Business ideas are the key to helping young people open the way to business success. However, in today’s difficult times, getting smart development ideas is not a simple matter. The top 11 business ideas below will be the perfect suggestions for young people who want to start a business in 2022.

Top 11 business ideas with low capital and high profits you should definitely refer to

Business ideas are the foundation for your success
Business ideas are the foundation for your success

Business handmade food during Tet

The first business idea in the upcoming Lunar New Year you can refer to is the handmade food business. Currently, “the storm of counterfeit goods”. Poor quality products are making consumers feel confused and worried. Therefore, choosing handmade food with clear origin, “homemade” is the perfect choice for families.

During Tet, when the demand for food increases, the handmade food business will bring you great profit opportunities. As long as the business food is a new and unique type of food, you will surely attract the attention of customers.

Landscape business

Tet comes, spring comes to make the house more fresh and beautiful, families often buy a lot of different ornamental plants. The idea of bonsai business during Tet is a “hot idea” pursued by many young people. Just ask, capture the trend of playing trees of customers, you can easily achieve success when investing in this field.

House cleaning service business

Today, due to increasingly busy work, the time for families to take care of and clean the house is limited. Besides, manual cleaning takes a lot of time and cleaning efficiency is not high. House cleaning service businesses are the solution to help you accomplish these difficulties.

With a team of professional staff, a system of modern machines and cleaning agents, cleaning will take place much faster and more efficiently. House cleaning service business idea is the new business trend chosen by many units today.

Gym is also one of the most chosen business ideas in this period. current paragraph
Gym is also one of the most chosen business ideas in the current period

Open Gym 

Gym is also one of the most chosen business ideas in the current period. When the epidemic is complicated, people’s health is more focused and concerned. Fitness has become a trend chosen by many customers. Regular exercise at the gym not only helps you get a healthy and supple body, but also a toned and attractive body.

The idea of ​​opening a gym promises to bring you a successful and stable business opportunity right in the middle of the epidemic season. In particular, the amount of capital to open a gym is not large, suitable for the business conditions of many individuals and units.

Based on conditions to give suitable business ideas
Based on conditions to give suitable business ideas</ span>

Open a hair salon

The need to change, hair care is a need that many people are interested in today. For that reason, the idea of ​​barbershop business is the idea that many young people pursue. Just possessing good skills and a small amount of capital, you have the opportunity to bring yourself a large and stable source of income.

Beauty spa business

Over the years, the beauty spa business has become a trend that many people choose. The reason is due to the great benefits that this business brings to people such as:

  • People’s demand for beauty increases rapidly, so spas attract a large and stable number of visitors.
  • Spa business requires small capital, low risk but stable income, thus bringing great benefits to business establishments.
  • Developed cosmetology training facility, modern equipment to meet the training needs of the units
  • Beauty methods are developed, beauty products are diversified so that business units can freely choose.
Spa business, manicure is the perfect choice for young people
Spa business, manicure is the perfect choice for young people

Clothing and fashion business

One of the hottest business ideas today is the clothing and fashion business. Fashion items such as clothes, eyeglasses, shoes… have become an indispensable part of people’s lives. People’s shopping needs are also constantly increasing, so the fashion store business can bring people great profits.

However, to achieve success, business people need to grasp fashion trends and find a stable source of goods. In addition, the fashion business requires stores to have specific and effective marketing programs to increase their competitiveness with other units.

Diet food business

The number of overweight and obese people is increasing rapidly due to unscientific diet and exercise. Because there is no time to exercise, many people have used dietary measures to limit overweight. Dietary food business is a business idea with little capital but the ability to earn quite high profits. Finding a safe, effective diet food source with a suitable advertising plan, your success will certainly be great.

Food business is not a bad idea if you have small capital
Food business is not a bad idea if you have small capital

Business printing, advertising, photocopy

Printing copier advertising is a business idea you should definitely try. Business stores, companies and enterprises all have to own billboards or banners and slogans to attract customers. Companies often renew these signs to attract viewers.

Due to the strong increase in demand for billboards and photocopiers, this product dealer also promises to bring great success to investors. However, to achieve good business performance in this field, you need to invest in modern machinery and equipment to meet market demand.

Open a nail salon -mi

Beauty is always a necessity not only of women but also of men. Besides hairdressing and fashion stores, manicure and pedicure are also quite popular. The business idea of opening a nail salon has many advantages such as:

  • The area to open the shop does not need to be too large, with an area from 20m2 to 25m2, you can have a nail salon as you like.
  • The capital for the nail salon business is only about 10 million VND – this is a small amount of capital that is suitable for many young people who want to start a business.
  • Customer’s demand for eyelash extensions is increasing, so the shop has good growth potential and stable income.
Opening a garment shop is an idea chosen by many young people
Opening a garment shop is an idea chosen by many young people

Garment store business

Although fashion shops are thriving, people’s demand for apparel is also very popular. The reason is that the choice of clothing is suitable for the body shape and fashion needs of many people. Customers can choose the right fabric, their favorite style to sew instead of buying products that sell cassava that do not match their preferences.

In addition, the idea of ​​making a garment shop is also one of the ideas that need a relatively low capital. You just need to work hard, plus a little creativity to be able to easily start a successful business.

Besides the above business ideas, you can also start a business in many other fields such as: specialty business, real estate business, box sales… Depending on your interests and abilities, each person can choose from different business methods.

Each business idea will be suitable for different individuals and units
Each business idea will be suitable for different individuals and units

The above are the top 11 business ideas with little capital, the ability to make quick profits, customers can refer to. Each idea opens the door to great business success. As long as you work hard, know how to seize the opportunity, you can start a business smoothly.