Keyword analysis is one of the most important steps that SEOer cannot ignore. This is also a decisive stage for the quality of SEO services. Accurate keyword analysis, right trend in the coming time will make an important contribution to increase website SEO efficiency as well as compete with competitors. A useful tool that makes keyword analysis simple and fast that SEOer cannot ignore is Seoquake. Let’s explore the outstanding features of this tool with VSM.

What is Seoquake?- a great helper for SEOers
Seoquake – a great assistant of SEOers

Keyword planner overview

You need hours to sit down to analyze keywords to develop effective website content. You have a headache to research, find out that sometimes keywords are not trending, making SEO efficiency decrease. All the above disadvantages will be quickly overcome in just a few minutes through the Seoquake tool.

What is Seoquake?

Along with the general development of modern technology, SEO features increasingly reveal all the advantages and indispensable roles in the online business market today. So what is Seoquake tool that is used so popularly today?

What is Seoquake?
What is Seoquake?

Seoquake is known as a completely free SEO plugin used on Google, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera browsers. This tool is a great help in providing numeric data about onpage optimization factors. Besides, the ability to search data by simple operations.

Since the introduction of SEO marketing tools until now, Seoquake has always been the best choice in the top of the most effective and economical SEO tools today.

Benefits of the Seoquake tool

Thus, Seoquake has been affirming its important position in the current SEO web service industry. So what benefits does this tool bring to the user and why is it so popular?

Used for data analysis, keyword
Use for data analysis, keywords

To help customers have an overview of the Seoquake tool, VSM shares with you some of the benefits and features of this top keyword research tool:

Provide quality SEO metrics

Seoquake is a quality tool to help you collect data for a quality website SEO strategy. Installing and using Seoquake you will collect the following data:

  • Alexa rank
  • Age of the domain
  • SEMrush ranking, looking up quality and accurate domain information (whois)
  • Likes and interactions on the most typical social networking sites are facebook.
  • The data is closely related, affecting the effectiveness of SEO on SERP.

Keyword analysis, quality data

Besides being a data-providing tool, Seoquake is also known as a tool for analyzing keywords and data quickly and accurately. Analyze data to get results:

  • Effective analysis of external backlinks pointing to the main website
  • Analysis of the status of external and internal links
  • Find quality keywords
  • Analyze from there to give data comparing domains and URLs, social metrics

So above are the two main benefits that Seoquake  brings to users. Besides the main benefits above, Seoquake  also effectively supports effective SEO web services, quickly getting to the top and earning the highest economic profit.

The components that make up Seoquake

Seoquake Features
Seoquake Features

So with the above information that VSM provides to customers, you must have got an overview of this powerful tool. To be able to take full advantage of the features of this tool, the most important step you must learn is the structure or features that make up Seoquake. So what features are integrated with Seoquake and what are the functions of each part? Find the answer with VSM right here:

Page Information tag

Page Information tag
Page Information tag

This tag has the function of providing users with the most basic information of your website such as: path, title, meta, sapon, keywords, lines internal and external links, server information, etc. These information help you get an overview of the website.

Google Pagerank tag

Google Pagerank has the main function of viewing the main ranking order of the website in terms of quality, prestige, and effectiveness on the scale given by Google. Seoquake integrates this tag to provide users with the ability to assess the credibility of the website. The higher the web rating index, the more likely your website will be on the top of the google search engine, thereby reaching more customers and earning outstanding business profits.

Google Index Tag

Google Index Tag
Google Index Tag

The main function of this tag that Seoquake creates is to help index. This index will reflect the content headings as well as the extent to which the website is constantly being updated with new content. Any website must have this tag, if not, your website is faulty and needs to be reviewed.

Alexa Rank Tag

The main function of Alexa Rank is to evaluate the performance and popularity of the website in a certain territory or country. If this index of the website is low, the smaller it is, the quality of the website’s performance is extremely good.

Webarchive age tag

The next card that is indispensable to constitute the Seoquake tool is the Webarchive age. The tag is responsible for providing the domain creation date of the web. It is updating the exact time that will help you calculate the life of the web. The longer the lifespan, the greater the reputation.

Tweets tag

If you are in need of statistics on the number of Twitter users pointing to your website, you should make the most of the Tweets tag. In case the index is higher, your website is receiving good user feedback.

Facebook like tag

This card has the main function of statistics and reports on the number of Facebook website users related to your website. From there, you will assess whether your website’s social network backlinks are good or not.

Besides the above main tags, Seoquake also integrates many other tags that perform effective SEO functions such as Google Plus One, Whois, Page Source, Destiny, Internal, External, …

Instructions on how to use the Seoquake tool effectively and with quality

As an effective assistant of SEOers, surely companies and businesses deploying online marketing campaigns cannot ignore this tool. So is using Seoquake easy or not? What are the steps? Learn how to use the Seoquake tool effectively right here with VSM:

On – Page SEO Audit

On-Page SEO Audit Guide
Instructions On – Page SEO Audit

HTML error is one of the most common mistakes when you build a website. Seoquake will help you detect that error to edit and extract data.

Editing is done as follows:

  • Login to customer’s website on Google browsers such as Chrome, Cococ,
  • Select the icon of the Seoquake tool
  • When the pop-up window appears, continue to choose Diagnosis. After clicking you will receive a summary data table to help you evaluate your website. From there, there will be a strategy to help optimize the website more accurately.

Keyword density

In case if you want to take advantage of Seoquake to analyze as well as calculate keyword density and distribution, then you take the following steps in turn:

Keyword Density Analysis
Keyword density analysis
  • Upload your website to Google’s browser
  • Select the icon of the Seoquake tool
  • A pop-up window appears, choose Destiny

Your job is to wait for Seoquake to extract for you a data table of keyword density analysis.

For SEOers, the evaluation, statistics, comments on internal links, backlinks pointing to the website, the number of follow, notfollow or image links are always an obsession. Doing this without supporting tools can take hours and sometimes go wrong. However, with SEOquake, things are gradually becoming simpler. To check, analyze and evaluate Internal and External Links of your website, you need to perform the following steps:

  • Upload your website to Google’s browser
  • Select the icon of the Seoquake tool
  • A pop-up window appears, click Internal or External.

After doing the above, you will receive a list of internal and external links that have been set up on the website. The statistics table will help evaluate the situation of quality web SEO or not to come up with more quality marketing strategies.

Some notes when using Seoquake

Thus, we can evaluate that Seoquake is a useful tool and an effective assistant of businesses, companies and SEOers. However, not every feature of this tool is quality and every analysis is accurate. To make this tool really 100% effective, you need to note the following issues:

Some notes when using Seoquake
Some notes when using Seoquake
  • Is there a fee for Seoquake? This tool is completely free to use, customers do not have to pay any cost to use it.
  • In fact, with SEO, it is not necessary to use SEOer tools 24/24. So if you want to turn on / off this tool, you just need to adjust the adjustment button on the left side of the screen interface.
  • Deleting Seoquake is also an issue you need to take care of. So how to delete Seoquake when not in use.
    • Delete on Chrome platform: click in turn:More Tools =>Extensions => SEOquake => Delete.
    • Delete in Firefox: click Open-> Add-on => Remove

Thus, the above article VSM has shared to customers important, useful and extremely understandable information about Seoquake tool. Hopefully with the above sharing will help you make the most of all the preeminent features. If you have any questions or need to use SEO and advertising services, please contact VSM, we are pleased to serve you.

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