What is an MBA? Why is this degree so highly valued by employers? Who can join the MBA program? What are the characteristics of a graduate of this master’s program? Is MBA as expensive as rumors say?

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What is an MBA?

What is MBA?
What is an MBA?

MBA stands for Master of Business Administration, the most sought-after Master of Business Administration program in Vietnam. This course will cultivate the knowledge of business, finance, human resources, accounting or marketing for participants.

Overview of MBA program

As a quality program and received high appreciation from leading international accrediting organizations such as AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA,.., the content of MBA is always international standard in terms of structure, content and teaching quality.

The internationally accredited MBA program will help students gain the full knowledge and skills to serve the job. From there, business risks, grasping micro-economic issues will be simpler to help businesses achieve certain success.

Is MBA a trend among young people today?

What is the trend of young people studying MBA?
What is the trend of young people studying MBA?

Decision to study Master of Business Administration is a big decision of aspiring managers, leaders or startups. To enter today’s fiercely competitive business environment, each manager must equip himself with extensive knowledge and skills. Taking an MBA will be a “returnable” investment for anyone.

MBA programs will bring advantages to learners if they are in leadership or management positions. Nowadays, young people always know how to invest in themselves and MBA is helping them get a higher salary after graduation. Then they can get top management positions and maybe even become your boss.

The Master of Business Administration degree is a popular and internationally recognized qualification. However, for many people, what is an MBA, where to study MBA to get the best results or whether the study form is diverse and suitable is still a question that has not been satisfactorily answered.

Objects participating in the MBA program

Can everyone join an MBA? In fact, this course is usually for those who have at least 2 years of work experience or more. They want to improve their knowledge and skills so that they can find better promotion opportunities at work. This also helps a lot in developing a network with partners or friends while studying.

In addition, many students choose to study the MBA program with the expectation of accumulating business administration knowledge and skills in order to fulfill their desire to pursue a career of their own such as starting a business, changing careers, moving places of work. ,…

What are the requirements for MBA admission?

What are the conditions to join MBA programs?
What are the conditions to join MBA programs?

To participate in MBA programs at schools, participants need to meet the following factors:

  • Those who have graduated with a diploma (at least good grade or higher) and the field of study is relevant to their specialty or industry.
  • Other cases will require at least 1 year of work experience in the professional field to apply for the exam since graduating from university.
  • Participants need to have IELTS 6.5/ TOEFL 580 or higher. This is mandatory because MBA programs are taught in English and this is a necessary condition to ensure that students can understand most of the program.
  • Some schools also require GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) results to assess the overall level and knowledge of students who have applied (for master’s or doctoral programs in business administration). business)

Overall structure of the program

MBA is for many subjects who want to participate in learning and improving high knowledge and skills
MBA is for many subjects who want to participate in learning and improving knowledge knowledge, skills

For each school, school structure,… that MBA program length can last from 1 to 2 years. Intensive programs may be suggested to add a number of other content for students to achieve their learning goals. So what is the overall structure of an MBA?

MBA outline

Students who have limited experience in business, usually less than 3 years of “war” experience but want to be promoted in their work, this course content is quite suitable.

Executive Master

The course requires participants to have at least 10 years of experience and be in control of a business. This part-time course is ideal for busy leaders who still have ambitions to step deeper into corporate governance.

Master of Business Administration (by major)

Intended for senior managers and holds great responsibility in businesses, the Specialist MBA helps managers have a stronger and deeper knowledge base.

Distance training system 

Many students cannot attend schools directly due to some force majeure reasons. They will participate in distance learning, online learning, … to participate in the MBA program.

Although not having direct contact, but learning online under the dedicated guidance of instructors and an abundance of online resources, Distance learning MBA both ensures the effectiveness of the course and optimizes the student’s work.

Currently, many experts believe that studying MBA online is not really as effective as learning face-to-face. Therefore, when you have spent a large amount of money to invest in yourself and your business, learners should participate in learning and experiencing real people – real things. This will remove restrictions on contact and exchange between lecturers and students.

What is the main content of the MBA program?

What benefits will you get from studying an MBA?
What benefits will you get from studying MBA?

For the purpose of bringing in-depth knowledge and skills to future managers, MBA courses always converge a full range of subjects from business to management such as Accounting, Quantitative, Marketing, Finance, Information technology, Human resource management and organizational behavior, Environment, Change management, Business strategy and policy, Leadership and entrepreneurship, International chemical…

To better understand the programs, participants are advised to visit the website of the school they plan to attend and carefully read the course descriptions. With a period of 1 to 2 years, the MBA program will include both classroom theory and 6 months of graduation thesis. To facilitate learners, the school will organize classes in the evening or on weekends so that all students can participate.

Although the MBA study period is not too long but not too short, learners want to achieve high results and apply effectively in practice. Those who absorb and know how to apply it to work will achieve great achievements in the future.

What are the growth opportunities after MBA?

Opportunity for advancement and recognition is what students participate in MBA students get
The opportunity for advancement and recognition is what students join MBA received

Studying MBA not only improves professional knowledge but also helps students to rub and interact with many other talents. The market always has fierce competition, so those who approach and understand the business will prevail.

Thanks to an MBA degree that is widely recognized around the world, you will confidently find opportunities in many new lands with huge incomes.

As mentioned above, participating in MBA programs is also an opportunity to meet and build relationships with potential leaders in large enterprises.

The next and equally important reason is that an MBA degree is valid all over the world. The world business values this degree and that gives you a higher salary.

Currently, the salary for managers with an MBA is averaging 84,650 euros/year, while this figure in European countries can reach 100,000 euros/year. After only 2 years of effective work, students will be able to “recover capital” and go further in their career path. Therefore, learners should clearly define their goals and upcoming path to get real benefits from participating in MBA.

Those who do not appreciate the income level but want to get a management position in large enterprises, the MBA degree is a “heavyweight” ticket According to a survey from a famous marketing company, the students attended MBA students (in Vietnam) have nearly 50% promoted, of which 21% to middle management, 14% to senior management and nearly 15% to specialists.

The real benefits of having an MBA in hand, such as a raise or promotion, are obvious. In addition, those who are hoping to increase their self-worth in terms of knowledge, prestige or influence, or develop professional skills for leadership roles such as analysis, evaluation, problem solving All problems should join the MBA course.

Is MBA tuition as expensive as rumors?

Considering gain - loss when participating in MBA will help you adjust suitable finance
Weighing the gain and loss when taking an MBA will help you adjust your finances suitable

Joining in a master’s program is the desire of many people. However, the tuition fee is also an obstacle for those who are short on funds. The average tuition fee for an MBA course of Vietnamese universities ranges from VND 50 million to VND 70 million. Besides, courses in Vietnam with international standard programs can cost up to 100 million, or 300 million dong. For MBA courses abroad, the fee ranges from 450 million to 600 million and depends on the country chosen by the student.

Master’s programs of international value have high tuition fees because the lecturers and facilities are of international standards and are invested with effort. If you want to pursue studying these quality curriculum, it is best to have basic competence and good academic background to be able to search for scholarship opportunities with the best tuition fees.

What is an MBA program? Is MBA as expensive as rumors say? Hopefully the above information has partly answered the questions for students, students, … who are in need of improving knowledge and skills for themselves. In general, studying for a master’s degree or any other program requires students to be persistent and really invest in the course to achieve satisfactory results.