SEO without backlink is a term that many SEOers are interested in today and question. The most asked question is whether it is possible to do SEO well without backlinks? In fact, backlinks are extremely important, but it’s not everything. You can still do good SEO if you know the tips shared by VSM below.

No backlink SEO - Is it possible and how?

Before learning how to do SEO without backlinks, you need to understand what a backlink is. Backlink is one of the important factors that SEOer must understand. It is a term that refers to the links returned to your website from other websites, social networks, forums and blogs. By integrating backlinks on other spaces, you will stimulate users to click on this link and be directed to your website.

Backlink leads users from elsewhere to a landing page that is your website
Backlink leads users from elsewhere to your website’s landing page</span >

With SEO, backlink is a priority factor in the process of bringing the website to the top every day, every month. It greatly affects the ranking of the website on search engines. The more quality backlinks a website has, the easier it is to get to the top. You can see this by referring to the sites recommended in the top 1 – top 10 on Google.

In terms of importance, backlinks are a decisive factor in the reputation of the website, leading to whether Google considers it to be at the top or not. By integrating backlinks in your website and many other spaces, you will make users curious and click on that link. As a result, the number of visits to your website will be greater, helping to popularize the brand that you own.

With those great benefits, SEO without backlinks becomes a problem that makes many people doubt. Because of the lack of backlinks, it becomes more difficult to find your previously unknown customers. However, you should understand that backlinks are part of SEO, not the entire success of this activity.

Backlink is important but not all for SEO
Backlink is important but not all for SEO</td >

Backlink-free SEO can still be effective if you know how to run it. This method has the advantage of being free of cost, bringing more natural value and being safe. Meanwhile, SEO has very good backlinks, but the risk is also great, you can be penalized for spam.

In addition, SEO without backlinks also helps your website generate links, and these are very valuable links. Meanwhile, SEO with links creates a consequence that the link build is larger than the self-generated link, so it is not quality. You also need to have the correct mindset when going backlinks, otherwise it is easy to be tilted in the wrong direction.

Through the above sharing, you must have understood more about backlink as well as its role and decisiveness with a website. If your business does not have an abundant budget, you should choose SEO without backlinks and grow slowly but surely. While this can make you feel impatient, the return is amazing. Please refer to some of the following tactics for effective SEO.

SEO Traffic User 

This is a no-backlink SEO method that focuses on increasing quality traffic because of virtual traffic, buying and not having much value. You need to understand that, having traffic is great, but not every lot is right, but you should pay attention to the value it brings. Traffic when entering the web must leave many benefits such as how to enter, what to access, how long to stay and how often to visit. That way, your website will develop sustainably and be appreciated for Google to consider putting it on the top.

You should choose quality traffic over quantity
You should choose quality traffic over quantity

With this no-backlink SEO method, you should focus on creating traffic sources from social networks or search engines. You can share your website on Facebook, Zalo, or through Google ads, Facebook ads, using the tool. You can also find traffic sources through the community,,… Many businesses choose to buy real traffic for quick results.

SEO Content 

This is one of the best quality SEO without backlinks. Focusing on content makes users feel confident in your website, and they are more likely to search for keywords on the web you create. The value that you bring to users is great, useful knowledge and therefore, they will give you the value of bringing your website to the top of search.

Focus on content quality

The quality of the articles you update on the website must be really high, practical and applicable to users. So, instead of just spinning content or writing in a generic way, invest in content. When you have a keyword, focus on researching it, selecting the essence from the reference information and synthesizing it into a complete article.


The article content is very important
The content of the article is very important

Quality content will be self-linking, self-spread to the community, loved by many people, and that is SEO without backlinks. This is the basis for your website rankings to increase faster and stay there steadily instead of suddenly going up and down. You can consider integrating current trends, building viral content and investing brainpower into every word.

Focus on quantity

Once you have quality content, focus on quantity, which means you cover the top keywords with low difficulty to easily occupy the top. Because users today are very smart, they can know what is right and wrong information, choose where to refer. If your article is good, valuable and relevant to the search term, your website will become their familiar visit, effective SEO does not backlink.

One note is that to cover the top, you have to be diverse in topics, not just encapsulated in a niche. You should study customer habits and make a list of popular keywords, produce quickly and choose the necessary unique rate. Once you have a position, you can insert some content copied from one article to another of your own and also from content copied from other articles on other websites. This method applies to information that is considered obvious, helping to shorten the time to post.

SEO Onpage 

SEO without backlinks with Onpage SEO is also being applied by many people today. The effectiveness of this method is quite high, coming from the fact that you optimize every detail in the articles you post on the website every day.

Perfect Onpage SEO is the SEO way without backlinks
Perfect Onpage SEO is the SEO way without backlink


This content should stimulate curiosity, such as “I cried when I found out…” or “Close 1000 orders per month with 3 tips…”. However, you should only optimize the title in 55 – 65 characters, the keyword is as early as possible.

Meta description/Description of orientation

Also the information that appears in the search bar, just below the title line. Users will base on this to know what you will write in the article and choose to click and refer to it in a logical, orderly manner. It also contributes to stimulating interest and curiosity.


The content of the sections must be relevant, leading the user to find the answer to the search keyword. Heading must contain the main keyword and the secondary keyword if any to index the content faster.

Internal links are understood as links on the same page, from this link to another link belonging to the same website. Therefore, in the process of writing articles, creating quality content for SEO without backlinks, you should prioritize this more. Please refer to the keyword table carefully and integrate the keywords of the previous post into the next article so that users can fully learn and stay longer on your website.

parasitic SEO

Although the name of this method is not very “cool”, it is a very good SEO way without backlinks to the top. To do this, you need to be an experienced SEOer and think logically and creatively in the process.

Specifically, parasitic SEO means that you place the landing page on a quality domain, inheriting the prestige of the existing domain. As a result, your landing page will reach the top of the search extremely quickly, without having to wait for the traffic to rank.

Parasite SEO based on the authority of the chosen domain
SEO is parasitic based on the authority of the chosen domain

This SEO method without backlinks has the advantage of getting to the top quickly, but it won’t be long if the content inside is not really quality. Therefore, you should pay attention to choosing a high authority domain with a large DA, relevant to the keyword and belonging to that field. For example, if you want to write PR or media articles about the web, you should choose VNExpress, for health articles, choose Vinmec,… 

Although SEO without backlinks is not too difficult, it requires you to have high professional skills, limitless creativity and a lot of time. Most people stop at the time condition, because there are many other tasks to do. At this point, your smartest choice is to use SEO services without backlinks from VSM.

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In case you do not want to use the service because you can do it yourself, you can choose to buy the essentials with the top of the web. VSM also provides extremely quality traffic website package, used by real users, committed to not tool bots, fake IPs. The time each user traffic stays on your website will last up to 60 seconds, which is extremely long compared to the current average.

VSM's real traffic service is very popular
VSM’s real traffic service is very popular

Traffic that VSM provides is taken completely naturally, helping to accelerate the on top, combined with your standard Onpage SEO is perfect. Thanks to that, getting into the top 10 of searches is a quick thing, you will feel the difference after only a few days of cooperation with VSM.

Above are detailed information about SEO without backlink and how to do it correctly. . Hopefully with the sharing from VSM, you will know how to quickly apply for your website and get to the top. If you are in need of support, please contact us to provide real traffic or perform the best package service.