In today’s 4.0 era, Lazada is considered a highly effective online sales channel. So what do you know about this e-commerce platform? How to register to sell on Lazada? What to keep in mind when doing business on Lazada? Read the article below to find out what you need to know when selling at Lazada.

All you need to know when selling on Lazada

Information about selling on Lazada
Information about selling on Lazada

Why do so many people register to sell on Lazada?

Currently, Lazada is known as an e-commerce platform that attracts a large number of consumers. Specifically, the outstanding advantages of doing business on Lazada are as follows:

  • Lazada is the leading prestigious online commerce site in Vietnam.
  • The sales management process is simple and easy to follow.
  • Support tracking and managing detailed orders.
  • Lazada’s promotions attract a large number of customers.
  • Professional shipping, delivery and collection support services.
  • Advertising programs to help sellers reach potential customers.
  • Easy account registration steps, suitable discount.

Therefore, choosing Lazada for online business is the optimal solution for businesses or individual business households.

Steps to register to sell on Lazada

To start selling on Lazada, you need to prepare some documents and create an account as prescribed.

Guide to register to sell on Lazada
Guide to register to sell on Lazada

Mandatory procedures include: Prepare business license, identity card or identity card, bank account for sales transactions. Stores selling clothes and shoes do not need a business license.

After preparing all the documents, the steps for sales registration are as follows:

Step 1: Set up Lazada account

Go to Lazada and select the seller channel item. Then, find the “Register Now” button to start registering an account.

You fill in all the information according to the instructions on the screen such as: Business type, country, phone number, store name,… Continue, click the “Confirm” button.

Fill in required information
Fill in required information

Note to enter personal information such as phone number and email address of the owner. Because the phone number will be the account to log in to Lazada when selling.

Step 2: Fill information for the booth

Continue, to complete the registration steps you need to fill in all information for the booth such as: Full name of the stall owner, ID number, business address, warehouse address, store information, bank account row,…

Then, you read the terms of Lazada and check the box “I have read and fully agree” => Click “Confirm”.

Enter information for booth
Write information for booth

At this step, you need to pay attention to fill in the specific and accurate warehouse address so that when the carrier comes to pick up the goods, it is easy to find.

In addition, if you are a business or a business household, you need to use a business account. If you run a small and personal business, you can use the account number of the shop owner.

Step 3: Post documents

  • Business households/companies need to post pictures of the front and back sides of the Business License. If you have a personal business, take a photo of the front – back of your CMT or ID card. Then find and select the “Confirm” button.
  • At this point, you will be redirected to the Lazada Seller Center admin screen (Lazada Seller Center is a dedicated page for sellers).
  • Register to manage chat feature by selecting Email account => Select the “Browse” button.

With just 3 simple steps, you have completed the procedures to register for a sales account on Lazada. However, your account has not been activated yet. Sellers need to perform some additional procedures before posting for sale.

Guide to join the course for beginners on Lazada

For your account to go live, you need to take a course for newbies on Lazada. The steps to start the course are as follows.

Steps to join the course on Lazada
Steps to join the course on Lazada
  • In Seller Center admin page: Select “First course”
  • Self-study program for sellers will appear on the screen: Self-study lessons with quizzes will help you understand the sales system and process on Lazada in-depth.

Specifically, the course will focus on some topics such as:

  • Commitment to quality of goods: Do not sell fake goods, poor quality goods. The seller needs to properly describe the actual quality of the product.
  • Skills Guide to “Create a Product”: There is a complete set of detailed step-by-step instructions.
  • Answer the question about “Quality Regulations and Product Posting”.
  • Lazada guides you through “Order Processing” and “Financial Management”.
  • Answer the question about “Tracking your finances.”

After going through two steps of registering an account and completing the course, the seller only has the last step. It is “Complete posting products for sale on Lazada”.

Finished posting products for sale on Lazada

When uploading products, sellers can choose one of two ways: Post products by manual steps or post products in bulk on Lazada.

Post products manually

  • You access the Lazada Seller Center channel => Select the box “Create a product” at the top Banner.
  • Find the “Create your own” button and click on it.
Manual post products
Post products manually
  • Then the screen will take you to the “Add Product” page. Here, please fill in all the information about your item such as: Product name, category, brand name,…
  • Then select the “Save and Done” button. Within 24 hours, your product will be approved and sold on Lazada.

Note that the information marked with a red “ * ” is mandatory for the seller to provide. In addition, there are some items that are other information that you may not fill in. However, if the seller provides sufficient information, customers will understand more about the product and easily buy.

Buy products on Lazada

For stores with a large number of products, bulk posting is the optimal method. Sellers can post hundreds of products at once with just a few taps.

  • Access to Seller Center admin page => Select “Products” => Click on the box “Add Product” => Continue to select “Batch Upload”.
  • At the Import tab, go to the “Create category” section and select the industry you are doing business in => Select the blue link.
  • At the Template History tab, the system will automatically switch to the section at the template file => Click on “Download” to download the product list form to your device.
At the Template History tab, select Download
At the Template History tab, select Download
  • There will be detailed instructions on how to post products in bulk when selling on Lazada.
  • Please follow the instructions => Fill in the required information and upload the file to the product listing.

What is the selling fee on Lazada?

Since the establishment of Lazada e-commerce site, sellers have to pay fees such as:

  • Fixed fee: When goods are sold, the fee is calculated as a % of the product price
  • Default fee: Fee that applies penalties when sellers fail to comply with Lazada’s regulations.
  • Service fee: Types of costs incurred when using sales services on Lazada.

However, to best support sellers, Lazada has waived fixed fees and service fees from April 1, 2018. Thus, when selling on this channel, you only need to pay a service fee.

Service charges arise from:

  • Pick-up cost (for stores with more than 30 orders/day): Lazada’s system will go to the enterprise’s warehouse to pick up goods to Lazada’s transshipment place.
  • Fulfillment by Lazada Costs: These are FBL order processing fees, overdue storage fees, and return processing fees.

Mistakes to avoid when selling on Lazada

Currently, Lazada has removed the default fee, but if it detects a seller’s fraudulent goods, the system will evaluate your shop with a low score. Since then, the visibility of products on Lazada has decreased sharply. This leads to poor customer access, and the orders that come out every day are “flat”.

What mistakes should be avoided when selling on Lazada?
What mistakes should be avoided when selling on Lazada?< /td>

So to avoid violating Lazada’s terms, sellers need to pay attention to the following:

  • Trading in fake goods, imitation goods of other brands
  • Trading in prohibited goods
  • Product has expired
  • Goods without original seals, used
  • The seller voluntarily cancels the order due to out of stock
  • The seller has no stock but still makes a request to pick up the goods
  • Delivery to the carrier on time
  • Wrong delivery or improper packaging.
  • Seller refuses warranty policy.
  • Package of fraudulent items, not the same as advertised.

Depending on each case, Lazada will issue a specific penalty for the store. If it’s light, it will reduce the product display rate, worse, the cooperation contract with Lazada will be terminated. Therefore, the seller should really pay attention so that the business process does not make the above mistakes.

How to sell on Lazada effectively

Doing business on Lazada is not difficult, if you know the process and know how to run product ads. However, if you know some good tips, your order will definitely “explode” more. So to make money quickly from selling on Lazada, the seller should immediately pocket some of the following tips.

How to sell on Lazada effectively
How to sell on Lazada effectively

Motivate positive customer reviews 

Note the customer reviews, take good care of your customers to receive a 5* rating. Because, positive customer reviews also determine the level of product visibility.

Describe detailed product information

The product description information needs to be detailed so that customers can clearly understand your item. Once you know the parameters, warranty, usage, .., the buyer will no longer have questions.

Take great product photos

Limit taking pictures of products online because customers can’t see the real product. Invest in real product photography, edit it beautifully and post it on your booth.

Watch out for Lazada offers

Every month, Lazada often launches a lot of attractive promotional codes such as: Cashback, % off, free shipping,… Therefore, take advantage of these codes to attract customers to buy your products. . Since then, sales revenue has increased rapidly.

Above is all information about selling on Lazada. Doing business at Lazada will become simpler and easier if you carefully read the content of the article. Besides understanding the steps to register an account, please note the mistakes to avoid when opening a store. Wish you success when doing online business at Lazada.