Blogspot is a free blogging service that is great for marketing products and services, including real estate. This is why many salespeople focus on using a beautiful, eye-catching real estate blogspot theme to impress customers the most.

Top 7 hottest real estate blogspot themes not to be missed

VSM37 SEO standard theme template

The VSM37 theme template has a modern, professional interface that displays all the information of real estate projects posted by users such as: project images, launch time, location, price… Dark blogspot theme Optimize PageSpeed Insight page load speed, bring the best user experience.

Theme VSM37 standard Seo displays scientific post content
Seo standard VSM37 theme to display scientific post content< /td>

On the theme interface, there is an integrated contact form with full information, how to display scientific and beautiful slides. When a customer leaves information on the form, the data will be transferred to the email of the blogspot owner. Especially, the interface is optimized for SEO and displays well on many platforms, effectively indexing Google. Theme VSM37 is easy to edit Layout and friendly to all devices from computers to tablets, mobile phones.

SEO standard VSM49 theme template

Theme VSM49 professionally designed with a lot of modern features such as link to watch videos on Youtube, view 360-degree images, locate google map. On this theme, users can install the property classification function, search for projects by name or location. The images on the theme are optimally arranged, extremely clear, scientific, easy to see.

At the top of the page, users can set up large image banners or good slogans to attract customers’ attention. Customization of the image is made simple, users can actively handle it in a short time.

VSM49 theme is preferred by many users
VSM49 theme is preferred by many users

The posts are arranged into 4 columns for users to follow easily. The theme interface allows displaying a lot of information related to real estate for sale such as: project name, area, location, outstanding advantages, room number, selling price… This will help blogspot owners to collect money. attract great interest from potential customers. In addition, the theme also has many other interesting and modern features…

Theme blogspot optimizes fast page loading speed at Desktop 98 points and runs extremely smoothly on computers and other smart devices. Professional information contact form. Especially standard SEO design theme, effective index on Google search engine, optimize ad position. The product’s layout can be easily customized to suit the actual needs of the user.

This quality blogspot VSM49 theme is not only beautiful, but also integrates useful features that can be customized according to the homepage interface, custom menus as required. The product can also meet strict requirements with ease.

Vietstarland VSM54 real estate blogspot theme

VSM54 Vietstarland theme template is loved by many people because of its simple and sophisticated design, which is attractive. The theme is designed in the form of a news page combined with a landing page to introduce outstanding real estate projects. The categories on the theme are arranged scientifically to help readers easily find the information they need.

The VSM54 theme is attractive and sophisticated
The VSM54 theme is attractive and sophisticated

At the top of the page, users can customize categories such as new projects, news, events… according to their needs. New articles are organized into 4 easy-to-read columns. In addition, the theme has integrated video posting feature, links to watch youtube videos illustrating real estate projects vividly. The theme has a relatively fast 76/100 page load speed, no lag. The theme interface is designed with SEO standards, effective when running advertising articles, optimizing search results on Google.

Layout theme is easily editable. The product runs well on many different smart device platforms, suitable for customers to find information anywhere. The registration form for information is optimally designed in collecting customer information.

This blogspot theme is customized to optimize the placement of banner ads to help blogspot owners reach many customers quickly. Users can set up ads for the project they are selling, consulting to attract interested people.

VSM51 apartment project real estate blogspot theme

The VSM51 blogspot theme is designed to serve the purpose of introducing high-end real estate projects such as villas, resort apartments, large urban areas with full utilities… The theme is designed in the form of a landing page with a scrolling slide effect. attractive, professional.

Users can customize the theme with many different categories such as location, utilities, news, policies, etc. to help customers easily learn about the project. The articles are displayed clearly and beautifully, giving the reader an impression.

Theme VSM 51 has fast page load
Theme VSM 51 has fast page loading

Theme optimizes page load speed PageSpeed Insights on Desktop 96 points. So even though the blogspot site installs a lot of high-quality, large-capacity images, it can still load quickly, without lag. The contact form is designed with full information including customer name, phone number, email, needs… Data is sent to the email of the blogspot owner.

The VSM51 blogspot theme interface is SEO standard, so it displays an effective index on the Google page. The product is suitable to run on a variety of devices, including computers, tablets and phones.

Novaworld VSM90 real estate blogspot theme

The VSM90 theme is designed in the form of a landing page and can be customized into a news blogspot site based on the user’s order requirements. The theme is suitable for introducing high-end real estate projects.

The theme has a beautiful slide effect so that readers can see many beautiful pictures of the projects. Custom posts display in 3 or 4 columns for easy reading. The theme has the function of leading video links to illustrate the project. The categories are designed centrally at the top of the page. This theme is especially loved by real estate agents specializing in project business.

Theme VSM 90 is very effective in advertising
VSM 90 theme is very effective in advertising

The contact form is full of clear information. In addition, the theme also integrates ways to contact blogspot owners via phone connection or Zalo, Facebook… This helps blogspot become an effective tool in helping users reach new customers.

Page loading speed on Desktop 76/100 points. The layout of the theme allows customization as required, the basic layout of the theme is simple, so it is easy to use for all users. Design an optimized SEO onpage theme to increase index visibility at Google.

Real estate blogspot theme (VSM46)

The VSM46 real estate blogspot website theme template is loved by many business employees because of its simple, scientific and very professional design. The posts are divided into attractive and eye-catching tabs with a moderate-sized display of images, enough to impress customers.

Blogspot owners can arrange posts in many different categories such as new projects, focus projects, beach real estate, townhouses, rural land… according to actual usage needs. In addition, the theme also has the feature to publish keyword SEO news articles.

Theme VSM46 has a simple and attractive interface
Theme VSM46 has a simple and attractive interface</td >

The theme optimizes page loading speed to reach 97/100 points, allowing quick page loading, providing a good user experience. The contact form section allows to collect a lot of customer information. Users can order custom colors or some designs on the theme to better suit the purpose of use

Theme is very easy to use, edit, help users will not take too much time to learn and get used to the features. The theme design ensures effective on-page SEO and displays the Google index.

Skyland VSM44 real estate blogspot theme

If you love simple, sophisticated blogspot themes, not too picky about design but highly effective in providing information, then the VSM44 template is the optimal choice. The theme has a customizable landing page design format according to the user’s order.

The theme’s slide effect is quite eye-catching, allowing to display many large, high-definition images. The theme has the function of optimizing search by location, type of real estate, price … to serve many customers quickly.

The news is displayed as a column that updates over time. The contact information section is located at the bottom of the interface page. In addition, the form to collect customer information is very complete and detailed. The theme interface optimizes onpage SEO and is friendly to all smart devices.

The page load speed is 80/100 points. The theme’s layout can be customized to suit the actual use. When buying VSM’s theme, customers are also supported with free editing and usage instructions. So users do not need to worry that it will be difficult to use the theme. Another advantage of the VSM44 theme product is that the fee is quite soft, suitable for many customers.

If you want to refer to the beautiful real estate blogspot themes that are capable of running good SEO, try to refer to the VSM page. This is the address that provides very attractive theme templates that are highly effective in designing blogs to advertise real estate and real estate projects.

VSM products do not have footer code encryption, do not set footer copyright, so users can set up personal information easily. Buying a theme at VSM, customers will be advised to support installation and editing based on needs and purposes of use. VSM is committed to a lifetime warranty on all theme products, bringing satisfaction to all customers.

Especially, VSM supports to upgrade the free blogspot theme when there is a new version, bringing the best SEO and sales results. As soon as customers need support, just chat and call for ultraview/teamview.

To create a beautiful real estate blog, effective in running SEO and advertising, customers cannot help but invest in a professional blogspot theme. This will be a great marketing solution to help salespeople in the real estate field get many potential customers soon.