One of the factors that determines whether your SEO is effective or not is SEO content. The content that the construction board is required to meet the needs, hit the psychology of customers. So how do you know that the content you are transmitting has touched the emotions of users and customers? Search Intent will help you do that. Join VSM to discover all the important information to help improve SEO content effectively in today’s era.

Search Intent - the most effective SEO content improvement 2021

Learn about Search Intent
Learn about Search Intent

What is Search Intent?

Search Intent is a fairly familiar term in the field of SEO today but this term was first used by Google engineer Andrei Broder  in 2002.

What is Search Intent?
What is Search Intent?

Search Intent (also known as User Intent, Keyword Intent) is the intention, purpose, question, and concern that users search on the SERPs. by Google. If your website meets high user demand, your website will rank up quickly on Google rankings.

According to Google engineer Andrei Broder, user search intent can be divided into 3 general purposes as follows:

  • Search, collect information for free for any field
  • Find information on a specific website that they have predefined
  • Searching for information for the purpose of trading, buying and selling.

Regardless of the purpose of searching for information on Google is different, the last thing they want is useful information to help them answer questions that have been posed before. That is also what your website needs to meet to reach customers and improve its position on the rankings.

Benefits of Search Intent

Search Intent is a feature, a tool to attract users in today’s digital life.

It is the benefits that it brings that are creating a new shape for online marketing in particular and marketing in general. Because consumers today tend to narrow or expand the search products and then decide to trade, without calculating and considering in advance. That’s why Google has been deploying intelligent algorithms to help approach the psychology and needs of customers. For that reason, Search Intent has been asserting its position.

Benefits of Search Intent in SEO
Benefits of Search Intent in SEO

With a Search Intent optimized website:

  • SEO content brings real value to users, meets search needs as well as enhances conversions and customer experience when accessing the website.
  • Minimize the bounce rate, retain customers to visit the website longer
  • Increase website traffic rate. Customers not only intend to find the information they need, but also have a need to find other information.
  • Reach more customers, which will be a very effective web advertising campaign.
  • Promote visibility on Google answer boxes. This will help your website be ranked first in the information search results at Google.

Classify Search Intent

With the practical benefits brought, Search intent has become an effective tool for users. So what are the types of Search intents and taxonomy?

Classify search intent
Classify search intent

According to the traditional classification, Search intent is divided into 3 types including: navigation, information and transaction. Another way of classifying is based on the concept of micro moment including: I want to know (Know), I want to Go (Go), I want to do (Do), I want to Buy (Buy). However, now when learning and using, users are more familiar with these 9 types of Search intent , which are:

Search Intent for information research

This is the most used and understood intent type today. This type helps users to search as well as get results of all fields such as learning, research, information from sites such as Wiki, blog or topic forum. It gives users the most useful information.

Search Intent for quick answers

This is the kind that gives the user a simple concept in the fastest time and without having to visit any web pages at all. With this type of need, Google will give answers in the form of   definition box, answer box

Search Intent purchase intent

Besides finding information, this is also an effective application when you are in need of shopping. When consumers research, the search page will provide online shopping websites such as Tiki, Lazada, Shoppee, ..

Search Intent searches Local

Searching for information related to a certain location is also listed by Search Intent and provided to customers in the fastest way. The resulting client can be local packs.

Search Intent visual search (multiple images)

Have you ever searched for information by image? For customers who search for information by images, how to make SEO effective. All Search Intent will help you solve the above problem. Then it will appear all kinds of Intent images returned from many image-specializing websites to help customers answer questions quickly.

Search Intent searches for videos

Similar to images, finding information from videos is also interested and used. When determining the needs of users, videos will be suggested through outstanding results accompanied by excerpts with detailed and easy-to-understand annotations.

Search Intent to learn brand

The fact that customers search for brand or personal information through Search Intent will help you get the websites of that company or organization. If that company, business, or organization does not have a website, customers will receive reviews, reviews, etc.

How to improve Search Intent in SEO effectively and simply

The diversity in Search Intent has been creating its own position, an important tool in the field of SEO in particular today. So how to be able to Search Intent quickly and effectively?

How to improve Search Intent effectively
How to improve Search Intent effectively

Here VSM summarizes and sends to customers some of the most effective and fastest ways to improve Search Intent today:

Separate your keywords by purpose

First you will proceed to separate keywords, keywords for the web. Separating keywords to build content will help your website be more diverse in content, not just targeting commercial queries. Take advantage of this available resource for SEO purposes.

Use SERP for content ideas

SERP is a summary of the most queried content, so you should take advantage and organize your keywords by SERP features to reach a wider audience.

Leverage offpage SEO

Some types of content, search information now respond well to web 2.0 content and external websites, so consider turning platforms into effective sales channels.

Above are some popular ways to improve Search Intent, besides there are many other effective ways to improve you should search and use.
So the above article we have provided you with the most important information about Search Intent – an effective SEO improvement tool in today’s era. If you have any questions about this tool, please contact us immediately for the fastest advice and answers.

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