The field of marketing communication is an indispensable part for business people from small businesses to large companies. Today, the small segment of marketing is digital marketing, which is interested by many people and is gradually being used widely because it has great effectiveness in the business process under the development of the 4.0 industrial age. So what is it, how does the environment work, let’s answer questions through the following part of the article.

digital marketing
digital marketing
Digital marketing What are the major platforms in digital
What is digital marketing? Key Digital Platforms

What is digital marketing?

As shared, digital marketing is a small area of marketing. Digital marketing is an online marketing activity through digital platforms on the internet.

It is aimed at customers who use smart electronic devices that can connect to the network. Or you can understand more simply digital marketing is a small campaign of marketing related to the digital technology environment.

Is digital marketing important nowadays?

If you often use technology, buy commercial products in the market through online advertising, you can partly feel that digital marketing has become an indispensable part of today. Digital marketing is extremely important to help companies and businesses partly interact with old customers and expand new customer files through the internet.

This is extremely convenient and useful compared to traditional marketing methods. Because with digital, in addition to expanding the customer file, businesses also improve the rate of reaching potential customers in an extremely flexible way according to each campaign stage you want.

Digital marketing increases sales by reaching customers correctly

With common types of marketing communication such as: television advertising or outdoor banners, in magazines … it is quite difficult to measure the file known to customers through these types. But with digital, there are tools to help marketers target specific audiences as well as personalized information that brings higher rates to customers.

A simple example to make it easier for you to understand: let’s say you are using digital marketing technology through SEO, Google Adwords or a social network like Facebook… This will help you reach your interested customers. to the products or services you provide.

Reach leads at a higher rate
Reach leads at a higher rate

You can filter objects through personalized information: gender, age, location, interests… Filtering personalized information as well as “key words” helps you advertise to the file. large potential customers as well as demand for products and services.

Optimized marketing costs

Thanks to advertising in the form of digital marketing, you can completely filter the customer file through personalized information. This saves you a large part of your advertising budget. Thanks to this advantage, today there are countless companies and businesses using this type of marketing.

Fast approaching speed

In the age of technology, the internet is used a lot, so after posting information and using digital tools, potential customers will immediately access the marketing information you want to share. Because digital through platforms and social networking channels support that information to be sent quickly.

Extremely fast access speed thanks to technology and personal information data
Extremely fast access speed thanks to technology and information data personal

The coverage of digital marketing can be said to be large on a global scale. Just through activity history information or declarations, your marketing campaign will reach a potential audience. Customers and readers can only access posted information through just a click of a mouse by searching for keywords or surfing on social networking sites.

There are tools to measure the effectiveness of the marketing process

Measuring the effectiveness of traditional marketing is relatively difficult, however, this is effectively overcome in digital Marketing. With digital tools to analyze and report metrics, businesses can control and measure the results and evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns easily and proactively.

Businesses can measure with relative accuracy the level of interest of a group of potential customers. With a certain ad template, or know the number of people searching, accessing your website with specific keywords via search engines, etc.

Digital marketing has tools to measure and evaluate effectiveness in the marketing process
Digital marketing has effective measurement and evaluation tools in the next process display

As a result, businesses can flexibly customize Digital Marketing campaigns to suit their budgets and specific goals. Measuring business performance, calculating costs, revenue, and profit on each product is simpler and more effective, which is an advantage that traditional Marketing is difficult to achieve.

Platforms – the main foundation in digital marketing

Although we will have different divisions and definitions of digital marketing. But in general, today’s popular digital platforms include:

Platforms in digital marketing
Digital marketing platforms
  • SEO – search engine optimization
  • PPC – pay per click
  • Content marketing
  • SMM – Social media marketing
  • AM – Affiliate marketing
  • Context advertising – Native advertising
  • Marketing Automation
  • Email Marketing
  • Online PR – online publish relations
  • Sponsored Content – Sponsored content
  • IM – Inbound marketing

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SEO has the main goal of getting your website to rank higher in search engine results. This helps the website get new traffic because it appears at the top of the search engine menu. SEOs need to do SEO search engine optimization in the form of:

SEO - search engine optimization in digital marketing
SEO – search engine optimization in digital marketing
  • Offpage SEO: is an SEO method that mainly focuses on the external activities of the website. This SEO will focus on building backlinks, thereby helping to improve authority, optimize keywords so that the site’s search results are displayed in high rankings.
  • SEO onpage: for onpage SEO will be different from offpage which is the strategy of focusing on the content on the website in the most optimal way. Through activities as well as research on behaviors and keywords that are searched and interested by many people, bringing the most reasonable answers to readers.
  • Technical SEO is known to be technically optimized. In technical form, the user experience when accessing the website will be enhanced such as: page load speed, display layout, images, CSS…

Pay per click (PPC)

PPC stands for pay per click. This is a method of increasing website traffic by paying through each click of your advertisement. When it comes to PPC, Google Adwords is currently the most popular type of advertising today. In addition to advertising on Google Adwords, some other ads are also quite popular today, such as:

PPC - Pay per click is an effective method of increasing traffic, marketing to a large number of potential customers
PPC – Pay per click is an effective method of increasing traffic, marketing to a large number of potential customers
  • Social networks Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn…: Advertising tools on social networking sites, especially Facebook, are used a lot. Even for small businesses or large units and businesses. Because it supports you to display ads in many forms from articles to videos to help you reach many potential customers.
  • Advertisement on other websites: CocCoc, Bing, Yahoo… These are other search engines besides Google. Similar to Google Adwords, these platforms also support advertising, although the number of users is not as many as Google.
  • An emerging social networking site today – Tiktok: This is a video social networking site that is widely used and widely advertised today. Because the videos are not too long, the content is attractive, it is easy to create and edit videos with music tracks. In addition, Tiktok also supports you to filter potential customers through digitizing account information.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing – this is a form of marketing through content or exactly based on storytelling, bringing useful information to readers. For the simplest and most intuitive example, this article is also considered a form of content marketing. A few popular strategies of content marketing:

  • Blogging
  • Edit, create podcasts, videos
  • Infographic: Infographics are heavily used through Pinterest.
  • White papers (books) or ebooks.

Social media marketing

This is a method of social media marketing through network platforms to promote interaction, promote images or promote brands. Currently, the most commonly used social networks include: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok …

Social media marketing is used a lot these days
Social media marketing is used a lot these days

Through social media marketing, you will be able to interact with customers, help them understand more about your products, services and desires. Thereby creating favorable conditions in the process of forming or continuing the development of the company or enterprise.

Affiliate marketing

This is the process where the affiliate commission is shared. Affiliates can be promoters, thereby earning profits from the products sold. Sales from affiliates are tracked through affiliate websites from one place to another.

Native advertising

Native Advertising is contextual advertising. You can simply understand that for each cost you pay, the advertising means and services provided will correspond to each level of payment.

Marketing automation

Marketing automation is a type of marketing automation through the use of software. The marketing automation can be through email, articles on the website or on social networking sites. Today’s marketing automation technology is quite simple and common.

Email marketing

The email marketing model is considered to be quite modern. Because it is aimed at audiences who are interested in products and services, it has now moved away from spam emails.

Email marketing is a highly effective digital marketing
Email marketing is a highly effective digital marketing

Email marketing is sent to the lead files with the consent of the email recipient. Email marketing is located in the advertising tab box, not in the spam section, when there is an incoming message, it still displays a notification if the user has the function installed.

Online PR

Online PR is communication, public relations. Online PR is an acronym for online publish relations. Online PR can combine and link with influencers or celebrities to increase credibility as well as expand the audience.

Online PR helps connect, increase the number of potential customers
Online PR helps connect, increase the number of potential customers

Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is the process of increasing potential customers who can see your products or services. This is through previous customers who have purchased and used the service and their friends will see the information. Or this type of marketing aimed at customers with intent to buy and use increases trust through increasing brand awareness and attraction through SEO, social media marketing.

The above is a summary of the information about digital marketing that we send to you. Hope this article helps you understand digital better. If you are looking for a support unit, providing this service, please contact VSM VN via live chat: [Digital Marketing ] for completely free 24/7 support.