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Buying Used Phones is gradually becoming a trend that many people are pursuing nowadays. This option brings many benefits, such as cost savings while still owning a high-quality device. So, in reality, is it advisable to buy a used phone, and what are the tips for choosing a good one? Find out the details below.

Should I buy a used phone or not? How to choose a good machine
Should I buy a used phone or not? How to choose a good machine

Should You Buy a Used Phone?

Should I buy a used phone or not?
Should I buy a used phone or not?

As mentioned above, buying a used phone brings many practical benefits for you. The details of the matter are updated below:

Cost Savings

The cost of a new phone is always very high. Especially with high-end smartphone models, the price can reach 50 million or even higher.

In contrast, when buying a used phone, you only need to spend 50% of the amount compared to the original price of a new device. For popular phone brands like Xiaomi, iPhone, Samsung, Sony, even with significant price reductions, the quality remains good.

Used phones cost 50% less than new ones
Used phones cost 50% less than new ones

Owning a High-End Model at a Lower Price

Currently, the demand for high-end products is becoming more common in the market. However, due to the high prices of new devices, buying a used phone is also preferred by many. As manufacturers constantly release new products, older phones are being resold to keep up with market trends.

You can see this clearly with the famous global brand, Apple, and its iPhone

series. Currently, older iPhone models from 7 to 11 Pro Max are gradually losing their place to the 12 Pro Max. So, buying a used phone can make you feel like you are getting something incredibly new.

Tips for Choosing a High-Quality Used Phone

You have decided to buy a used phone, but you don’t know the best way to do it. Here are some tips:

Choose the Right Time to Buy

Usually, before launching a new product, manufacturers will promote the phone about 1 month or 1 week before its release. The best time to buy the used phone you desire is 2-3 months after the launch of the new model.

This is the “golden” time for users to sell their old phones and buy new ones, or you can consider buying international versions. Furthermore, you may also consider buying phones with lower versions, such as purchasing a Samsung Galaxy S8 after the Galaxy Note 8 is released. At this time, the price of Samsung Galaxy S8 will be lower, but its condition and quality will be equivalent to a used phone.

It is recommended to buy a used phone after 3 months of the new phone line being released on the market
It is recommended to buy a used phone after 3 months of the new phone line being released on the market

Compare Prices from Multiple Sellers

The prices of used phones are not fixed; they depend on the condition of the device. Therefore, before buying a used phone, take some time to research different stores or websites.

With this effort, you will surely avoid buying the wrong used phone. Instead of focusing solely on the appearance, check the phone’s functionality, 3G/4G network, battery life, sensitivity, and other technical aspects.

Check the Warranty and Return Policy

When buying a used phone, you should carefully research the warranty and return policy. There is a possibility of issues with the used phone, such as hardware problems, software issues, or camera malfunctions. Therefore, understand the warranty and return policy to feel at ease while using the used phone and safeguard your rights in the future.

Evaluate the Seller’s Reputation

Besides examining the warranty and return policies of the seller, you should also evaluate the information and reputation of the seller.

Learning about the seller will help you avoid risks when buying a used phone. The best way is to check previous customer reviews to ensure that you are not choosing the wrong seller.

Check IMEI and Network Signal

IMEI is an essential code that helps verify the origin of the phone. The IMEI code will inform you whether the phone is genuine or not, providing you peace of mind when making the purchase.

If the used phone comes with its original box, check whether the IMEI number matches the one on the phone. You can check the IMEI number by dialing *#06# to see the results.

Check IMEI and phone signal to assess the origin of the product
Check IMEI and phone signal to assess the origin of the product

Check the Battery

With a used phone, the battery capacity may have significantly decreased due to usage over time. Hence, you need to test the battery. If you notice that the phone’s battery drains slowly, then go ahead and buy that used phone.

In conclusion, buying a used phone can help you save a substantial amount of money, with prices reduced by up to 50% compared to new devices. Moreover, it offers you the chance to experience high-end phones at a lower cost. We hope that the 6 tips we shared for buying used phones will help you find the best device for yourself.