suitable for the current situation of domestic travel lovers.
  • Overseas tour – arranged below domestic tour and similar layout.
  • Favorite destinations – introduce popular tourist destinations, which are the destinations chosen by many tourists today.
  • Travel inspiration – specializes in providing travel news and experiences.
  • Finally, information about the travel agency.

All these categories are arranged from top to bottom. With such layouts, it is convenient for mobile phone or computer users to search and look up information.

However, this spread arrangement of VSM56 does not have much creativity. It can be said that this is a good and typical blogspot template, but not new.

Template blogspot of a website specializing in selling baby fashion (VSM07)

Overall this is a relatively simple homepage template. Perhaps it is because the website targets the main shoppers who are mothers and the products purchased are babies. Moreover, the color of the Template is quite bright and somewhat vibrant.

Template blogspot of a website specializing in selling baby fashion</a >
Template blogspot of a website specializing in selling baby fashion</ td>

The layout of the Template is spread from top to bottom. This is a typical layout, which is very common on sales websites. This template does not use many dynamic effects, but mainly static form. This design makes the website seem more casual, but also easier to use for mothers.

A notable point of Template VSM07 is the arrangement of the communication system on the right edge of the website. This layout helps users easily recognize and have the mentality to click to receive advice, especially effective for customers who have not clearly defined their shopping goals. This is also a way to help attract more potential customers.

SEO standard real estate blogspot template (VSM49)

VSM49 blogspot template has a simple, clear layout, user-friendly design. The color scheme of this Template is harmonious and uniform, with the dominant blue tone. This choice helps the website interface become harmonious and uncluttered.

The VSM49 template is for websites specializing in real estate, but does not make users confused or shocked by too much information. The density of information as well as images is quite low, so it is easier for users to observe and learn.

The VSM49 template also has the main advantage of bringing the search bar to the top of the page, right in the middle, so users can quickly access and find information. Search filter is also built very convenient and easy to use.

The design of Template VSM49 is suitable for different devices, from mobile phones to computers or tablets. The customization of this template is quite fast, so it is convenient for a website specific to the real estate industry.

Template blogspot homepage for websites specializing in selling electronics (VSM94)

VSM94 blogspot template divides the homepage interface into 2 different large and small columns. While the left column shares category information, featured and catchy news, the right column shares information about products.

It can be said that this is a typical homepage Template for blogspot. Moreover, this Template also provides maximum convenience for users with shopping needs. Overall this is a convenient and easy to use homepage template.

Template Blogspot selling phones and computers (VSM75)

The VSM75 Blogspot Template has a similar design to the VSM56 Template shared above. That is, the information on this homepage template is shared from top to bottom. This layout helps users easily find the products they want by line, each different type is quite convenient.

Template Blogspot selling phones and computers</ td>
Template Blogspot selling phones and computers

The most noticeable difference is in the banner position. Instead of placing a search bar for users to use, this template uses images, characters, and numbers to attract customers, easier access to products and hot news updates, help buy Buy stronger.

This is a reasonable layout because for many users, having shopping needs may not necessarily remember the names and specifications of inherently complex computer and phone products. Not to mention such a banner layout helps to increase the liveliness and attractiveness of the website.

Template blogspot landing page marketing services (VSM42)

VSM42 blogspot template is designed to be the homepage of a website specializing in online marketing services. The interface of the VSM42 blogspot template is designed to be simple, uncluttered and has a clear layout. This makes it easier for users to get acquainted with the website.

Moreover, this blogspot template interface layout mainly provides the advantages and highlights of the service provider. Therefore, new users can grasp and understand the advantages of the unit and have a greater desire to use it. Overall, this is an effective way to attract customers.

Template blogspot landing page marketing services</td >
Template blogspot landing page marketing services

Not to mention, to increase the credibility and credibility of the brand, VSM42 blogspot template has more introductions about the team behind and provides experience for users. As a result, users can easily access the unit.

Template blogspot for websites specializing in online marketing services (VSM65)

VSM65 blogspot template is also used for a website specializing in online marketing services. However, the design and layout of this template is a bit different from the VSM42 template mentioned above. It’s about the effects on the website.

These effects can help make the website more lively. Moreover, it also proves that the loading speed of the VSM42 blogspot template is very fast. However, fast movements can make users easily distracted and become distracted. Therefore, it may cause them not to pay attention to learn more about the service.

The layout of the template is spread and introduces information from top to bottom. The design of the Template outlines the great advantages and features of the service provider. This is a layout to help users capture more information about the unit.

The features of this Template are also very diverse and easy to use. The customization is rich and the menu is informative to make it easy for users to find.

Template blogspot news, seo standard press, fast loading(VSM97)

VSM97 is a Template for websites specializing in general news. Therefore, the design of this Template fulfills the goal of providing as much information and images as possible to the user.

This is also the reason that the layout density on the interface of Template VSM97 is very dense. This can be confusing for beginners, and it takes more time to get used to the interface. However, the advantage is that once you are familiar with how to use the website, you can immediately skim the outstanding information.

However, this blogspot template does not have a lot of new or creative things. The layout and use of colors are relatively normal, without any highlights or breakthroughs. This can cause boredom for users, especially when there are currently many websites specializing in general news operating online. VSM97 needed something more special.

However, the VSM97 blogspot template has good ad optimization. Therefore, it brings a lot of efficiency and benefits to the website owner.

Template blogspot beautiful news seo standard (VSM88)

Similar to the VSM97 blogspot template, the VSM88 template is also used for the homepage of a website specializing in general news. Therefore, the layout of this blogspot template is not much different from its brother VSM97.

Template blogspot beautiful news seo standard</td >
Template blogspot beautiful news seo standard

However, the viewer’s impression of the VSM88 blogspot template is the wider and more open layout. The density of information will not be dense, but more clearly divided so viewers can easily observe and learn more information.

Because there are many images that will be used for the website when operating, VSM88 Template does not use many different background colors, in order to avoid the risk of causing confusion and confusion for users.

The news categories are divided very specifically for users to easily search and select the news they want. However, because of the small division, the news is easy to repeat, so when scrolling down the VSM88 Template interface, it will be somewhat monotonous and unimpressive.

On the other hand, Template VSM88 optimizes ads that are not unique. Ads occupy quite a large area, easily distracting users, but at the same time attract their attention more effectively.

Above are the top 9 impressive blogspot templates that we want to share with you. These templates have the advantage of a clear layout and use of harmonious colors, so they are easy to see. This makes it easier for users to get acquainted with the website when using it. So, we invite you to follow along to choose the most suitable blogspot template for your purposes.